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Naughty Harry

Harry wasn't evil. No, of course not. It wasn't anything that serious. He just happened to be a bit naughty. It wasn't his fault really. He deserved it. Dumbledore deserved it. He did something unforgivable so Harry just had to be a little bit…naughty.

You see Harry Potter wasn't really Harry Potter. He was in fact Harry Masters. His mum and dad had split for a year or so and she met this rich bloke names Vlad Masters. They hit it off and –bam- nine months later Harry was here.

So, no he wasn't Harry Potter. His father was some rich muggle not a pureblood wizard. He wasn't angry about that, he wasn't angry at James Potter and he wasn't angry at Lily or even Vlad Masters. He was angry at Dumbledore. Dumbledore knew he wasn't a Potter by blood. He knew who Harry's real father was and instead of contacting Vlad and giving him Harry he was given to Petunia.

Dumbledore was a bad, bad man. He kept Harry away from his father. Harry wouldn't have known if he had not found a letter written by his mother. His mum knew he wasn't James's son. James knew he wasn't his son, but with the war going on they never had time to tell Vlad that Harry existed. Nope. The only person they had time to talk to was dear old Dumbledore.

The hatred, the abuse, the manipulations. All. Dumbledore's. Fault.

So Harry couldn't help it. Really, he couldn't. It was almost as if someone else had taken over his body. It was almost as if someone else had taken the letter opener and viciously slit open Dumbledore's throat. It was almost as if someone else had stuffed lemon drops down his throat.

Okay, maybe that was him. He couldn't help it though. He had always wanted to be just a little bit naughty.

No one knew it was Harry that had killed Dumbledore. Harry liked it that way. What he found more than amusing though was Dumbledore's will. Everything he had went to Harry. Perhaps, he was feeling guilty? Harry didn't think so. It was probably another plot he had that he had never been able to follow through. Oh well Harry didn't care.

He let others think that Dumbledore was a benevolent old grandfatherly type. He didn't crush their visions of the old man instead he cultivated them. With just a bit of manipulations and just the right amount of money Harry was able to leave the wizarding world.

They thought he was distraught of the death of his grandfather figure that he needed to mourn.

Boo hoo. Boo hoo.


The next thing Harry did was find a way to get in contact with Vlad Masters. It took approximately two weeks. He was forwarded to so many places, had been put on hold so many times that he bought someone to hold the phone for him and wait until the man actually came to the phone.

He had money now. Tons of it actually. He could splurge a bit on mundane items. In fact, it was quite fun to buy whatever he wanted.

Once he got in contact with the man everything seemed to speed up. Vlad didn't believe him at first, but Harry was willing to pay for a paternity test. It was pocket change really. It was also totally worth it. About an hour after taking the test it was determined that he was the son of one Vlad masters.

At first Harry wasn't sure how the man would take it. Would he be angry? Would he make Harry hide who he was? Would he ignore the boy and try to pay him off? None of the above actually. The moment they stepped into the same room Harry found himself smothered in the billionaire's rather built chest. Apparently the man had been lonely as well. He had longed for a son. Harry figured that they would be a perfect pair because he had longed for a father.

It was nice being Vlad's son. Despite Harry's own immense wealth he had tried to spoil the boy silly. Even though he was busy with meetings and being mayor of some town overrun by ghosts he made time for Harry. He liked hugs too. Harry was just glad that he was able to hold his breath for so long. He could hold it for about three hours actually, not that he had told anybody that tidbit of information.

He had learned about it when aunt Petunia tried to drown him. It was a classic; she tied stones to his legs and tossed him in a lake. She actually fainted when Harry walked out a few moments later. Harry had been amused.

What was even funnier was when Vlad had persecuted the Dursley's to the fullest for child abuse. They were going to jail for a very long long time. It wasn't enough for Harry though, they had wronged him. So he let himself be a bit…naughty. Uncle Vernon would be getting a nice roommate named Bubba pretty soon and Dudders had been found selling cocaine of all things. Aunt Petunia...well she couldn't hold her breath for three hours. Not even three minutes.

How sad.

His new town was funny. It was overrun by ghosts. They would come out of bloody nowhere and start haunting the living then some ghost kid would kick there asses and they would go away for some time before returning within a few weeks. No one haunted Harry though and he didn't question it.

He would have to be a bit naughty if they had. You see, he was the Master of Death and that meant he could punish them. He could control them. He could rule them.

Not that he wanted to. He figured his dad was the evil overlord type since he found the mad scientist lab when he went wondering around the house. Now that was a suitabley amusing conversation.


Vlad Masters walked into his office and sighed loosening his tie. He flicked on the lights and stared surprised to see his son lounging on his chair waiting for him.

"Hello Harry."

"Hello father."

"What are you doing here?" Vlad asked watching his son concernedly.

"Waiting for you. I found something today and I wanted to ask you a question." Harry watched his father and smiled as the man nodded for him to continue.

"I saw your labs. Are you evil?" Vlad gaped and his mouth opened in closed in shock.

"No. no of course not."

Harry nodded. "Okay."

Vlad blinked in surprise.

"That's all? No other questions?"

Harry shook his head, "That's all I wanted to know. Usually people I meet with red eyes are evil. Forgive me if I assumed. It wouldn't have been much of a problem though. I can be a bit naughty myself."

Vlad stared at his son uncomprehendingly. "Red? How…have you…have you seen me before?"

Harry smirked, "I always see you. It's quite odd seeing two images laying over you. I see the ghost you and then I see you. I won't ask how. I really don't want to know."

"Right," he nodded trying to get a grasp on this situation, "how can you see that?" he was quite sure that Harry did not have the ghost gene. He would have known.

"I'm a wizard" short, simple and to the point.

Vlad nodded. "Alright then."

Harry raised an eyebrow, "No questions?"

Vlad shook his head. "No, no questions."

Harry stood up from the desk and hugged his dad and left the room wishing him good night.

(end flashback)

Surprisingly, things had not gotten awkward after their little impromptu chat. They had actually begun sharing things with each other that they had not before. Vlad told him about how he became a halfa and Harry told him about his time in the wizarding world.

It was nice. Very nice.

But Harry still couldn't help being a little naughty. He gazed at the object of his affections, watching him sleep.

Danny Fenton aka Danny Phantom. His father's arch nemesis and the boy he wanted to become his son. Not that Danny was a boy anymore. He was a very handsome young man with a not too muscular build that Harry could definitely appreciate. Harry himself had taken after his mum with her small stature and green eyes. He received his disposition and long hair from his father.

He wasn't jealous of the boy. His father had good taste. Harry could see why his father wanted to make this boy his son. He loved Harry, but he had wanted Danny longer and Harry could see that. No he wasn't jealous at all.

He wanted him.

If he had his way Danny Fenton would become Danny Fenton-Masters, Harry's husband. Vlad would get his son after all.

Harry grinned as he watched the halfa shift in his sleep, his lips parted and Harry wondered what they would taste like. He wondered if he tasted different in his human form than his ghost form. He would have to try it both ways of course. Thoroughly.

His eyes trailed down Danny's sleeping form one last time before heading back to the mansion. He needed to plan. Magic was good for breaking and entering, but not for winning someone's affections.

It was Danny that came to him. Actually, he had come to see Harry's father but Harry figured that it was close enough. He had gotten quite a surprise to see the object of his affections standing on his front step with his outcast group of friends. Quite a surprise, but a very pleasant one.

His eyes trailed down Danny's body slowly ignoring the sound of the little Goth chit clearing her throat trying to get his attention. He looked back up into Danny's eyes and was surprised to see them swirling blue and green. It was quite beautiful, but what made it more special was that Harry knew he was the only one that could see those eyes.

"Um…we're looking for Vlad." Danny looked at Harry curiously. Harry thought Danny looked cute. Well, he always thought Danny looked cute.

"He's just finishing up a conference call." Harry told him.

"Oh…can we come in?"

Harry smiled and stepped aside letting them into the door. They were shooting curious glances at him. Well the girl and Danny were the techno geek was staring at his ass.


He ignored the other two and smiled at Danny. "Can I get you anything to drink?"

"Um…how about a coke?" Danny asked standing looking around awkwardly. Harry ignored the other two's orders and snapped his fingers.

Immediately a servant was at his side and she took their orders.

"We will be in the sitting room." she nodded and hurried away quickly. Harry knew their drinks would be there before they made it to the room.

He led them into the room and they sat down and stared at Harry. Harry sat on the opposite couch and picked up his hot tea which had the perfect amount of sugar in it. He sipped his carefully before turning his attention back to his guests.

"Now, why do you need to speak with my father?" he asked.

"HE'S YOUR FATHER!" the Goth and the geek shouted standing up.

Harry glared at them. "Keep your voices down before I kick you out."

They sat down sheepishly and blushed, but Danny was looking at him with a strange expression on his face.

"To answer your question, yes Vlad is my father. We have been recently reunited. Now I ask again what is it you wish to speak to my father about?" Harry thought they were rather rude. Danny wasn't of course. Never Danny.

"Um…just some stuff my dad wants to know…they were childhood friends and they still keep in contact." It was obvious that Danny was lying. He was such a bad liar. Harry would have to teach him. Or better yet he was fine this way. Harry hated when people lied to him. His boyfriend wouldn't be another person to do so.

"Really? Jack Fenton right, I've heard so much about your dear father." The sarcasm was heavy on his last few words and Danny winced.

"Poor poor Daniel." Harry thought, "Never able to tell his parents the truth. It's sad really, it's not like he's evil or even just a bit naughty. Danny is just half ghost."

He stood up and walked over to Danny putting his hand on the other boy's shoulder.

"If you ever need someone to talk to Danny I'm here for you." Harry smiled sadly and walked out of the room he passed his father in the hallway and nodded to him.

As much as he wanted to be by Danny right now he knew that it would be better if he left the halfa alone for a bit. He wanted Danny to be curious about him. What was that muggle saying? Ah yes, absence makes the heart grow fonder'.

(1 week later)

Harry couldn't have planned this better. It turned out that the little gothic chit that followed Danny around was actually his girlfriend. A very bad girlfriend. Only a few days after leaving the mansion Danny had caught Sam cheating on him with Tucker of all people. With the only people he could turn to being his parents, his sister, Vlad and Harry the obvious choice was Harry.

Danny had been so distraught and Harry wanted to kill the girl for hurting him. His patience and control was well worth it and Danny had fallen asleep in Harry's bed that night.

They didn't have sex. It would have been nice, but no they didn't. Harry had held Danny as he cried into his shoulder. He had run his hands through Danny's flaming white hair and comforted him with soft words and sweet caresses. Danny had fallen asleep holding on to Harry as if he were a lifeline.

The only awkward moment was when Vlad had come in to check on Harry. He had stilled at the foot of the bed and Harry watched his father with wary eyes. A slow grin crawled on his face and Harry smirked back. Their eyes met and they both knew that if they played this right that Danny would be theirs. Vlad would get another son and Harry would get a boyfriend.

(3 weeks later)

It took three weeks of subtle flirting, heartfelt conversations and verbal sparring before Danny kissed Harry. It was sweet and passionate and absolutely perfect. They began dating not long after and Harry had never known he would find someone as compatible to him as Danny.

Danny even let him be naughty.

Just a week ago the little Goth girl had came crawling back to Danny. She had apologized and begged and made excuses. It wasn't enough. She had been pissed when she saw how close the two were and she spilled Danny's little secret to Harry.

Idiot. It wasn't much of a secret Harry had known from the moment he met Danny. Hell, Danny himself had revealed himself when he had flown to him in ghost form the night he caught Sam cheating on him.

Danny had been so angry his eyes had glowed a fiery red. Harry thought they were beautiful, but as much as he wanted to let Danny hurt her and possible kill her he knew he couldn't. Danny was too nice to be naughty, but Harry wasn't.

He held Danny back and had the guards escort her of the property.

Harry had been particularly naughty that night. He had caught the girl when she was sleeping and wrenched her by her hair baring her throat for his knife. He had pressed oh so gently so she could feel how sharp the blade was. He had whispered in her hair what was coming to her if she ever spoke to Danny again that way, if she ever betrayed him. He left her there staring as he apparated away.

She had been so afraid that night. It was wonderful, but apparently she hadn't been afraid enough. The next day when she saw Danny at school she told him what Harry had done. She tried to make Danny not trust him anymore, to make him hate Harry.

Foolish girl.

It had been fun to see the look on her face as Harry pulled up in a limo. It had been fun to see her jaw drop as Danny wrapped his arms around him. It had been fun to see her red face as Danny whispered into his ears intimately. Oh the things he had whispered. They were naughty. Oh so naughty and Harry just had to tell her.

"I can be naughty or I can be nice. Danny said that he likes it when I'm very naughty. I'll be seeing you tonight Sam."

Harry carried the image of her pale horrified face in his mind as they climbed into the limo. He wondered how pale her skin would get with all of her blood drained from her body.

He gasped as Danny hand slid into his pants and wrapped around his hard flesh.

He wondered when Danny had gotten so naughty.

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