You all read naughty harry. Let's see how you like nice harry. I'm actually really excited about this one. I cant wait to see which one wins. Naught or nice?

Nice Harry

Harry was such a nice boy everyone had always said so. He was always so cheerful, always smiling always so polite.

Harry was still a nice boy even when his relatives beat him. He was always a nice boy at Hogwarts even when his friends used him. He remained a nice boy even after defeating Voldemort. Even after exposing all of Dumbledore's dirty secrets to the wizarding world. Even after he tore and mangled the reputations of powerful and 'upstanding' folk he remained a nice boy. Even when he got his relative's thrown in jail for child abuse, neglect, fraud and embezzlement he had remained a nice boy. Even after tearing the wizarding world to shreds and bringing them down to their knees Harry was a nice boy.

Harry was always such a nice boy, but you must understand. Nice does not mean good. Oh no. Nice was being friendly, polite, even sweet at times. Harry could do nice, but he was hardly ever good. There is a big difference between being a good boy and a nice boy and Harry had never claimed to be a good boy.

Most had assumed, but in the end they learned.

After ripping apart the foundation of the wizarding world Harry went through his aunt Petunia's house trying to see if there was anything he wanted to take with him. He doubted he would find anything though. He was moving into a mansion, he had so much money he had inherited from his parents, Sirius and Dumbledore himself.

The poor old man had been given the Kiss. At the time Harry thought it was rather nice that he had been able to watch. It was so beautiful to see the meddling man's soul pulled from his body. Beautiful.

Now, he wished he had been the one to kill Dumbledore. He wanted to feel the old man's blood on his hands literally instead of metaphorically. In a trunk deep in Petunia's attic Harry had found a letter from his mother to one Vlad Masters.

Apparently the man had been his real father and she was informing him of Harry's birth. She had given it to Dumbledore to be delivered, but obviously the old man had not done so. He didn't even feel the need to burn the letter. Foolish old man.

Harry hoped he suffered in the afterlife.

Oh wait. His soul had been eaten.


It had been rather easy to contact the man. He had sweet talked the man's secretary and instead of being sent from person to person he had been transferred directly to the man's personal cell phone. She thought Harry was such a nice boy and that there was no way that this could be a prank.

Vlad had been rather skeptical on the phone, but he saw no reason to not get the paternity test done. Within two hour they were informed that they were indeed father and son. Vlad had immediately flown over in his personal jet to see Harry.

Harry barely caught a glimpse of the man before he was being smothered into a surprisingly well built chest. He didn't complain though. Instead he hugged his father as well.

Living with Vlad proved to be rather…nice. Harry had seen the ghost form overshadowing his human one and he thought the man was going to have a conniption when he asked about it. Composing himself his father informed him of his ghostly abilities and the incident that had made him a halfa. In return Harry told his father that he was a wizard. The man had been rather surprised and Harry gave him all of the information he wanted. It was the polite thing to do after all. Harry was such a polite and nice boy.

Vlad tried to spoil Harry and Harry tried to spoil Vlad. They both threw their money around frivolously trying to please the other. They knew the gifts weren't the thing that made them happy. It was that they cared enough to try. Money and gifts weren't the only way they connected though. Even with his busy schedule Vlad always had time for Harry. Despite being a teenager Harry was never rude to Vlad and let his father hold him close whenever he wanted to. Vlad liked to cuddle and it would be rude to not let him be close to the son he had never had the chance to see grow up. Harry was never rude; in fact he was quite nice. He was always nice.

For Vlad however, he tried to be good. He studied hard and never complained when his tutors gave him too much work. He cleaned his room and never cursed at the staff. Most importantly he never plotted someone's downfall.

For once he wanted to be a nice and good boy.

Until he found out it wasn't necessary. His father wasn't good. He wasn't evil, but he most definitely wasn't good even though he did good things sometimes. His father liked to wreak havoc and fight against the ghost kid. Danny Phantom.

Harry had been fascinated with Danny Phantom the moment he moved to Amity Park. He had seen the boy fighting a ghost as they rode by in a limo. He was nicely muscular, tanned and taller than Harry. Perhaps half a foot or so. He kept his flame white hair short and Harry briefly wondered if ghosts could cut their hair before dismissing the thought. It wasn't important.

What was important was that Harry didn't have to be a good boy anymore. He could just be nice boy. Nice boys always got what they wanted. At least Harry always had.

And he wanted Danny.

He went to his father informing him of his new want. It was only polite after all to tell his father his new interest in Danny. Thankfully, Vlad had not been angry. In fact, he had been pleased. He liked the ghost kid as well and he would make a suitable suitor for Harry. Harry had politely refused his father's help. He would get Danny by himself.

It was only a month into Harry's stay that Danny showed up at the Masters' mansion. Harry had been on his way out of the door and was startled when he saw Danny and his outcast friends on the front step. Harry frowned to himself. It wasn't nice of him to not call them by their names even if it was in his own mind. He mentally addressed them correctly and smiled pleased that he was a nice boy again.

"May I help you?" Harry smiled at the people on his step.

"We're here to see Vlad." Danny said. Harry thought he had such a pleasant voice; it was so rich and carried such a nice timber to it.

"Please come in. would you like something to drink while you wait for my father?" Harry stepped to the side and waved them in the house.

The gothic girl, Sam, looked at him curiously while the techno geek, Tucker, stared blatantly at his ass.


Perving wasn't a nice thing to do, but calling him out on it was even more impolite so he ignored it. He walked them into a sitting room and they all sat down awkwardly. Harry asked them what they wanted to drink and then went off to the kitchen to get it.

When he returned to the room they were whispering quietly to each other. Harry cleared his throat as he entered and they turned quickly and faced him with such guilty expressions that Harry had to fight not to smile. He passed around their drinks before putting the serving tray on the side table.

"Here are you drinks. Father won't be able to meet with you three for another five minutes. He is in a conference call." Harry smiled at them apologetically before sitting down and taking a sip of his slowly cooling tea.

"FATHER!" Sam and Tucker yelled standing up spilling their drinks. Danny took the news much easier and only spit his drink back into his cup.

"Yes, he is my father. Why does that come as such a surprise? It was all over the news 'billionaires father and son reunited'." Harry rang a bell on the side table and a maid came over to clean up the mess that Danny's two friends had made.

"Thank you Beatrice." Harry smiled at the maid and she nodded smiling back at Harry.

"Sorry about them making such a mess. We just don't watch the news often or seen you around town." Danny smiled at Harry apologetically. Harry thought Danny was such a nice boy for apologizing for his friends.

"It's quite alright. As for seeing me around town, I don't go out often. Father is paranoid that a ghost will come after me or even worse I'd get kidnapped by some greedy criminal."

Sam looked at him strangely. She and Tucker had taken their seats again not even apologizing for the mess. How rude.

"Shouldn't you be afraid of the ghosts more than the humans?" Sam asked.

"Of course not. My father is Plasmius. He would tear apart the ghost zone if anyone came after me. He is rather overprotective." He smiled again as they gaped at him.

"You know?" Danny asked still wide eyed. Harry chuckled. "I know about you too Danny. I can see you."

"Little Badger, how pleasant it is to see you again I see you have met my son Harry." Harry stood up at the sound of his father's voice and the man walked up to him hugging him. He kissed the top of Harry's head before letting him go.

"Er yeah. He's really nice." Danny obviously wasn't sure what to say, but it didn't matter. Danny had said just the right thing. Harry blushed and smiled shyly at Danny.

He excused himself from the room before he could embarrass himself. He wondered how he could make Danny his.

It wasn't long before he ran into Danny again. Perhaps, a week or so. He came to Harry in his ghost form and they talked a bit. Just a few words trying to reacquaint themselves with each other before a ghost had attacked nearby and Danny left to take care of it. He didn't come back.

The next time Harry saw Danny it was three days later. Danny had apologized for leaving Harry and then returning so late. Harry told him that it was okay. That he understood the obligations that Danny had. He had some himself as well. He told Danny how he had been the savior of the wizarding world for years. Danny had been fascinated and they swapped information. What was it like being a halfa? What was it like being a wizard?

Harry and Danny became rather close after a month had passed. They had been spending more and more time with each other and Danny stayed the night occasionally at Harry's house. On those nights they would stay up all night and play video games, eat junk food and talk. Harry loved when Danny spent the night. Mostly because the halfa would stay with Harry in his bed. Danny was a snuggler and he would hold tightly to Harry and entwine their legs. Harry loved sleeping in Danny's arms.

Harry wished more than anything that he could always wake up in the other boy's arms. He wished that he could kiss the other boy. He wanted to feel his lips against Danny, their bodies pressed tightly locked in the most intimate of ways.

But he couldn't. It wasn't nice to steal someone's boyfriend and Danny was Sam's boyfriend. It wasn't nice to kiss them or shag them. It wasn't nice and Harry was always a nice boy.

He wanted to kill Sam, but if he did than Danny would find out and be angry. Harry didn't want Danny angry at him. So, he had to be a nice and good boy again.

Restraining himself from killing the girl was a good thing for Harry. She finally screwed up and Harry had never been happier. Danny found his girlfriend Sam in bed with his best friend Tucker. He had been betrayed. He was devastated, absolutely devastated. He had cried in Harry's arms and raged.

He was in such pain and Harry was only trying to be nice. He was only trying to be nice when he apparated into Tucker's room at night. He was only trying to be nice when he grabbed the boy's prized PDA and made him swallow it. He was only trying to be nice when he cut the boy's dick off and stuffed it down his throat choking him with it. He was only trying to be nice to Danny when he killed his best friend.

He wasn't sure Danny saw it that way though. He had phased through Harry's bedroom door. Angry. So very angry. He had cried and screamed at Harry.

"Why Harry? I thought you were good!" he had said.

Harry only smiled shaking his head at the other boy.

"I never said I was a good boy, Danny. I'm a nice boy. There is a difference. A big difference." Harry walked up to Danny and caressed his cheek heedless of Danny's fiery red eyes.

"The nicest thing for me to do was to kill Tucker. It wasn't nice to kill your girlfriend. It's not nice to kill someone's girlfriend. Tucker was the only other option."

Danny said staring into Harry's eyes trying to understand his logic. His eyes darkened as Harry continued caressing his cheek and Danny leaned in kissing Harry. He stiffened before relaxing into the kiss.

Harry gasped as Danny grabbed him around the waist and kissed him hard. His tongue plundered Harry's mouth and Harry wondered why Sam would cheat on Danny when he could kiss like this. He moaned and wrapped his arms around Danny's neck surrendering to the kiss, deepening it even.

They broke apart slowly and Harry gazed into Danny's glowing red eyes.

"I'm tired of being a good boy, Harry."

Harry laughed before kissing Danny again. He had been tired of being a good boy too. It was so much easier just being a nice boy.

It was such a shame when Sam's body had been discovered mutilated in her bedroom. It was clear that she had died painfully and they mourned for her accordingly. It was heartbreaking for the coroner to see the words carved into her back. Whore. Slut. Cheater.

They had all tried to blame Danny of course. Sam's parents, classmates, teachers. Their accusations were tossed aside however because Danny had become such a nice boy since meeting Harry. The police had mistaken nice for good. They didn't understand the difference between nice and good. Harry and Danny did though. And if they were asked they weren't good boys. They were almost never good boys.

They were nice boys. Such very nice boys.

So what do you think people? Naughty or nice? I cant decide which one I like better. You tell me what you think.