This story is kind of Okane Gai Nai base. But, please, enjoy.

"Our next merchandise," the autioneer began as he presented the new product that he was slowly walking around that stood stiffy in place while trembles recked the body. He was completely bare, so now he was open for prying eyes. Chains locked him from moving anywhere and two men positioned at the door; the auctioneer studying his body with wild eyes; he was trapped. "is of a young, Japanese teenager boy. As you all can tell, he looks to be about fifteen years old." Through the shadowed windows, men sat in comfortable chairs, staring intensly at the product with intrest and lust. "Please, everyone, take a good look at his smooth, deliate, pale skin; his gorgeous, shimmering aeneous (Meaning: a shining bronze colour) hair. And let's not forget about his innocent eyes, too; so large and round; such a rich, caramel color like the glow of the sun, ravaged with dark, long eyelashes that would look beautiful when he fluttered his eyes. If you look more closely, your breath would be taken away; we truly believe this is a rare finding of human species over the years in the buisness. Of course, he is still a virgin; he has not been used yet." The man snapped his fingers and two bulky men that were blocking the doorway suddenly walked up and behind his still trembling form and roughly grabbed him, causing him to gasp out in alarm.

"Allow us to provide to you a demonstration on this product before we begin on the bidding," the auctioneer declared to his audience and they watched in fascination and with eagerness.

With the fearing boy that was in the grasp of the two bulky men, one man spread his legs open and grabbed hold of his small member in between his legs and began to stroke at a slow pace that was slowly building up in speed, causing the beautiful moan from the boys parted lips to echo throughout the room, and throughout the bidders ears. The other began to lick his hardening nipple and used his free hands to tease at the other one and to massage his butt. His knees felt like jelly and so he sank to the floor, legs force to be spread out even wider. Some groaned in approval as they watched this little movie preview live, listening to the boy gasping and moaning in pleasure as the men touched him, while others licked their lips in anticipation, the bulges in their pants almost becoming unbearable to them and they needed their release. Some even began to unbutton their pants and stroke themselves, like they were watching porn. All it took was one, single moan to escape those delicious lips of his to change their dicks into hard-and-strong rocks.

Oh yes, this boy was good. Very good, indeed.

The boy continuesly moaned while the men touched his very sensitive body, a large crimson blush fluttering onto his face and his half-lidded eyes shimmering with fresh tears. He was so close to cumming and the strokes became more faster.

"As you can tell, his body is very sensitive when it comes to touching him, so when purchasing this product from us, getting him in the mood isn't a difficult task at hand. Go ahead; give the crowd what they want, you two," the auctioneer said in the anticipation of seeing this boy loose himself in the pleasure. With only a few more strokes and licks on the small body sent the boy in overload as he gave out a strangled moan and, before cumming all over the floor, the man that was holding his weeping member positioned it so that the tip was facing him. He came all over himself, and a lot came out. He panted and gasped for the loss of breath, body trembling greatly from the intense pleasure that overtook his body. His face was dripping with his semen and some even got in his mouth. Tears were running down his face, some mixing in with the semen and he wanted nothing more than to leave this horrid place.

The two men released him, though he did notice the bulges in their pants and his eyes showed fear as his trembling increased. The two men had that glint in their eye, that glint that meant that they wanted to fuck his ass so bad, but they growled in annoyance and defeat and took their places back by the door. They kept staring at his body and the boy looked away from the two. "Our apologizes for dirtying the product; we could not afford to have a mess on the floor." Oh, the bidders did not mind that at all.

"Now then," the auctioneer declared. "The bid will start at fifty-five million." There were lots of shouts on different buying prices. "Sixty million!"

"Sixty-three million!"

"Seventy million!"

He could not believe it. He was going to be sold off like some sort of toy! Why were there people like this in the world? They were treating him like he was nothing more than a prize to be recogned with. So, was this his life now?

He was going to be a whore for the person that buys him now.

His life was ruined.

"I heard a bidding of 2.3 billion. The bid is now at 2.3 million. Are there anybody else who would like to bid? No? Well then," the auctioneer said, about to raise a hand. Before he could do that, though, somebody with an alluring voice like silk called out, "2.6 billion. All in cash, as well." Everybody was silent, so was the boy. The voice came from the window right in front of them and the boy couldn't see who had bidded on him. Well, really, he coulsn't see anybody.

"Dammit, Primo," a gruff, angry voice swore loudly st the quiet man and the boy can conclude that this one was the one that had held the final bid on him before this Primo guy bidded higher that he did. Lot's of yelling and shouting errupted in the room, anger replenishing the atmoshpere until the man, known as Primo, yelled out in a commanding tone, "Shut up, all of you, you're annoying." Surprise glances were given to the men at the door. They were so caught up in the moment that they forgot about the man that held so much blood on his hands?

"He's mine, not yours!"

"But I bidded higher than you, and the auctioneer was taking more bids before calling it a close," Primo said in a bored, matter-of-fact tone. This guy was tough, and he sounded dangerous as well. "T-that is true," the auctioneer said with a slightly stutter, sweat forming on his face, and rose his trembling hand up for slience. "I-if anyone has no more bids, then I declare Vongola Primo as the new owner of this product! A-and I suppose you have all of this in cash, correct?"

"Of course."

The boy, for some reason, could tell that Vongola Primo was staring at him, but he could not tell what he was feeling. His vision was blurry and he felt his eyelids grow heavier by the second until they no longer obeyed him and he passed out.