"A-ah, no–S-sto–ah~!" Tsunayoshi loudly moaned, body continuously trembling with perfect pleasure, as the man with beautiful golden locks that stood up in defiance just like his did slowly, but with aggravating heat that was like boiling lava in a volcano, licked at his left nipple with intense, proper care while stroking his small cock in between his legs at a good pace that was slowly building up pleasurable speed. An arm that could send rocks flying in the air was his soft pillow, the large hand rubbing his head soothingly with heated touches that made tears well up in his glazed, shimmering caramel eyes and spill down his flushed cheeks. He was completely disposed of all of his clothes that were supposed to protect him from burning, loving hands like these; without them, he felt so exposed to the world that it made his face flush with intense heat like the sun on its hottest days.

This time, though, the mans golden, narrow eyes that were, once filled up with coldness and lived with no emotions, filling up with such love and gentleness for him, staring at his skinny, pale body made hims entire body flush a light pink that glowed in the light.

He felt even more shy than before, and he was pretty much the shiest person you will ever meet in your life.

The man didn't listen to his pleas of desperation, the heat of his skilled fingers and the hotness of his expert tongue intensifying greatly and it left him seeing stars as his moans and gasps escaped his swollen, pink lips. Drool slowly slid down to his chin and he didn't try to make it stop, either. The pleasure was too great for coherent words; he was close to his edge.

With struggle and a lot of will, his small, trembling; quivering hands reached out to the man that was paying full and nonstop attention to his body and grabbed a small, fist full of his hair. The man stopped his teasing on his nipple and looked up at the boy with love and concern, seeing how lost he was in this new sense of feeling. Tears were streaming down the boys' gorgeous face, but the large, hot hand that was grasping his small, slick cock continued its stroking which made the boy whine and tug lightly on his hair. The man never stopped, seeming to get what the action was about, and he leaned down once more and played with the other nipple that was hard and never had any of his attention.

The boys moans echoed throughout the large room.

"N-no! S-sto–Ah~I-I'll cum i-in your h-h-hand~! N-n-no~E-enough, enough~! A-ah"

With only a few more strokes with the hand that was skilled in pleasuring, the boys head shot back against the mans arm, body tensing up; the small hands in the mans hair tightening up until the knuckles turned white, and he gave out a sweet, strangled moan as he came all over the mans hand.

He stilled after his intense orgasm.

The boys shaky breaths seemed to mark territory on the man; the small jerks of his body after his great orgasm made the man want to take him again the reach another sweet climax; those swollen lips that were open slightly while small whimpers and gasps escaped them made him want to kiss this boy senseless.

The boy himself made him want to fall in love with him even more.

The mans touches halted after time passed by for the both of them; he brought up his covered-in-cum hand to his lips and began to savor the taste of his love with each slow lick on his fingers with his tongue. Tsunayoshi noticed what he was doing and he looked away with a deep, crimson blush on his face, body still trembling from the previous climax; tears still streamed down his face. "You taste really delicious, Tsunayoshi-kun," The man said with a small, warm; loving but teasing smile and Tsunayoshi tightly closed his eyes from him. "D-d-don't s-say stuff l-like t-that," he whined and the man chuckled, kissing his flushed cheek. "I'm sorry; I couldn't help it."

Large, loving hands roamed his body slowly, enjoying the shudders and gasps emitting from the small boy. "N-no," Tsunayoshi begged, trying to push away the hands that continuously caressed his body as if he was glass and would break at any moment. A man like him doesn't savor his prey like this, only attacks with strict-like force that sends the Earth crumbling underneath their feet.

It was as if he was a God that people had to respect; a God that held dangerous power and authority. Fearful power that people envied and wanted with greed written on their horrid faces of demons.

But . . .

. . . This God, this God that he was suppose to fear and bow down to against his will; this God that owned him and forced him to do things he never wishes to do, was holding him with love and warmth now; caressing him with heated touches; loving him with all of his heart and soul; whispering to him these love words, these beautiful love words, that sent incredible shivers down his spine like the icy, cold winds of Antarctica and made his whole body flush with embarrassment.

A God falling in love with a mortal? That wasn't heard off!

"Tsunayoshi-kun," The man whispered to him gently, lips next to his ear. He shuddered at the warm heat of breath that made him burn like a thousand suns. It was weird, he could feel the mans love radiating off of him like the moon lighting your way through a dark path. It suddenly scared him. Him, this dangerous man known as the best with many connections, falling in love with a useless boy that couldn't do anything right and basically had no friends?


"I love you."

Yes, this man, this loving; caring; gentle man that made his heart beat faster than before, was the one that people really feared; respected; envied; looked up to.

This was the man that had bought him at the Auction House.