Chapter 1


My name is Eathen Carter Evers Wate. But everyone calls me Carter. And this is the story of my short, life as a teenage boy.

Well, it all started when my dad got a job transfer, he is in the financial business so we move around a lot. We have moved to a new town called Oregon, dad says we should be here for a while. I am looking forward to staying in one place for more than 6 months. We used to live in Canada, in Ontario, near the city. But now we have moved to a new home and it's in the middle of the woods, yuck. We are living in a newly built two story log cabin and through every window, all you can see is the different shades of green on the lovely trees surrounding our home. I live with my mom and dad, my sister, Sadie, my two younger brothers, Chris and Daniel and a very loving cat named cheese, don't ask about the name, we chose it when we were little. I'm the middle child, Sadie is the oldest then there's me, Daniel and Chris. We are not quite your average family, we all have different interests as in dance, painting, hockey, gymnastics, football and soccer, and we are always busy. As well, we almost, always get along, I know strange, eh? So may changes, new home, new town, new school, new people. But little did I know that those wouldn't be the only big changes in my life.

Chapter 2


My name is Laurel Swell. I live in the overgrown woods in the town ofOregon.

I am a fearie, not the little creatures in the books children read, the ones that have wings and use magical wands. No I am not even close to that, I have the appearance of a normal human, I walk, talk and act like a human, but I am not. I am a sentry, I dedicate my life to protecting my home. The other sentries and I live in the woods outside of the gate to our home. I am the only female fae sentry, all of the others, are males. Technically, females are not allowed to become sentries, but I'm an exception. The humans who live on the borders of our beloved forest have been tearing down it all down and soon there won't be anything left to protect the gate to our home. I and the others have been busy at work enticing the humans into tearing down the homes they have built over the last few years, so they won't discover us or the gate. But one of the new homes has slipped under our radar and is the closest any home has ever been to the gate. This home belongs to a family of five, the Wate family. I will do whatever it takes to ensure they do not discover the gate. It is the entrance to the realm of the fearies, my home. The gate to Avalon.

Chapter 3


It's been about 5 weeks since we got all settled into our new home. 2 weeks ago I started my first day of high school it wasn't bad, I made lots of friends and everything is going well. I got lost a lot and was late for every class because if it. But if I hadn't of been late then I wouldn't have met my two friends. Noel andAustinare their names, I met them on the first day of school. We have 3 classes together this semester and we hangout all the time. We study, but most times we don't actually do any work, we also go skateboarding and play hockey together, it's awesome. Most times, when our family moves in to a new home, I barely have enough time to make a friend by the time we have to move again, so it's nice knowing we will be here for a while.

One day Austin and Noel were over at my house and we were outside "studying" on the back porch. We've had great weather lately, even though it was a little chilly outside in the cool September air, I was in a going on about the new shoes he wants to buy, he's a bit obsessive.

"I think I might get the purple ones"Austinsaid finally deciding what pair he wanted.

"No I think you should get the neon blue ones, those were sick! What do you think Noel?" I said

I hadn't noticed that Noel hadn't even been listening to the conversation, he was staring off into the woods behind my house.

FinallyAustinsaid "Dude! Earth to Noel, what were you starring at?"

"I…I thought I saw someone, in the woods they were starring at us, watching. Then, they noticed me watching them and then they completely disappeared!" Noel looked pale, scared, and a little green.

"Ahh, OK whatever you say man. You sure you saw someone back there?" Austinsaid.

"Hey, man you look like you're going to be sick or something, are you ok?" I asked.

"Yea, yea, I'm fine, I just need a drink" he said.

Then he got up and walked into my house to grab a drink. Austin and I just stared out into the forest wondering what Noel had seen or if he was just dehydrated or something and started hallucinating, who knows, hopefully he's ok.

An hour later they both left, Noel seemed fine afterwards but still a little freaked out. I'm still wondering what he had seen in the woods. Maybe he didn't even see anything. But I'm curious to find out.

When the weekend ended on Sunday, I was sitting in my room, rushing through the homework that was due on Monday. I hated French, one, I suck at it, and two, it never makes sense, seriously no body in the French language would every say "Ills y en vas" or "Il n'y en vas pas" honestly it's so annoying. I finally gave up on trying to figure out the difference between imparfait and conditionelle. Ill just get the answers off of Noel tomorrow, that is if he's even at school. Ever since the forest incident a few days ago Noel hasn't been at school. Then when Austin and I call his house, his parents say he's busy. I thought I would try and call him again, just to see if he would be there tomorrow. I got up and walked across my room to where the phone was and I dialled his number. Six, Four, Seven. I walked over towards my window and looked out towards our backyard. Two, Three, Six. I looked out to where the trees came out far enough to just touch the chain link fence in our backyard. Zero, Five, Four, Two. Suddenly I noticed something moving, it was a dark figure, tall and lean. All of a sudden, I realized it was a person. And as I was watching them, the person looked up and was staring right at me. It was a girl. She smiled. She had a nice smile… What am I doing? I thought. I suddenly realizing that Noels voicemail was ringing in my ears. I didn't care, all that mattered was the strange girl in the backyard. I suddenly dropped the phone coming to my senses and ran to my parents.

"MOM! DAD!" I yelled from the top of the stairs. "There's some strange girl standing in our backyard!"

My parents came running up the stairs and came into my room. But when we all looked out the window the girl wasn't there. I was shocked.

"Son, there's no one there. Are you feeling alright?" Dad asked

"Hunny, you look sick. Maybe you should stay home tomorrow." Mom said, checking my temperature.

"No, no I'm fine, I could' have sworn there was someone out there." I replied.

"Ok well you should go to bed now, let's see how you are feeling tomorrow morning. Ok? Good night sweetie."

"Alright mom" I said yawning at the thought of sleep.

As I crawled into bed my mom turned off my bedroom light. As soon as I heard the TV turn on downstairs I leaped out of bed and ran to my window. And sure enough, the girl was there. Still smiling. Then she disappeared.