Hey guys! This is my first one-shot. I hope you like it. This is really short so I'm sorry.

Disclaimer- I own nothing, I wish I owned webkinz…I'm working out a deal with ganz :p

Oh and I probably should mention they are in human form this time lol


"Shh…no crying," He said in almost a whisper. I shut my eyes trying to block the tears from making an escape down my face. I held onto him as if the world was coming to an end, to me, it was. I can't rewind time, neither can I fast forward, the damage was done. He pulled me into him closer, my head finding the crook of his neck. He made me feel secure, safe.

"Drew…?" I managed to say.

"Yes Ashley?" He whispered. I couldn't help but cry harder.

"Please don't leave…" My voice cracked, he started rubbing my back barely hearing him say never. Raindrops assaulted my window as Drew and I held each other on my bed, lights turned off, perfectly quiet. "Drew?"

"Yes Ashley?" He asked still rubbing my back soothingly.

"Thank you…" I said quietly, my eyes closed.

"For what," He whispered once more.

"For being here for me…" I said looking up into his crystal blue eyes,

"I'm always here…" He kissed the top of my head, my eye lids got heavy as I listened to the restless storm outside. Drew continued rubbing my back till I fell into a deep sleep….