I've had this stuck in my head right after I finished reading Red Hood and The Outlaws 4. Had to write it.

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She stilled remembered him.

Even though it was only through smells and touch, she could still remember him.

She remembers the calloused hands that would gently caress her hips when he held her, how soft his lips were and how he always tasted like cinnamon and sugar. His skin was soft; softer than her own. He always made her laugh, not by being an idiot like Roy or Jason. But by actually telling a joke. It amused her and made her feel…human; something she never really thought possible. She remembers his black hair that seemed like silk when she ran her fingers through it. She remembers his smile and how he always seemed so full of joy when he saw her.

She also remembers how much love he gave her and how she almost gave the same thing. But she couldn't. She didn't want to. She exposed herself too much to him; to the world. She didn't want to be seen; known. And he was outing her. She wanted to get away; needed to. So she found the perfect time when she heard about the Red Hood. She remembers leaving him in the middle of Gotham; flying in the air and leaving him heartbroken.

When she wakes up from her first night of sleeping with Jason, she can't remember him.

And she's glad.

But now, as she lay on the ground in the freezing cold; her body temperature lowering due to the cold and her powers drained so she is nothing but a mere human, she remembers him.

Kor'i remembers him…Richard.

Her Circus boy; flipping over rooftop to rooftop just to meet up with her. Just to kiss her; to hold her; to love her.

Kor'i curls up into a ball.