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I've been writing so much angst recently so I thought I'd write some fluff and smut in time for Christmas to cheer myself up. This is an unholy trinity relationship fic, I'll eventually be writing more from this universe after I'm finished with a few of my other fics so let me know what you think of this :) Set in 2018.

Not in the same universe as any of my other fics.

This was originally going to be a one-shot but I've cut it into two parts to ensure that at least part of it is posted before Christmas. Thank you to Klmeire for basically being my beta for this :)

Chapter 1

Santana grins as she reaches the end of the dirt track, catching sight of the twinkling Christmas lights that are decorating the front of the old farm house they lived in. There are no neighbours for miles, no-one to see the decorations but neither the latina or Quinn could deny Brittany the joy that the simple act of putting up lights and decorations brought her. She eases the landrover to a stop in front of the house, breathing in the fresh country air as she jumps out of the vehicle and pushes the door closed, locking it more from habit than necessity. The raven haired woman walks to the front door and smirks as she realises it's locked, meaning only one thing. Santana quietly unlocks the door and slips inside, locking it behind her again and toe-ing off her high heels so that the wooden floor wouldn't give her away as she sneaks across the hall and towards the stairs. The familiar sound of flesh striking flesh floats down from the bedroom, causing her to frown at someone needing to be punished. The latina starts walking up the stairs, the plush carpet mixed with bare feet disguising her presence in the house. Stopping in the doorway of the bedroom she shares with her two blondes, the frown leaves her face at the sight of a naked Quinn draped over an equally naked Brittany's lap. Santana watches as Brittany brings her hand down onto Quinn's pink backside, the almost animalistic moans coming from the hazel eyed girl tells Santana that this spanking is purely erotic, not a punishment. Blue eyes flit up to meet the latina's eyes that are darkened with lust and they share a grin as the dancer beckons the tanned woman towards them, Santana's feet moving forward without hesitation and her eyes latch on to the collar that is around Quinn's neck, telling the latina exactly what is in store for Quinn tonight. She feels her heart rate pick up as her and Brittany's eyes remain locked for a few seconds, pupils dilated, the sound of slow firm spanks filling the room again as she stands by Brittany's side.

"Stand up" Brittany's voice is firm, the blonde in complete control of the situation. Quinn pushes herself up from the other blonde's lap, clasping her hands in front of her and waiting for Brittany's next order. "Ask Mistress Santana for permission to undress her" the tall blonde tells Quinn, leaving no room for argument. Santana turns to her other girlfriend, waiting for her to speak.

"May I please undress you, Mistress?" Quinn asks, keeping her eyes lowered until a tanned finger hooks under her chin, lifting her head up to meet dark eyes, almost black with want.

"You may" the latina murmurs,easily falling into her dominant role as her eyes drift over to meet Brittany's bright blue eyes that twinkle with excitement. Quinn moves to stand behind Santana, gently pulling the clip from her hair, allowing silky raven hair to cascade down the latina's back. Pale shaky hands unbutton the white shite that Santana wore to work, revealing a white lace bra and a toned stomach, her hands linger on soft skin covering hard muscle, only realising her mistake when it's too late.

"Did you have permission to do that little girl?" Santana asks sternly, eyes flashing as she slaps Quinn's hand away, pulling her shirt off herself and depositing it on the floor. Planting her hands on her hips, she stands there in her pants and bra, her stern gaze boring into the hazel eyed blonde.

"No, mistress" Quinn whispers, dropping her head, her stomach clenching in anticipation.

"On your knees" Santana demands, Quinn instantly dropping to her hands and knees, eyes focusing on the plush cream carpet. The latina bends down, taking the small silver tag that's attached to the leather collar between her thumb and fore finger, running the forefinger over the 'S' that's engraved on one side, turning it to look at the 'B' on the other side. "Who do you belong to little girl?" she asks in a murmur.

"You and Mistress Brittany" is the instant response, Quinn's eyes still trained on the floor. She listens as Santana crosses the room, her heart thumping in her chest as she hears the closet door open. She waits patiently, the bed next to her creaking as Brittany sits down, blue eyes never leaving the blonde on the floor. Quinn's breath hitches as she feels leather tapping against her bottom, knowing what is coming next. "Count them" Santana orders firmly, lifting the leather crop and bringing it down sharply on the still sensitive skin of her girlfriend's backside.

"One Mistress Santana" The latina's own breath catches in her throat as she glances over at Brittany. The dancer's hand is between her legs, her fingers spreading the hot flesh, her eyes locking with Santana's and the raven haired woman feels her own arousal building at the erotic sight of Brittany teasing herself. She tears her gaze from one beautiful blonde to the other, swinging the crop down for a second time. "Two Mistress Santana" Quinn cries out, exhaling loudly, the distance between pain and pleasure closing quickly. Santana drags the crop across the two pink lines that decorate her girlfriend's ass, taking her time as she admires the view of Quinn pushing her backside out, silently begging for the next stroke. The latina complies, whipping the leather down, eliciting a breathy moan from the woman, "Three Mistress Santana"

"Such a good girl, taking your punishment so well" the latina murmurs as she quickly follows with another stroke, the pleasure and pain now mingling together as Quinn cries out.

"Four Mistress Santana" The latina can't help but grin as she watches Quinn battle to stay still, the blonde's thighs quivering with the desperation she fights to rub them together, to cause some friction, find some relief. The last stroke is the hardest and Quinn almost orgasms right there, "Five Mistress Santana" she chokes out, her chest heaving.

"Now let's see if you can finish Mistress Brittany's request without getting distracted this time" Santana states and Quinn stands up, her face flushed as she reaches behind the latina and unclasps her bra. She slides the straps from the tanned girl's arms, hearing Brittany moan as Santana's magnificent breasts are freed from their confines, dark nipples hardening as the air hits them. Brittany watches breathlessly as the other blonde unbuttons the latina's dress pants, sliding them down toned thighs, Santana stepping out of them before allowing Quinn to slide her thong off. Quinn catches a glimpse of the latina's soaked pussy before lowering her eyes again and straightening up, waiting for the next instruction.Brittany pushes herself up from the bed, the glint in her eye informing Santana of what's happening next, the Latina watching as the dancer walks to the closet,swaying hips almost mesmerising her. The raven haired woman pulls the front of Quinn's collar, forcing the blonde to move closer to her.

"Red for stop" Santana whispers to Quinn, her tone soft. The hazel eyed beauty nods her understanding, watching as the Latina's face transforms, easily falling back into her dominant role as she points to the bed. The blonde instinctively walks to the bed, Santana following her and coaxing her down onto her back and straddling her. Plump lips suck on a pale neck, working their way round to Quinn's jaw before mashing the lips together. The Latina makes a show of pressing her breasts down onto Quinn's, her tanned hand sneaking between them to tweak a pink nipple. Santana jumps as Brittany's hand smacks down on her backside, the Latina twisting around to look at her , recognising the look in the crystal blue eyes, she climbs off Quinn and falls to her knees, eyes lowered. Brittany smirks at the obedience, clasping a leather collar around Santana's neck, the silver 'B' hanging from it serving as a reminder that ultimately, Brittany is in charge.

"I think you've had enough control for one day, don't you think so pet?" Brittany asks, staring down at the tanned woman kneeling at her feet, almost daring her to slip up and make eye contact.

"Yes Mistress Brittany" Santana responds, willing herself to remain submissive. Brittany notices the struggle on her girlfriend's face and kneels down.

"I think pet needs some help" she murmurs, pulling the front of the latina's collar, sitting on the bed and pulling Santana over her lap in one swift movement. Her pale fingers run across the curves of Santana's bottom, nails lightly scratching the smooth skin. "Who do you belong to?" Brittany asks, laying a hard spank to the latina's left buttock.

"You, Mistress Brittany" Santana responds, her body jerking as a hard smack strikes her bottom, pleasure a long way away as the pain explodes in her globes. Brittany's hand crashes down again and again, Santana letting out shrieks of pain as her behind heats up, the first of her tears starting to drip from her eyes as Quinn watches in awe. Brittany watches her girlfriend carefully, watching and waiting for the signs. Santana feels her connection to her girlfriend grow stronger,the touch of Brittany's hand that is now caressing red hot skin is multiplied, as if the blonde is touching her soul. She follows the dancer's demand to kneel on the floor even before her brain registers the words, her gaze automatically sliding to the floor. Santana realises why Brittany had gone to the closet when the blonde drops an item in front of the latina's face, the woman'e dark eyes trailing over the large black dildo, nine inches of solid plastic attached to a harness.

"Put it on me pet" Brittany's voice is strong, commanding...vastly different than her usual soft, innocent lilt. Santana keeps her eyes lowered as she picks up the harness, crawling closer to her mistress, stopping at her feet.

"May I touch you Mistress?" the latina asks in a murmur.

"You may" Brittany responds, looking down at her pet as she works, nodding in satisfaction when she finally feels warm hands moves away from her body. "On the bed Pet" the tall blonde orders, waiting until Santana is laying on the bed. "Quinn, prepare your mistress" Quinn crawls up the bed, positioning her head between Santana's spread legs, no need to ask the latina for permission, not when Mistress Brittany has already given it. She inhales the heady scent of the latina's arousal, running a finger down her slick folds and eliciting a sharp gasp from the brunette. Quinn removes her finger, replacing it with her tongue, sucking on Santana's swollen clit, the latina's moans only turning the blondes on more, Brittany watching them hungrily. Santana's body moves without effort, grinding onto her girlfriend's tongue, a thin sheet of sweat covering her tanned body, her hands gripping onto the head-rest behind her, muscles popping against damp skin from the strain. Quinn tongue makes leisurely patterns around the latina's heated flesh, the muscle parting the folds and dipping into a drooling entrance, the writhing body underneath her jerking forward. She teases her mistress' tight hole, circling it until the latina begs, sliding her tongue away as soon as the desperate cries leave the brunette's mouth. Brittany's hand reaches out and pulls on Quinn's collar, the soft skin brushing Santana's heated pussy causing the latina to buck wildly, eyes clenched in desperation. Quinn allows herself to be gently pulled away from the exotic beauty that lay spread out in front of her, resisting would mean punishment. Brittany guides the other blonde forward so that she is squatting over Santana's face. The latina feels the tip of Brittany's plastic phallus run the length of her soaking slit, coating the dildo in natural lubricant. Quinn lowers herself onto Santana's mouth, muffling the scream that erupts from the latina as Brittany pushes into her. "You don't come until Quinn does" The dancer tells Santana, the latina's tongue instantly snaking out and moaning as the taste of Quinn coats her mouth. She doesn't tease, choosing to enter Quinn straight away, if only to speed up her own release. Brittany pumps into her pet, eyes locked on the erotic sight of Quinn grinding Santana's mouth and holding onto the head-rest, pale hands next to tanned.

"Mistress Brittany?" Quinn groans out, her voice strained, "Please?"

"You may come" Brittany states and an animalistic shriek rips from the hazel eyed woman's throat as Santana's tongue curls inside her, hitting just the right spot, Quinn coming undone, her juices coating the latina's neck and chin. She collapses onto the bed, laying by Santana's side and breathing heavily, hooded eyes watching as Brittany's pace increases, the latina lifting her ass from the bed to meet every thrust. The room is filled with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh as the dancer and latina move as one, like a well rehearsed dance. "Come for me Santana" As soon as the words are spoken, Santana's wall clench around the dildo, forcing the insert to press into Brittany's clit, the blonde's orgasm ripping through her body at the same time that the latina tenses, shuddering beneath her mistress before her muscles turn to mush, her body going limp on the mattress as Brittany slumps forward, breathing heavily, her heart thudding in her chest as she lays exhaused on top of her pet.

Let me know what you think, I will do my best to get the second part up for Christmas :)