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Chapter 3

Quinn smiles from her place on their sofa as she watches Santana help Brittany's niece build up the new toys they had gotten her while Brittany and the other Pierces worked in the kitchen. She can't help but feel a little sad at times like these, she loves her girlfriends more than anything and doesn't regret one thing of their relationship but she misses her parents more than anything. Santana looks up from the toy, her gaze locking with Quinn's, the Latina feeling the exact same way as her girlfriend. In the six years since they had graduated high school, they had made a decent life for themselves, set up a nice home and lived comfortably but every so often on family orientated holidays, Quinn and Santana would always have that moment of mourning for the people that had walked out of their lives. Susan Pierce had been a god send to them, the older woman never failing to be there on each woman's birthday, treating her daughter's girlfriends like they were her own children and never once judging their less than traditional relationship, only caring that they were happy and healthy.

"Aunt Q why are you sitting by yourself?" Amy asks from her place on the floor next to Santana.

"Yeah Aunt Q, you're not allowed to be boring on Christmas" Santana grins, causing Quinn to roll her eyes at the latina as she moves to sit on the floor next to them. "Much better" The blonde knows that Santana is trying to distract her, the latina knowing that Quinn knows it too thanks to the sloppy kiss on the cheek the hazel eyed woman gives her, the hispanic woman shooting her a wink. Brittany smiles as she leans against the doorway, watching her girlfriends entertain her niece, the three of them now stifles a laugh at how much of a big kid Santana is, the latina nudging Quinn's elbow every so often and causing the other woman's pen to slide over the lines. Brittany feels her Mother's arm slip around her shoulders, the older Pierce smiling warmly at the scene in front of them.

"They're really good with her" Susan states, her daughter nodding in agreement. "They'd be wonderful parents if you all ever decided to have a child" she adds, clearly hinting.

"That wouldn't be able to happen" Brittany replies, her eyes sad.

"There's always a way" Susan remarks. "Go join your girls, We'll be fine without you for a while" she adds and the dancer nods, pushing her herself off of the doorframe and walking over to the trio on the floor, gracefully sitting down next to them. She smiles when Santana pushes a colouring book over to her, "accidentally" knocking Quinn's elbow as she does so. They listen to Amy's stories about pre-school, discovering the girl has many of them, the latina smirking when the child comments on how Quinn needs to learn to stay in the lines, offering the blonde some assistance. The second Amy leaves the room to get some juice, Quinn lays a firm smack onto Santana's ass, the latina yelping and turning to glare at her girlfriend, her hand reaching back to try and rub the sting away.

"That's what happens when you make me colour outside of the lines" Quinn states in a mock stern voice, grinning over at Brittany who rolls her eyes at their antics.


Santana jumps as she closes the fridge door to reveal a tipsy Brittany standing there, her megawatt smile firmly in place as she wraps her arms around the latina and mashes their lips together, her tongue sliding into Santana's mouth. The kiss grows more passionate, their tongues wrestling for dominance, the latina almost dropping her bottle of beer when Brittany starts to grope her. With reluctance, she pushes the tall blonde backwards, removing her hands from her chest.

"Later" she murmurs huskily, "When there isn't an impressionable five year old child in the livingroom" Santana adds, desperately trying to ignore the pout on Brittany's face. "You can do whatever you want to me when it's just the three of us" The latina says, groaning inwardly when she notices the glint in her girlfriend's sparkling blue eyes, the blonde giving her a smirk and a nod before turning to walk back to the livingroom, adding some extra sway to her hips. Santana realises this is going to be a long night, knowing exactly what kind of mood the blonde is in. She pops open her beer, taking a long gulp and preparing herself for the night ahead, thinking briefly that she should warn Quinn before smirking and shaking her head, It'll be way more fun if she works it out for herself. Santana saunters back into the livingroom, ignoring the questioning look coming from Quinn when the blonde notices the infamous smirk on the pouty lips. The latina sits down next to Brittany's dad, knowing her girlfriend would never attempt to tease her in clear sight of her father, almost feeling bad for Quinn who is sitting next to the dancer, almost. Hazel eyes narrow at Santana's choice of seat, the latina did, of course, have a great relationship with Bill but would almost always choose to sit next to her two blondes, even if it meant sitting on one of their laps.

"So, what do you girls have planned for New Years Eve?" Bill asks them.

"We're just going to hang out here Dad, have some quality alone time" Brittany responds and Bill Chuckles.

"You live almost in the middle of nowhere, you always have alone time" he says.

"I can't get enough of my girls" his daughter tells him, sending a meaningful look in Quinn's direction, only the hazel eyed woman noticing it, a faint blush spreading across her face at the hidden meaning in Brittany's words. Santana watches her girlfriends out of the corner of her eye as she listens to the conversations going on around her, noticing Brittany's arm brushing the swell of Quinn's left breast as she reaches for her glass of one. She can feel eyes on her and her heart rate quickens as she makes eye contact with Brittany, the predatory glint in her blue eyes causing Santana's stomach to lurch. She tears her gaze away from the blonde, choosing to focus on the half asleep child next to Bill.

"Hey guys, I can take Amy upstairs if you like, let her sleep there until you're ready to leave" the Latina states, looking over at Brittany's brother and sister-in-law. Santana picks Amy up once her parents nod, gently carrying the little girl out of the livingroom and into the hall. She carefully climbs the stairs and into their bedroom, placing her amongst the fresh sheets and tucking her in.

"Goodnight Aunt San" Amy murmurs sleepily.

"Goodnight sweetheart" the Latina replies, kidding her forehead softly. She sits on the edge of the bed until the little girl is asleep, knowing from past experience that she got scared if someone wasn't in the room with her if there wasn't a night light. Quietly leaving the room and closing the door, Santana almost jumps out of her skin when she comes face to face with Brittany. How the hell does that do that, the Latina thinks to herself as the blonde takes her hand and pulls her into the bathroom.

"Hi" Brittany breathes, her fingers fumbling with the button on her girlfriend's jeans.

"Britt! No, we have guests!" the Latina hisses, "Guests who are drinking and will need to pee" she adds.

"What? You don't want me? You don't want me to fuck you right now?" Brittany husks into Santana's ear, sucking on her earlobe. Her hand slides into the Latina's jeans, smirking at the lack of underwear, as usual, and running a finger down her wet slit.

"I do baby, I want you to fuck me so bad but not right now. Not when your family are here" the Hispanic woman pleads. "And not while Amy is asleep across the hall" she adds, pulling back from Brittany and sliding out of the bathroom and quickly making her way downstairs. Quinn raises a perfectly shaped brow when Santana enters the livingroom, looking flushed and nervous as she sits back down next to Bill. Brittany enters the room moments later, a faux innocent look on her face and Quinn realises what must have happened, knowing that the other blonde is turning it into a game. She watches Brittany as the dancer slumps down next to her and drapes her arm around Quinn's shoulders.

"Did Amy fall asleep okay?" Brittany's brother asks.

"She fell asleep straight away" Santana replies, her voice more high pitched than usual, a small blush still playing on her cheeks. Brittany holds the latina's gaze for a few moments, her eyes flicking down to her fingers, knowing that Santana will follow her line of sight, holding two fingers out and lifting her eyes to give the latina meaningful look, dark eyes widening at the gesture.

"Santana, are you alright? You look a little flushed" Susan comments in concern.

"Yeah, it's just really hot in here, is anyone else hot?" the latina asks, desperate for a distraction, Quinn watching her in amusement and stiffening as Brittany uses the fact that everyone's attention is on Santana to her advantage. Her hand sneaks around to cup the other blonde's breast, her finger flicking Quinn's sensitive nipple before sliding back up her body to rest on her girlfriend's shoulder. Brittany smiles to herself, seriously enjoying herself as she relaxes back against the sofa cushions while her girlfriends fidget and try their hardest to take part in the conversations going on between the other Pierces.


Quinn feels a warm hand touch her lower back as the three women stand at the front door, waving goodbye to the Pierces. Even before all of them are in the car, the hand travels lower, slipping inside the waistband of her yoga pants, playfully pinging the band of her thong before snaking down to cup one of her globes. She feels a chin rest on her shoulder, surprised to see waves of black hair falling onto her chest. Quinn glances around her, realising that Brittany is no longer standing with them as she leans back against Santana's chest, inhaling the comforting scent of the latina's favourite perfume.

"Brittany's in a kind of...uh playful mood" Quinn states quietly.

"She's drunk and horny as fuck" Santana retorts bluntly, causing hazel eyes to roll as Quinn chuckles. The raven haired woman keeps one hand in the back of her girlfriend's pants, squeezing the warm flesh teasingly, using her free hand to wave to the departing car of the Pierces. Santana pulls her hand from the blonde's pants, allowing the elastic to snap back into place loudly and somewhat painfully with an innocent grin as she closes and locks the front door, following her girlfriend into the livingroom, both of them halting in shock. "How the hell did she get changed so fast?" Quinn hears Santana murmur in disbelief as both of their eyes rake over Brittany's body, the red corset and matching panties, their gazes lingering on her killer fuck me boots. The taller blonde lifts her arms, the collars dangling from the fingertips on each hand, holding Quinn's one out to the Latina who quickly takes it, clipping it into place around the blonde's neck, noticing hazel eyes lowering to the ground in submission. Santana turns to face Brittany, waiting for instruction, her own eyes lowering when the dancer approaches her with the collar. The latina feels a finger being placed under her chin, urging her to look at her girlfriend, surprised to see blue eyes gazing back at her questioningly, surprising clear and in focus. Santana gives her a simple nod and the blonde fastens the collar around her neck, brown eyes sliding back down to the floor.

"Strip" Brittany orders simply. She nods in approval as her girlfriends rush to comply, her eyes raking over their bodies once their clothes are in a heap on the floor. "Upstairs" she says, Quinn and Santana glancing at each other in confusion, wondering why they had started in the livingroom. "Now!" she adds sternly and they quickly turn towards the door. Santana can feel Brittany watching her as she climbs the stairs, suddenly realising why they had undressed downstairs, feeling vulnerability coursing through her at the feeling of being naked while her Mistress is still dressed. Brittany follows them into their bedroom, the power and arousal flows through her body as her girlfriend's stand in the centre of the room, their heads down in submission. She circles them slowly, smirking and watching them. "Lie on the bed on your back, pet" she orders into Santana's ear, her hot breath tickling the latina's neck, causing goosebumps to spring up all over her body as she follows her Mistress' instructions. She strains to listen when she notices Brittany murmuring into Quinn's ear, the shorter blonde disappearing into the closet with a nod. "Move further up the bed, onto the pillows" Brittany tells the latina and Santana pushes herself up so that her head is resting on the pillows. "Now pet, you're going to learn a very important lesson tonight, when I want to fuck you...you let me fuck you" the dancer's husky demanding voice sends ripples down to Santana's centre, releasing a breathy moan as Brittany's hand smacks down onto her soaking wet pussy. "What will you do, Pet?"

"Let you fuck me, Mistress" Santana gasps.

"Good girl but you still need to be punished" Brittany warns her as Quinn emerges from the closet, handing the other blonde a pair of padded handcuffs, the taller woman crawling onto the bed and straddling Santana and running a finger nail down between the latina's breasts and onto her stomach, leaving a pink line across the toned abs. The hispanic woman's breath hitches as her Mistress leans over her, her cleavage directly over Santana's face as she loops the chain of the handcuffs between the bars of the headrest, taking a hold of her pet's left wrist and snapping the handcuff closed around it before doing the same to the other wrist. Brittany smirks down at the woman underneath, seeing understanding dawn in the dark eyes, watching the look turn to desperation as the latina pulls against her restraints, the muscles in her arms popping against her skin as she strains. A sharp slack to the side of her buttock ceases her struggles, her eyes still pleading with her Mistress, a slow smirk spreading across Brittany's lips is her only response as the dancer climbs off of her. Quinn allows the taller blonde to guide her onto the bottom of the bed, laying on her back and staring as Brittany pulls her hair from the high ponytail that it had been in all day, her golden locks flowing down her back, the dancer gracefully climbing onto the bed and straddling Quinn, her stiff pink nipples peeking out of the top of the corset as she flattens herself against the shorter blonde, fiery blue eyes gazing into intense hazel. Quinn moans as into the most passionate and heated kiss she has ever had, Brittany completely taking charge as she pulls back, biting the other woman's bottom lip gently before her mouth trails along Quinn's jaw and scraping her teeth down her neck, settling on her pulse point.

"May I touch you, Mistress?" Quinn pleads breathlessly, a simple nod is all she needs before her hands latch onto Brittany's toned ass, kneading the flesh softly as the woman licks and sucks her neck, leaving her mark. Santana watches her Mistress' hand snake along Quinn's thigh, her finger circling her swollen clit as the blonde underneath jerks her hips, begging for more. The latina's breath hitches when Brittany complies, thrusting a finger into Quinn's drooling pussy, hazel eyes closing as she gasps and moans in pleasure, a second finger added as the dancer roughly thrusts in and out of the other woman, using her hips to add more pressure. Blue eyes rise to look warningly at Santana as the hispanic woman starts to struggle against her restraints again, a look of pure deperation and want in her dark eyes. Brittany keeps her gaze locked with Santana's as she fucks Quinn, adding a third finger and using her thumb to circle the woman's clit, her cries of pleasure filling the room and growing more animalistic as she gets closer and closer to her climax. "Mistress?" Quinn pleads, her voice cracking and her chest heaving.

"You may come" Brittany informs her, her blue eyes never leaving the ever darkening ones of Santana. Brittany's name rips from Quinn's throat as her orgasm explodes through her, her whole body feeling as though it's on fire. The dancer turns her gaze back to the writhing woman below her, her thumb still lazily circling her sensitive bud, riding her through her orgasm. "Has Pet learned her lesson?" Brittany asks Santana teasingly.

"Yes Mistress, I'll behave and do anything you tell me" the latina gasps, her brow glistening with a sheen of sweat from her battle with the handcuffs, now slumped back against the pillows.

"Good girl" Brittany nods, sliding from the bed and walking to the closet as Quinn and Santana's gazes lock for one electrified moment, the latina's eyes leaving the hazel ones as their Mistress exits the closet fastening the harness around her waist, her panties no longer on, the same huge dildo from before sticking out in front of her as she stalks back to the bed. "Mark her" she demands to Quinn who scrambles further up the bed, her mouth finding Santana's dark erect nipple almost instantly, her tongue teasing and slicking it before slipping along to the curve of her tanned breast, biting down softly. "Ask me" Brittany orders simply, staring into the latina's eyes.

"Please Fuck me, Mistress" Santana begs as she spreads her legs, Brittany's eyes dilating as she eyes the dripping pussy laid out in front of her. Lowering herself onto the bed, she places the hard plastic phallis at her latina's entrance, her blue eyes boring into almost black ones as she slides the dildo easily into Santana, a moan bubbling from the hispanic woman's throat. She may love making love to her girls but this is what she craved, being fucked, quick and dirty. Santana hisses as Quinn teeth bite down onto her breast while Brittany roughly pumps into her, the dancer's breathing growing more erratic as the insert slams into her clit. The room is filled with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh and groans of pleasure, turning into yells, begging Brittany not to stop. Quinn's mouth trailing up to the tanned neck of her girlfriend, sucking, licking and biting. Blue eyes watch in awe as the latina convulses beneath her, screams erupting from her plump lips, the sight encouraging the dancer's own orgasm, both girls shrieking with pleasure. Exhausted, Brittany collapses forward onto Santana's naked, heaving chest, both woman panting heavily. They lay there for a while in their post orgasm bliss, both blonde's with their heads on the latina's chest. "Wow" Santana breathes as Brittany's hand reaches up to unclip her collar and then doing the same to Quinn.

"That was new" Quinn comments sleepily as Santana's fingers fumble with the harness around Brittany's waist, the dancer carefully pulling out of the latina and helping her to unfasten it, dropping the harness and dildo to the floor and pulling a key from her cleavage and unlocking Santana's wrists from their restraints. The handcuffs and key join the other items on the floor as Brittany slumps down beside Santana, Quinn on the other side of the latina.

"So, you were wearing that under your shirt all night, huh?" Santana chuckles, a small blush rising on Brittany's face is her only response. Quinn snuggles into her two girlfriends, smiling as she lays there.

"Merry Christmas" she states.


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