Final chapter ready! This is more like a K or K+-rated chapter.

Mario woke up screaming.

"AAAAH!" Mario screamed.

He panted and then stopped. He realized something.

"A dream? It was all a dream? The entire cruise was nothing...but a dream?" Mario gasped.

Mario jumped in his bed for joy.

"YES! YEAH! I'M ALIVE!" Mario screamed.

Luigi came up.

"Mario, what the heck is going on?" Luigi said.

"Luigi, I had a dream when we were all invited for a cruise and then there was a killer who was actually Kamek and he killed us all." Mario said quickly.

Luigi was stunned. Then he suddenly laughed.

"Cut back on the mushrooms, bro. Go eat breakfast." Luigi chuckled before walking back down.

"Why does he treat me like I'm his son? Who cares, at least it was just a harmless dream." Mario thought to himself.

Sorry for the short ending. But I hope you enjoyed this story anyway, and please don't flame!