Light A Candle

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Old Chinese Proverb: "It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness."

Sitting in a sparsely decorated motel room on the outskirts of a small town in New Hampshire in the dead of winter, Dean sat at the table preparing a mixture of bullets as Sam gathered information for their latest hunt for a legendary creature known as an orang minyak. The supernatural creature had been prowling the ski slopes of Mt. Washington over the past month and reputedly had raped and killed a total of seven women after dragging them through the snow laden trails. Determined to put an end to its reign of terror before another woman fell victim, the brothers put their time to good use gathering as much information as they could before starting their hunt the following day. The creature was brazen and preferred to make its' attack in broad daylight on the ski runs so they would be forced to hunt it in the daytime, making the hunt a tricky one, especially with the people that would be out enjoying their time on the slopes.

"So, what have you dug up about the creature so far Sammy?" Dean questioned as he poured some black powder into the hollowed out bullet he held in his hands.

"Well, it says here that the orang minyak was originally a man who attempted to win back the love of his life by using black magic but was cursed instead. Apparently, the devil offered to help him win back his love, but at a cost of raping twenty one virgins within a week." Sam answered as his eyes scanned the information on his laptop.

"Son of a bitch, that thing is definitely going down tomorrow, but not before I cut its' freaking balls off." Dean gasped in revulsion upon hearing the ghastly information. "What else does it say? Does it mention how we can kill the damn thing?"

"No, the article just states that the creature resembles a naked man who is covered in some kind of slimy substance which virtually makes it difficult to catch since the substance supposedly helps it to become invisible at times." Sam answered as he read aloud the material that was on the internet page. Looking up with a somber expression in his expressive blue-green eyes, he said, "Basically, this creature is a serial rapist and one slippery son of a bitch that's going to be nearly impossible to catch."

"Yeah, well, that thing hasn't met the Winchester brothers yet, now has it?" Dean questioned a little cockily as he loaded some salt and iron ore into another bullet and capped it before placing it into the speed loader of his revolver, figuring a mixture of bullets would be their best bet in taking down the supernatural baddie. "I figure that thing will try to make its' move on somebody tomorrow with the skiing competition that's going on and we'll be ready for it."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Sam voiced, though he had a bad feeling about this hunt. He couldn't exactly say what it was that was bothering him, but he felt a deep dread that something was going to go wrong.

"Something bothering you dude?" Dean queried, stopping what he was doing and turning his full attention to Sam after hearing the hesitation in his younger sibling's voice.

"Something just feels off about this hunt." Sam answered with a sigh as he focused worried eyes on Dean. "I don't know why, but I just got a really bad feeling about this one Dean. Maybe we should let Rufus or some of the others handle it."

"Rufus is probably drunk off his ass somewhere and Bobby is too far away to handle this one," Dean refuted, glancing up at Sam. "We gotta handle this one ourselves before that thing kills someone else tomorrow.

"Yeah, I know you're right. I'm probably over reacting anyway." Sam admitted with a shrug as he glanced out the window to see the Christmas lights twinkling around town.

"That's just the girl coming out in ya, Samantha," Dean smirked, dodging the pillow that was thrown his way in retaliation for the remark.



"Hey Dean, I was thinking that after this hunt is over, we could buy some eggnog, maybe get one of those little fake trees and hole up in a motel for the holidays. What do you think?" Sam asked as he glanced over at his brother. He and Dean had been hunting their asses off lately and he felt like they could really use some downtime.

"Could be fun, but I kinda promised Bobby we'd meet up at his place," Dean answered as he filled another bullet with cumin and salt. "He needs our, or should I say your, help in translating a couple of old Latin texts he got in recently.

"That's fine, whatever," Sam voiced with a sigh as he once again turned his attention to the decorations lighting up all over town. Oh well, Christmas was just another day anyway. Besides, he never really had enjoyed the holiday since that Christmas of so long ago when he was eight years old and really learned about what his father did for a living.


Waking up early the next morning, the brothers dressed quickly and then grabbed a couple of donuts from the continental breakfast on their way out of the motel. They needed to be on the ski slopes early if they were going to have any hopes of catching the orang minyak before it killed again.

Parking the vehicle at the far end of the parking lot that led to the slopes, Dean and Sam climbed out of the muscle car and then walked around to the trunk. Surreptitiously surveying the area for any onlookers, Dean then opened the trunk and exposed their hidden arsenal. Grabbing one of the small firearms, Dean loaded it with one of the speed loaders and handed it over to Sammy before doing the same with his own. Tucking the revolvers into the back hem of their jeans where they would remain hidden by the parkas they were wearing, the brothers then grasped their backpacks loaded with supplies and set off for the slopes. The hunt was on!

Trudging toward one of the more advanced slopes where there was sure to be more people skiing once the ski lifts opened, Sam hoped they could find a well enough hidden alcove amongst the trees to keep an eye on things. If the orang minyak followed pattern, it would be making another kill today. Raising a gloved hand to shield his eyes from the highly reflective snow, he saw a stand of evergreen trees that he felt would provide enough cover while at the same time giving them a clear view of the ski lifts and the people riding them.

"What about the trees over there?" Sam questioned Dean as he pointed to the area where several trees stood gloriously dressed in a blanket of pure white.

"Yeah, that'll do," Dean agreed as they changed path and veered off to the right. "It should also give me a good vantage point for watching all the little ski bunnies in their cute little outfits."

"Dean, we're supposed to be working here, not ogling women," Sam warned lightly with a shake of his head as they approached the stand of trees and made themselves comfortable.

"Hey, I'm working. Working on watching all those beautiful women up there on the ski lift," Dean retorted with a wicked grin as he winked at Sammy before leaning back against the tree nearest to him and focusing his binoculars on the ski lift and taking in the raven haired beauty sitting in the second seat.

"Give me those," Sam groused, grabbing the binoculars off of his brother and scanning the snow covered fields ahead looking for the orang minyak. He couldn't help but wince as the glistening snow made his eyes water. Damn, but that white fluffy stuff sure seemed to be getting brighter as the morning progressed along.

"Party Pooper," Dean scoffed before pulling the other pair of binoculars from his bag and searching the surrounding area. Surveying the area ahead, he couldn't help but smile at how easily is was to get his baby brother riled up at times, something he enjoyed doing and which helped to stave off the boredom of waiting during hunts.


"Ya know, I'm beginning to think this creature isn't going to show today," Sam voiced in aggravation, raising a gloved hand to rub at the gritty feeling in his eyes. They had been watching the snow covered field for a few hours now and it was beginning to give him a headache, one that even rivaled those that came with those damn visions that used to hex him.

"Yeah, I'm beginning to think you're right," Dean agreed, scanning the lower right quadrant of the ski slope once again for signs of anything out of place. "Maybe we should just pack it in and call it a night. There's always tomorrow."

"Sounds good to…Shit," Sam hissed loudly, dropping his binoculars to the ground and covering his face with gloved hands as he fell back against the tree behind him.

"Sammy? Sammy, what is it?" Dean questioned anxiously as he threw down his own binoculars and grabbed his brother by the arms to steady him as Sam began to thrash a little.

"My…my eyes," Sam replied, groaning at the pain that was asaulting his aching orbs.

"Damn it, move your hands and let me see," Dean voiced, trying to pry Sam's hands away from his eyes so he could get a look at them. "Damn it Kiddo, I said let me see."

Allowing Dean to pull his hands away, Sam suddenly gasped in horror upon making a startling realization. "Dean, I…I can't see."

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