Light A Candle Ch. 4

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Previously: "Night Kiddo," he whispered, ruffling his sibling's hair before turning out the light and going back to bed himself. As he lay quietly in the bed to the soft sound of his brother snoring, he could only hope that Sam's vision would return soon as the doctor predicted. He couldn't handle the thought of his brother living in a world of darkness forever.

Dawdling around in the motel room early the next morning as his brother slept in a deeply medicated sleep, Dean sat and pondered about what the day ahead would bring for them. It had been nearly 24 hours since his brother had been diagnosed with snow blindness and he couldn't help but wonder if his sibling would ever see again. Walking over to the motel room window, he pushed the curtains aside to see the decorations that were displayed in festive merriment on the light poles and around the stores. 'Guess it would be too much to hope for a Christmas miracle' he thought to himself as he stared at the gaily lit Christmas tree across the way. Winchesters didn't get miracles.

Noticing a yellow cab pull into the parking lot of the motel and stop near the front entrance, he wasn't surprised to see Bobby climb out of the cab, his arms loaded down with bags. Glancing quickly at Sam to see that his younger sibling was still deeply enthralled in the throes of sleep, Dean walked over to the door and gently eased it open.

"Need some help there, Bobby?" Dean queried as he walked towards the gruff hunter who was struggling to keep a grip on the bags he had in his right hand while trying to pull something else from the cab.

"Do I look like an octopus with eight arms to you boy? Of course I need some help, ya idjit?" Bobby grumbled lightheartedly as he smiled at the oldest of John's children. "Get the rest of the stuff out of the back seat for me."

Reaching into the backseat, Dean was surprised when his eyes fell upon a small three foot evergreen tree, one that was already decked out in festive ornaments and tinsel.

"Bobby? Dean questioned in astonishment as he pulled the artificial Christmas tree from the car.

"What, ya think I could fit a real tree in the car?" Bobby replied gruffly as if bringing along a Christmas tree with him was the most normal thing in the world. Not bothering to wait for an answer, Bobby sat his bags down beside him on the pavement and then grasped his wallet from the back pocket of his jeans. Pulling a couple of twenty dollars bills from it to pay the cab fee, he handed the money over to the driver and wished him a Merry Christmas and told him to "keep the change."

"Well, whatcha waiting on boy? Let's get inside where it's warmer," Bobby stated as he walked towards the motel room door, his arms once again laden down with the bags..

Waiting for Dean to open the door, Bobby walked inside and then placed the bags he was carrying down on the floor. Glancing over at the bed farthest from the door, his heart physically ached to see Sammy lying there in bed with the bandages wrapped around his head.

"How's he doing?" Bobby whispered, traipsing over to bed to kneel down beside it so he could lightly palm Sam's cheek with fatherly affection.

"Pretty well, considering what's happened," Dean answered, carrying the small evergreen tree over to the table and placing it atop of it. "He's scared, but he's trying his best not to let things get him down."

"That's good," Bobby replied as he walked over to the bags he had placed on the floor and started pulling tree decorations from them.

"Um, Bobby, not that I'm ungrateful or anything, but why did you bring the tree and stuff?" Dean queried, a perplexed expression on his face. "I mean, when I talked to you last night, I just asked you to pick up a few presents for Sammy since I new I wouldn't be able to leave him on his own to do it myself."

"Guess I just wanted us to have a proper Christmas, ya know…like a family and all," Bobby replied as he glanced over at Sam who was starting to show signs of waking. "I mean you two are like kids to me…and well, damn it, I just wanted to make sure Sam had something worth seeing when he got his eyesight back."

"We love you too, Bobby," Dean replied round the lump in his throat, and who's to say that it wasn't dust that was causing his eyes to mist with tears right now.

"Okay, enough with the Hallmark moment. We got some decorating to do before the Jolly Green Giant over there wakes up," Bobby gruffly informed Dean as he pulled some Christmas lights from the bag to string on the tree and around the room.


Pushing himself up in the bed so that he could lean against the headboard, Sam tensed for just a moment as he felt the presence of someone else in the room but then quickly relaxed upon realizing that it was Bobby Singer by the smells he associated with the man…Old Spice aftershave and car oil.

"Hey Bobby, I didn't know you were coming," Sam called out as he looked towards the area where he assumed Bobby to be sitting. "Is Dean still here?"

"Yeah, right here, Tiger," Dean answered as he walked over and sat on the edge of Sam's bed. "You need anything?"

"Something clean to change into?"

"Sure, got your jeans and a t-shirt right here," Dean voiced as he reached over to grab the clothing off the chest of drawers that sat opposite of their beds. He had placed the clothing there earlier knowing Sammy would want to shower upon awaking. "Let me help you to the bathroom."

"I-I got it," Sam mumbled with embarrassment, not wanting Bobby to view him as being helpless.

"Let your brother help you, ya idjit. Everyone needs help once in a while, even me," Bobby voiced bluntly to get his point across.

"Damn, the old man's got a bossy side, just like Dad," Dean smirked, taking Sam by the arm and guiding his sibling to the bathroom. "Okay Dude, I've placed a clean washcloth on the soap rack in the shower stall and a clean towel is hanging over the shower bar. If you need help with anything, just holler."

"Thanks Dean," Sam voiced, waiting until he heard Dean close the door to the bathroom before undressing and stepping into the shower. Turning on the water, he fumbled around until he found where the soap dish was built into the wall. Grasping the items there, he lathered up the washcloth and then reached out to place the bar of soap back into the dish but dropped it instead.

"Damn it,' he cursed as he knelt down and began to fumble around for the bar of soap. Of course, Winchester luck struck and he stepped on the bar causing him to lose his footing, which then caused him to fall harshly on his naked behind.

"Sonuva…" he swore in a pain filled voice just as the sound of the bathroom door swung open, forcefully hitting the wall and someone could be heard rushing into the bathroom.


Helping Bobby to hang up the lighted garland around the doorframe, Dean was just about to plug it into the electrical socket when he heard a crashing sound coming from the bathroom. "Sammy," he gasped with worry before dropping the end of the cord and rushing to the bathroom door. Raising his right foot, he kicked the door opened and rushed inside to find his naked as the day he was born sibling sitting in the bottom of the tub as he rubbed his bruised derriere.

"Sammy, you okay?" he asked worriedly as he knelt beside the tub and turned the shower water off.

"Dean, get the hell out of here. I'm naked."

"I don't care if you are naked. I need to know just what the hell happened and if you are okay or not?" Dean voiced anxiously, his hands immediately going to his brother's head to check for any bumps.

"M'fine. I just slipped on the soap when I dropped it. I didn't hurt my head, just my pride and my ass," Sam mumbled in a low voice. "Now would you please go so I can finish up and get dressed?"

"Yeah, okay," Dean answered as he pushed himself to his feet and prepared to walk out the door. "Just, be careful this time, will ya!"

Walking out of the bathroom, Dean was surprised as he nearly collided with Bobby who was standing nearby in case his help was needed.

"He okay?" Bobby questioned, parroting the question he had asked earlier, as he nodded his head towards the bathroom door.

"Yeah, he slipped and fell while in the shower. He'll probably have one hell of a bruise on his butt later, but he'll be okay," Dean informed the worried hunter.

"That boy always could be clumsy at times," Bobby groused before reaching up to tug the ball cap off his head. "It's about time for lunch. Hand over the keys to the Impala and I'll run up the road to that diner I saw and get us something to eat while you sort things out."


Returning to the motel approximately thirty minutes later, Bobby smiled upon walking into the room to see both his boys sitting at the table, Sam's bottom resting on a pillow which had been placed on the seat of the chair he was sitting in to soften the seat.

"Ass feeling a little tender there, boy?" Bobby queried good-naturedly as he carried the sack filled with three Styrofoam containers over to the table and placed it in the middle.

"A little," Sam retorted, his cheeks tingeing a bright red upon hearing the remark. In an effort to change the subject quickly, he remarked, "Something smells good."

"That's cause the mom and pop diner down the road was serving Christmas dinner. I got us all a turkey dinner with the works," Bobby enthused as he pulled the Styrofoam containers out of the bag.

"Awesome!" Dean voiced vehemently as he took one of the containers and placed it in front of his brother. Opening the lid, he then said, "Okay Samantha, the turkey and dressing is at twelve o'clock, the mashed potatoes are at three, the green beans are at six, and the cranberry sauce is at nine o'clock," to explain where Sam could find each food item.

"What, no pumpkin or pecan pie?" Sam asked, wondering what was for dessert.

"Yeah, I got that for later, Sport," Bobby voiced, reaching out and placing a hand on Sam's shoulder to give it a light squeeze. "Didn't want you to get sick from eating too much foods with the medicine the doc has you on."


Later that evening found Sam sitting in a chair nervously as Dean prepared to remove the bandages from his eyes. It had been a little over 24 hours since he had lost his eyesight, and he was excited, but yet scared to find out what the results would be when the bandages were removed. Breathing deeply in an attempt to fight down the nausea that was attempting to build, he jumped in surprise as a hand softly clasped his shoulder and gave it a light squeeze.

"Relax Kiddo," Dean said softly as he pulled a chair in front of Sammy and sat down. "Bobby, will you turn off the lights and light a candle. The doctor said Sam's eyes would be really sensitive to light once he got his eyesight back and I don't want him suffering pain needlessly."

"Sure thing, Ace," Bobby replied, lighting the candle that Dean had situated on the nightstand. Pulling the lighter from his pocket, he quickly lit the candle, waiting just a moment to make sure it would stay lit before walking over to the door and turning off the lights.

"Okay Sammy. I'm getting ready to remove the bandages. I want you to keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them." Reaching up, Dean then removed the tape and began to unwind the gauze from around his sibling's head. Once that was finished, he dropped the gauze into the trash can beside him and then reached towards the sterile pads covering his brother's eyes.

"Okay, here we go Tiger," he voiced, chewing on his bottom lip in angst. He was almost afraid to have Sam open his eyes for fear that his brother would still be blind. "Now remember Dude, the doc said it could take upwards of 48 hours for your vision to come back. So if you can't see when you open your eyes, don't panic, there's still time for your vision to return."

"Yeah, 'kay," Sam whispered,

"Alright Champ, you can open them now," Dean voiced, before starting to gnaw nervously on his bottom lip once again.

Slowly opening his eyes, Sam clenched them shut a few times to clear the filmy substance he could feel on them from the medicine and then beheld a sight he never thought he'd see again….that of his brother's face.

"Well?" Dean questioned anxiously, once again before nibbling on his bottom lip in angst.

"Ya Know Dean, if you keep chewing on that bottom lip of yous, you're going to chew the thing off," Sam stated in answer.

"Don't do that to me again. You scared me, Bitch," Dean voiced, wiping away the tears that were beginning to mist his eyes at Sam's declaration. His brother could see!

"Sorry, Jerk. I didn't mean to…" Sam's voice drifted off in astonishment as his eyes took in the Christmas decorations scattered about the room.

"Merry Christmas, Sammy," Dean and Bobby shouted in unison, big smiles shining on their faces.

"When did…I mean…I thought you said…," Sam stammered, not knowing what to say.

"Well, I changed my mind," Dean said, reaching out to palm the nape of his brother's neck. "So uh, you wanna open your presents or what?'"

"Presents? But I didn't get you or Bobby anything," Sam refuted, glancing from one hunter to the other.

"Kid, the only present we could have ever wanted we just got," Bobby intoned knowing that Dean felt the same way. They couldn't have asked for anything better than for Sammy to get his sight back.

"Okay, enough with the chick flick moments. Let's go open the gifts," Dean voiced, pulling his brother to his feet so they could walk over to the table where the small mound of presents lay under the tree.

Grabbing one of the presents, he handed it over to Sam. "Go ahead, Tiger. Open it."

Pulling the wrapping from the package, Sam was stunned to see a pair of sunglasses that was equipped with UVB protection and had the wide protective side arms.

"I don't know what to say," Sam stated, knowing Dean bought the glasses to make sure his eyes would be protected from anything bright forever more.

"You don't have to say anything," Dean informed his brother before drawing him into a hug. "You just need to wear those shades anytime we go outside from now on. I never want to chance anything happening to your eyes again."

And as evening settled into night, the three hunters opened gifts and conversed happily knowing that they were enjoying the best Christmas ever.

The End. I hope you enjoyed this little Christmas story. I know it was much shorter than my usual ones and that the hunt was taken care of 'off screen' but I just wanted this story to center around the brothers and Dean doing what he does best…taking care of Sammy!

I hope everyone who celebrates had a very Merry Christmas, and for those of you who do not, I hope the day was special for you in other ways!