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Summary: Ace, Sabo, Aokiji, Thatch, Marco, and Whitebeard are forced to watch yet another dark memories of Luffy's childhood before she met her brothers. Is she really as sweet and innocent as they thought?

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Now if where they were wasn't familiar, then this was really familiar. It wasn't Fuschia Village, nor was it Mt. Corbo, but still, Ace and Sabo felt as if they had both been there before.

"I believe your sister told you stories that she 'made up' while you all were growing up together." Ace and Sabo looked back at their tour guide, "She based the locations of those stories off of places she had already been. This was on of them I believe."

"Where is this, anyways?"

"Gentlemen, welcome to Boreala! One of the coldest islands in East Blue, ironically enough it's also one of five islands in all the seas outside of the Grandlinethat offer a good and realistic simulator for life on the Grand Line."

"Where's the irony?" Marco asked, not completely getting it,

"The irony is that they are all located in what is considered to be the weakest sea of all the Cardinal Seas, East Blue." Aokiji answered.

"Wait, how do you know this?"

"The same reason you don't. The navy doesn't want pirates learning about this kind of thing, they feel it would encourage pirates only more, and that's the last thing any of them need or want."

"So anyways,-" their tour guide interrupted seeing as they were getting side tracked. "There is a memory waiting to be played out again. Please try not to wander off, you might miss something important." She motioned for them to follow her. They did so, albeit reluctantly.

They found themselves in meadow, the village could be seen in the distance. Ahead of them, some sort of fight was going on. Their tour guide ushered them in the direction where all the noise was coming from. The scene they came upon, could be considered one of the meanest things they'd ever seen.

A bunch of children were all facing one little girl, no older then three maybe, who was glaring back at them with the sort of defiance and heat you'd have expected from Ace when he was growing up.

"Go away! Nobody likes you!"

"Yeah! Ya monster!"

"That's not true!" the three year old called back, clearly not liking how she was being treated.

"Yeah it is! Your daddy's a monster, and so's your mom! What makes you think you're no different!" A boy called out in a snide tone.

"You don't deserve to exist! You're a monster, and monster's aren't needed here!" came a little girl's voice. One of them was feeling particularly mean, and threw a rock at the three year old. She let it hit her, and then proceeded to let the oldest of the group of kids, who was also the leader get close enough to hit her.

It was a rather stupid move of the boys, as the next thing they all heard, was the boy screaming in pain as the three year old broke his arm with little to no effort on her part.

"You take that back now! My daddy and mommy may be monsters! But that doesn't mean I am either! So take-" she punched the boy in his face, breaking his nose and causing it to bleed, "-it-" she threw him at his friends, causing the girls and younger children to run screaming in fear. The older boys decided to try and charge her, a big mistake. "-BACK!" she then proceeded to brutally beat up all of the boys without much hesitation.

By the time the fight was over, all the boys who had attacked had not only had at least two bones in their body broken, and their noses soundly broken beyond compare, but also had their pride, if they had had any to begin with, completely and totally crushed, as they were all at least eight or nine, and had gotten their butts soundly handed to them by a three year old.

"If I'm a monster, then you're all even bigger ones." she stated as she brushed the dirt from her hands before turning away and walking into the nearby forest, leaving the beaten, bloodied, and bruised boys to pick themselves up and run home.

"Please tell me that wasn't my little sister..."

"If I did then I'd be lying, horribly so."

"So Luffy wasn't that much different from Ace when she was younger...But what happened that caused her to act differently?"

"Until she emt Shanks, nothing. And even then she was still a bit on the cold side."


"Your sister may seem like a horrible liar, but dang if she isn't a great actress." they all looked at her in a confused manner. She just hummed as she made a motion with her hands, causing everything to blur out again. "Time for the next stop, only Silly Sally can dilly dally..." And with that things began to refocus once again.

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