She wonders what he'll think of her, this broken mockery of the girl he knew. She's not a girl anymore. Being torn out of heaven will do that to a person. It's why she hadn't told him she was back.

She is worried(terrified) that he'll take one look at the creature that crawled out of her grave and realize he doesn't love her anymore.

He'd called ahead and rented a room at the motel right next to the road. Now she's waiting, sitting on the edge of the bed. She hopes she can adequately pretend.

He had left as soon as it was safe-ish enough for him to drive. The sun wasn't quite down yet, by the just had to get to her. He drove much faster than he should have, too.

She looked up when he walked in. She had sworn to herself that she was going to be strong, not let seeing him get to her, but she looked at him with that sorrowful, loving look on his face and the dam holding everything in broke. It starts with just a couple of tears, but escalates quickly, and she's sobbing within seconds.

He holds her for the hours it takes for the final tear to fall. He doesn't say anything, just strokes her hair and occasionally kisses her temple.

Later, still within his arms, she whispers so softly he almost doesn't hear. "I was in heaven"

"I know"