Warrior cats – WAIT...WHAT?

The sun was fully on my face, it was Thursday ugh, a school day, I reached a hand out to hit the snooze on my alarm clock before it went off. But instead my hand went through thin air.

'Wait, WHAT?' I thought and was instantly awake. I was not in my bed room, but in a forest.

' How did I get here? Whoa, those are some big trees.'

But it wasn't the trees that were big, rather I was small. I looked down at my hands, but they weren't hands, they were PAWS! I looked in a near by puddle and saw my self, I was white with a tint of blue, and my fur was spiky all over. weird... ' OK, this is beyond weird wait! I must be having a cool dream! Lets see if I can fly!' I took a running jump and thought with all my might I could fly. But instead I fell and got what was going to be a big Brose.

'OK' I thought angrily, ' So I can't fly,and I'm in pain so this can't be a dream, but if this is NOT a dream then were am I and how did I become a cat?' but then I smelled what might be three cats coming my way, suddenly a golden tom, and snow white tom, and a black she-cat, came through the bushes.

the golden tom let out a deep growl, " Who are you and what are you doing on Thunderclan territory?" 'Wait am I going crazy or did he just say Thunderclan? I can't tell them my names Vic, that would sound weird...Oooo! I'll try the warrior name I use at school!'

"hi I'm Chillygaze, and I came to see if I can join you guys because your my favorite clan!"

The tom stared at me liked I grew another head.

"come on Lionblaze let's take her to Firestar, he'll know what to do." the black cat said.

' did she just say Lionblaze! COOL!'

" alright Hollyleaf, Cloudtail, can you run ahead and the Firestar we are coming?" Cloudtail nodded and ran into the bush the way they came.

'NO WAY, I just met Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Cloudtail! And I was about to go to the camp!'

" so Chillygaze,you want to be a warrior?" I nodded I cant believe she was talking to me! Which means this is ether before or after she ran from the clans. The bramble thicket was up ahead, I cant believe it once I was thought their I was leaving my old life behind and starting my new one.