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Chapter 1 – Destiny

Naruto leaned against a tree deep in the forest behind the academy. He had just managed to successfully steal the scroll of sealing right out from underneath the old man.

'Hehehe, and they said that jutsu was useless. That will show them to underestimate Uzumaki Naruto' he thought not bothering to suppress the laugh since he was all alone.

He soon broke from those thoughts when he remembered what he was here to do.

'I need to hurry up. Mizuki-sensei said I need to learn one jutsu in order to pass and become a genin. If I don't pass this then I'll never get another chance to become a ninja and I can't afford to fail now' Naruto thought a determined look now set on his face.

If anyone had been watching him they would have sworn he looked like the spitting image of a certain blonde blue eyed fallen hero. But, they would have dismissed it a second later. After all there is no way the loud mouth, orange eyesore, who was now a three time failure, and prankster could ever be any relation to that man.

Focus reset Naruto sat down and opened the scroll trying to find a good jutsu to learn. He was eager knowing something cool would be in the scroll. It just had to be if it had a name like 'The Forbidden Scroll of Seals'. So he opened it and began to read as best he could.

'Let's see … the first jutsu is … Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clones)?'

'What the hell? Why does it start with the one thing I'm bad at?'

Naruto looked over almost the entire scroll and found everything difficult and hard to understand. He almost resigned himself to trying the clone jutsu since it seemed even simpler than the clone technique they taught at the academy when something near the end of the scroll caught his technique.

'Hmm … that's weird. All these other blocks have descriptions of jutsu and their hand seals. This one … just says pour chakra here'

Naruto looked at the scroll his face scrunched up in confusion. He was not really all that smart although part of that wasn't his fault. He wasn't dumb just ignorant, something that could be fixed unlike the other. But this just seemed way to easy.

'It's too easy … but maybe I wasn't supposed to learn a jutsu at all. Maybe I was just supposed to steal the scroll, find this box, and put my chakra into it and I'll become a genin instantly. I bet Mizuki-sensei is here already and he is just waiting for me to channel my chakra into this box. Then he'll pop out and give me my head protector!' Naruto thought excitedly.

He quickly poured his chakra where it said to and after a second the box began to glow. Naruto stopped pouring chakra and waited anxiously sure this was a sign he had passed. It took a few minutes for the glowing to stop and when it did something strange popped up.

'What's this?'

'This doesn't look like a head protector. Where is my head protector?'

'Where is Mizuki-sensei?'

'Why hasn't he popped out by now?'

All questions and rants were stowed when he examined the object a bit more. His curiosity getting the best of him when he looked at it again as he was about to chuck it.

'It … looks like one of those compu … thingies I've seen in a few stores around the village. Although they never let me in so I could look at one up close before. Is it supposed to be so small'

Naruto managed to open it up and saw a lit screen with text on it, before a weird voice startled him almost making him drop it.

"Congratulations. You are the chosen one. Follow the map as shown on the screen and you will find love, happiness, and power beyond your wildest dreams"

'What was that' Naruto thought when it stopped.

Naruto looked at the small screen again on the device and saw what looked to be a map and there was a red line pointing seemingly from where he was to some place else.

'Is this thing saying to follow this red line?'

'I didn't know those compu … thingies could talk like that'

'Maybe I should just go back to trying to learn that clone jutsu'

'But … maybe if I follow the red line it'll take to Mizuki and he'll make me a genin …'

Naruto stood there for five whole minutes. Which was a long time considering he had a deadline to meet and he had been in the forest for at least thirty minutes already. He tried to think of the pro's and cons of following the red line, but that grew to be a little too much thinking at this time. In the end he realized he only had one big problem.

'If I follow the line it will take me out of the village. If I do that Mizuki-sensei might not be able to find me and I'll fail the test anyway. Can I really just throw everything away for what ever might be at the end of the red line'

'It could be a trick or trap. Maybe this is part of the test and I am supposed to ignore the message and stay here until Mizuki-sensei arrives'

Naruto looked up at the sky and realized how dark it was.

'Ugghh … it's already so late. Mizuki-sensei could be here any moment and I've wasted all this time thinking! What's wrong with me?' Naruto mentally shouted unknowingly disturbing a slumbering entity inside of him.

The entity a demon known as the Kyūbi no Yōko, mentally sighed as it recognized the awful sound of it's containers juvenile ranting for the billionth time.

'What did I do to deserve being stuck inside this brat Kami-sama? Okay I destroyed a few mountains, maybe I ended entire civilizations, wiped out a few measly villages. Was that really bad enough that I deserved such torment as to spend the rest of my life stuck inside such an ignorant, loud, some what perverted child. I never thought anything would be worse than being chained away inside those other two meat bags, but this one is by far the worst of them all' lamented the demon.

By this time Naruto had almost made up his mind to ignore the red line. That was until he remembered something in the message.

'Find love and happiness …'

'It can't be real. No one loves or even cares about me except for the old man and the Ichiraku's, but I get the feeling I am just a very good customer to the Ichiraku's and the old man is always so busy with Hokage stuff. Plus, I some times get the feeling he doesn't like me as much as he seems to'

It was true the old Sandiame Hokage did care for Naruto, but the old man felt a little resentment to the blond for the death of his wife whom died bringing him into the world. It might have been unfair to lay the blame on an innocent boy but Hokage or not he was human and was at times beset with differing emotions in regards to the blond.

It was perhaps these hidden feeling that made him not do as much for Naruto as he could have. Naruto lived in a decent apartment near the Hokage mansion, and he was given money to handle most of his needs even though the old Hokage took care of his rent and utilities. He would even talk with the lad at times and treat him to lunch or dinner.

Naruto had never really had to deal with anything. If he needed or wanted something and he didn't have money the old man would secretly pull from the Yondiame's account and pay for it that way. Of course there were often times when what Naruto wanted wasn't something the Sandiame felt he should have so he would find a way to deny the boy.

Still, he could have done more. He could have adopted Naruto or found him a family, but he held off sure the boy was fine with things the way they were. No need to rock the boat if the water wasn't choppy.

He could have helped Naruto prepare better for the shinobi life style beyond giving vague words of encouragement. But the council felt that Naruto or more like the power held inside of him was too dangerous to allow him to grow strong too quickly. And he had acquiesced as he also had reservations about the blond and where his future loyalties might lie once he finds out about his tenant.

There was also the fact he had yet to tell the blond of his burden and why the people of the Leaf generally disliked or hated him. Naruto was for the most part shielded from any violence. Only one day a year was Naruto left unprotected and that day was always his birthday. The anniversary of the attacks and his wife's death.

The old man just couldn't stand to be anywhere near the blond boy on that day. He had spent the first four years at the site of her death weeping for the only woman he had truly ever loved. The next year he spent locked away in his clan's compound as some how the blond had found him the previous year. Unfortunately the very next year Naruto some how managed to sneak through all his protections and security to annoy him more.

That year he had contemplated very hard about killing the young blond and only his promise to Minato stayed him. But his anger had spilled out and he had scared Naruto dearly. It was only thanks to Inoichi that the young boy recovered and was able to 'forget' the incident.

After that the Hokage would find a way or an excuse to leave the village. He would have left ANBU or shinobi he could trust to guard the boy. But the list of those he could trust to actually do the job were needed out in the field. Plus, there was a law that stated whenever he left the village he had to take a certain amount of protection with him. He would be mourning during his time away and didn't want those he couldn't trust to not take advantage of his weakness with him.

Unfortunately the first time he left the village he left the one person he was sure would look out for the blond in charge of his protection and the results were nearly disastrous. Naruto had ended up in the hospital on life support and without him there the doctors were in no hurry to help heal the child. He had to call on Inoichi again that time.

The next year he had tried to make himself get over his grief and anger and stay to look after the boy, but he couldn't. This time he made sure an ANBU that would not shirk his duties nor had any resentment to the child as his guard. The ANBU only followed the letter of his order and not the spirit. Naruto wasn't hospitalized, but he did get beat up and the outside of his apartment vandalized.

Unfortunately the ANBU had stopped anything permanent from happening and had carried out the order as ordered so he couldn't punish the shinobi. He also couldn't help but feel a little satisfaction about the beating Naruto received since there was no lasting damage. He did take the kid out for his favorite meal of ramen at his favorite stand Ichiraku's footing the bill for 30 bowls as a belated birthday present and atonement for the slight bit of satisfaction he felt at hearing of his beating.

That was the beginning of a routine for them. One that would end when Naruto would become a shinobi, which he really had no choice in becoming. It was a jinchūriki's duty after all to protect his/her village. Despite what the council or the majority of Konoha's population wanted Naruto would eventually become a genin even if he had to force it through. He was getting a late start, but the Sandiame was sure they had time for him to catch up. The shinobi world was relatively peaceful these days and Konoha was still at the top of the pyramid in terms of power and resources. It's not like he would die any time soon or a group of powerful ninja would target the blond in some plot for world domination.

Back with Naruto he had thought for another ten minutes about what the message said.

'It's a risk … but I have to take it'

'The chance that someone out there might acknowledge and love me is just to great'

The only thing now was what to do with the scroll.

'I could leave it here, but what if Mizuki-sensei is waiting for me where this red line ends and he fails me because I don't have the scroll'

Naruto decided that it was best to take it with him. Plus, he still could learn a jutsu on the way just in case he still needed to learn one when Mizuki found him. Naruto quickly rolled up the scroll and strapped it onto his back again before flipping open the device and going where the line took him. When he reached the gates of the village there was no around so he just walked out into the night away from the village.

5 hours later

Iruka stood in front of a tree near an old cabin in the woods.

'I can still feel a trace amount of his chakra here, but this is where the trail ends. He must have been here for some time. Where have you gone Naruto. If you've left the village there will be nothing I can do to help you'

It was only years of experience and hard honed instincts that saved him from having a fuma shuriken stuck in his back. Looking around to find his assailant the chūnin teacher found his supposed friend and the one who told him about Naruto, Mizuki standing on a branch with a sinister smile on his face.

"Mizuki! What the hell do you think your doing man?" Iruka shouted at his colleague.

"I used you to find that little demon, but now that you have I don't need you any more Iruka-chan" Mizuki says before cackling madly.

"Why would you kill me, we're friends Mizuki!" Iruka shouted.

"Ha, you really thought we were friends. You are so pathetic Iruka. I never liked you. You always stole the attention I rightfully deserved and achieved your dreams while I was forced to stay stagnant and abandon mine. But now that I got that brat to steal the scroll of seals for me I'll get everything I've always deserved and it's all thanks to that stupid little demon" Mizuki says smugly.

"There is only one problem with that statement Mizuki" Iruka says.

"Oh and what's that my soon to be dead ex-best friend" Mizuki says with quotation marks around friend.

"Naruto's not here" Iruka says.

He steps aside to reveal no one was behind him only the old tree.

"Hehehe … ughh say old friend … you wouldn't … perhaps … maybe forget about all of this and keep your mouth shut would you. For old times sake" Mizuki pleaded.

Unfortunately Mizuki's luck had taken a turn for the worse as a contingent of ANBU and the old Hokage appeared surrounding him.

"ANBU take this traitor to Ibiki. I want a full confession and explanation about tonight's events on my desk by morning. Tell him … there are no restrictions" the Sandiame says icily.

"Hai, Hokage-sama!" the ANBU all shouted.

"No! Please wait! Have mercy Hokage-sama! …" shouted Mizuki before the ANBU grabbed him and shunshined away.

"Hokage-sama what will you do with him" Iruka asked.

The man had tried to kill him and denied their friendship, but he still thought of him as a friend. Plus, he felt bad for Tsubaka and knew the pain she would go through due to Mizuki's apparent betrayal.

"He'll be interrogated and depending on what he says he'll either get life imprisonment or be executed" the old Kage says.

He hated this part of the shinobi life style. Betrayal unfortunately was a common thing and only the war torn Mist had more betrayers than Konoha.

Iruka nodded knowing the position his leader was in. He just prayed Mizuki would be spared and only face jail time.

"What about Naruto? It seems he left here a long time ago and I can't sense his chakra any where inside the village" Iruka informs the Hokage.

"*Sigh* I can't protect Naruto from this. He took the scroll of seals and has left the village. After Ibiki gives me the report I will have to inform the council and take action from there" the old man responds sadly.

'I never wanted anything like this to happen Naruto. I'm sorry I didn't do more for you' both men thought as they headed home to rest up for what would be a long day coming up.

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