Chapter 3 – Saved by a kiss


"He looked so cute … sleeping … so innocently"

"He is not innocent. He is a man, surely he doth come here to enslave us"

"Would you get your panties out of a twist and relax already. He's just a boy"

"My panties are not twisted!"

"Boy or Man he is male and males like him do not know the meaning of thy word honor"

"I just want to know how he made it past my pets and got through the swamps. Not to mention how he made it through the barrier and survived his fall from the cliff"

"Those are vexing questions in deed"

"No boy his age should have been able to make it past tiny-chan. She has killed wandering Jōnin before"

"What does it matter. He's here now and we need to decide on a course of action"

"I say we drop him off near that water village and leave him to them"

"No! We should let him rest a bit and find out why he came here. He's just a boy someone or something had to have lead him here and we need to find out what?"

The other voices staid silent as they hadn't really thought of it like that.

"Alright brainiac, you make a good point. I still don't like it. He needs to be monitored at all times"

"Taken care of, I have camera's trained on his bed as we speak. I will alert all of you the moment he wakes up"

"Now that that's settled, anyone want some cherry pie?"


"I also wish to participate in partaking of Miya's pie"

"I want some!"

"Me too!"

"Well then come on. It should be just about done cooling"

"Yeah!" "Yay!" "Awesome!" "Cool" "Alright!"

One figure staid back as she watched the others leave. Miya's pie was just the distraction she needed and now she could be alone to finally carry out her plan.

"Matsu" a voice called.

She turned to find Miya giving the 'dead eye' look. It amazed her that even now that look was still effective at making her and the other sekirei feel like they were about to die a horrible death.

"I hope nothing happens to our little guest while I'm busy. I would be very angry if it did" She states darkly.

Matsu slowly nods her head. And seeing this the dark atmosphere lifts and Miya gives the red haired sekirei a smile.

"You should come have some pie Matsu, I made a couple of different pies including Dutch apple and Blackberry. I even have a Festival Pie in the oven baking" Miya informs her.

"Y-yeah, sure in a minute" Matsu replies.

"Alright then, see you soon" Miya says before leaving.

Matsu took a breath and exhaled deeply.

'How did she know what I was planning' 'Stupid Miya, not letting me have any fun' she thought.

'Sigh' 'Guess I should get some pie before the others eat it all. I hope she baked another meat pie as well' Matsu thought.

Matsu's eyes set longingly towards where that scrumptious piece of man … okay boy meat lay all alone in a cold bed. If only she could sneak away without Miya or anyone else knowing about it. She would leave to heat up the sheets with him all day & night long.


She signed once more and started to head towards the kitchen when she and all the other Sekirei's felt an explosion of energy similar to when a Sekirei was winged. On further thought they all decided it wasn't similar it was exactly what it was and took off for the Infirmary.

Matsu being the closest was the first to arrive and fling the doors open only to find a scene she was desperately trying to make not happen.

"Ku! What are you doing young lady!" shouted the newly arrived Miya.

For indeed the scene Matsu witnessed was Kusano leaning over the bed railing of the cute boy she was supposed to suck face with kissing.

'It's not fair!' 'It should have been me!' Matsu thought.

No one seemed to take notice of the busty red haired woman crying her eyes out in a dark corner of the room and instead focused on the now teenage looking Kusano and the just awaking blond boy.

"W-what's happening?"

As Naruto's eyes focused he could only see a goddess leaning over him. She had beautiful long golden blond hair that framed a perfect face with deep blue eyes and a cute little nose. He also couldn't help but notice her huge breasts that were threatening to smother him. The last thing he saw though were beautiful wings that he could just make out due to their size and the warm green glow they emitted.

"T-tenshi" Naruto says before he falls unconscious again.

Just in time to avoid the giant fight that was about to erupt.

"Kusano! What were you thinking young lady!" Miya shouted.

"How could you steal him from me! I saw him first!" Matsu shouted.

"Do you have any idea of what you've done!" Miya shouted.

"I am very disappointed in you Kusano" Matsu ended.

"I don't care" Kusano replied softly as she huffed and turned away.

Miya nor Matsu cared for her attitude, each gaining growing tic marks on their foreheads. The crowd of sekirei's at the door kept quiet as they watched.

"What did you just say" Miya asked far to quiet for everyone's liking.

"I SAID I .. DON'T … CARE!" Kusano shouted.

"That's it! You are grounded missy! Go to your room and don't come out until I tell you you can come out" Miya responded.

"And I'll make sure she stays in there!" Matsu added.

"I'm not a kid anymore! You can't ground me!" Kusano shouted back.

Before the yelling could go on anymore the crowd at the door parted allowing a new figure to enter the room.

"What's going on here?" she questioned.

"This is not your concern Yume, and why are you not on your patrol shift with Karasuba?" Miya says.

"Awww … come on Miya-chan. Don't be so mean. Karasuba-chan told me about this little cutie washing up on the island and I wanted to see him for myself" Yume responds.

"Now you've seen him so please go back and keep Karasuba out of trouble. You know that you and Matsu are the only two she gets along with" Miya says.

Yume responded with a frown at that. Karasuba had done some awful things while her core was with little Musubi, but she wasn't evil. Despite having spent several centuries with each other since the last game was ended the others never fully trusted Karasuba. They merely tolerated her except for Matsu, her, and Mutsu.

"Karasuba's fine, Mutsu is with her. He wasn't very interested in hearing about our little guest. By the way why is everyone shouting? I could hear you from outside the ship" Yume responds.

"We are yelling because Kusano here thought it was a smart idea to kiss the kid and got herself winged because of it" Matsu explained to her.

Yume looked at the still defiant teen girl and gave a big smile.

"Congratulations Kuno-chan!" Yume shouted with cheer.

"There is nothing good about this!" Shouted Miya.

"Don't cheer that little brat on!" Shouted a still jealous Matsu.

"Why not? I think it's great. Kusano was always left out when you guys were with Minato-san. He always viewed her as a little kid even when she grew up so he didn't treat her like the rest of you. Now she might have found someone who can truly love her" Yume responded.

Kusano blushed at being found out. She didn't think anyone knew that she felt that way about Minato. She knew she wasn't the only one that felt somewhat cheated about their experience as Minato's sekirei.

He was just one man with a lot of sekirei pulling him in every direction. Each wanting more of him than he could actually give. The only one that had been satisfied and happy was Musubi.

Musubi had even given up her core when Minato died handing it to Karasuba so that she could give it back to Yume. Of course Musubi had no idea that Karasuba held on to Yume's body and cared for it just in case Musubi ever lost or ever gave her a reason to believe she wasn't following Yume's last wish.

It was a big surprise to all the remaining Sekirei when Yume showed up at the Izumo Inn a month after Musubi's death looking almost exactly like her. They found her spirit and personality to be nearly the same although she wasn't the airhead Musubi was, which they found they missed after some time passed.

Still they all enjoyed Yume even if she did bring Karasuba along with her when they decided to leave and find a new world to inhabit.

"It doesn't matter why she did it. The fact is she disobeyed my orders and got herself winged by this child before we could find out anything about him and properly decide what to do with him" Miya responds more calmly.

"It's too late to do anything about that now. We should leave and let him rest in any case. We can still decide on what to do later" Yume says.

"*Sigh* Fine, I guess you are right" Miya admits.

"Hey that's not fair! I wanted to get winged by him too!" Matsu shouted.

'And a bunch of other things as well' Matsu thought as she held in a giggle.

"Matsu you are not to go near that boy. If you do … the punishment will be most … severe" Miya threatens.

The demon mask became visible once more as Matsu quickly agreed.

"Hey anyone smell that?" Asked a dark skinned Sekirei standing in the hall.

Everyone took a whiff to see what the dark skinned woman was talking about.

"NO! MY PIE!" Shouted Miya as she ran for the kitchen.

She reappeared before anyone can move though and said, "Anyone kisses him and I'll do to you what I did to Matsu the last time a man wandered near our island"

And then she was gone. Everyone released the breath they were holding after she said that and left even Yume.

"A-alright … I guess we should all go see if any of that pie survived. Come on girls!" Yume shouted cheerfully getting the other girls to leave.

One by one the girls in the hall moved towards the kitchen as did a smiling Kusano. Eventually it was just Yume and Matsu.

"It's not fair. Kusano wasn't the only one that felt left out when we were with Minato" Matsu lamented.

"It'll be okay Matsu. You should really thank Kusano-chan, because of her Miya won't have a choice but to have him stay here. And who knows what will happen then" Yume says as she too leaves.

Matsu hears this and does perk up a little, but only a little. She takes one last look at the sleeping whisker blond and then made her way out.

"Great another harem, because the first one worked out sooo well" she says before leaving.

As soon as she left with the door closing shut behind her and the lights dim a smile appeared on the blondes' whiskered face before he wiggled deeper into the covers surrounding him.

'Great indeed' said a sinister voice behind a set of bars.

The eerie laugh that followed would go unheard by everyone.

Thank you for reading this 3rd chapter of my Sekirei story. Sorry for the long wait. I know it isn't much, but I hope it gives you a little more of a feel for where I'm going with this.