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Rated M for explicit adult content.

Princess Rowena is not a woman who experiences the pleasures everybody else seems to... in bed. Her fear that she can never properly love a man, or he her, is becoming more of a problem, especially since a certain Major has captured more than just her attention.

Note – I wonder if this will be the last chapter! I somehow got so much more wordy than I ever anticipated for this "Swift Shortie." I don't know what it is about the awesome Major, but somehow he is managing to steal more of the spotlight than originally planned. I think he must have a tiny bit of Rogue in him!

Updated note – (sigh) it seems that I got WAY too wordy again and I'm still typing this chapter as I add this note! It seems that I cannot resist all the sappy "declaration" stuff I had hoped to add in later. (Massive Literary Fail!) For some reason I was compelled to write it and can't bring myself to just delete this entire chapter and begin again. My appreciation and thanks go out to my one or two readers! LOL I hope I'm not trying your patience too much! :) Oh, and be warned, extreme sappiness at the end. Why can't I be anything but completely mushy with this marvellous man?

Major Problem For the Princess #5

"You don't want to hear that!" Rowena said, squirming against the Major's body, which covered hers from chest to toes. "Think about it, Jack! Haven't you constantly reminded me to never do or say things in the heat of a moment? Haven't you always instructed me to keep a cool head and a rational mind?"

"Ah, but this is not, as compromising as it may appear, merely a 'moment' Rowena, is it? Have we or have we not been forging a very special relationship for quite some time?"

He covered her hand which he had placed over her heart. "Do you truly question me, Rowena, or do you question yourself? If the former, rest assured that I know my own mind and have for longer than you know. If the latter, then..." He broke off, panting heavily and squeezing his eyes closed. She saw a single tear slip from beneath an eyelid and his mouth tighten into a thin line. When he opened his eyes again she saw raw pain and utter desolation in them.

"If the latter, then I must beg your forgiveness for my presumption!" His voice was choked and the bold and fierce certainty he had possessed only moments earlier began to recede at an alarming rate.

How could she have reduced him to such a state? Rowena silently cursed herself as she saw the agony and torment that enveloped him. She had, in essence, just told this man that her confessions could have been false and only uttered in a moment of passion. She had carelessly and thoughtlessly wounded him with her foolish fears and the failure to remember that he was a human being with true feelings and a loyal and loving heart. She had, somehow, believed him invincible in all ways, but was foolish enough to forget that he was a real flesh and blood man. He could be hurt and have his heart broken as easily as she.

"No, Jack!" she cried out, panicked, as he thrust her hand away as if it burned him. He quickly lifted himself off of her and she knew her time was now or never. She had to admit the truth and tell him before it was too late; if it indeed was not too late already.

He was mumbling apologies and begging her pardon as he left the bed, but she could not, would not, allow that.

"Jack, please! Hear me! I'll beg you on my knees if I must, but please allow me to speak!"

He was standing beside the bed with his back to her and his shoulders slumped. Indeed, his entire posture radiated sadness, shame, and resignation. He did not turn to face her.

"It is only because you ask me so desperately that I will hear you. However, I think you have said more than enough already. I am not a fool, Rowena. I understand precisely what you meant."

"No, you don't, Jack, that is the problem. But the fault lies with me. I am so insecure and so frightened of being hurt and rejected that I spouted the stupidest possible things! I do not doubt myself, but I was indeed questioning you. I was questioning the wisdom of you caring for me, for being so good to me, and for being so patient with me that if you were anyone else you would have given me up for a hopeless cause long ago."

Jack still did not turn to her, but his posture straightened slightly. He remained silent, obviously thinking on her words. She rushed on, desperate to keep him thinking and hope that he could not only forgive her but understand her.

"Jack Swift, I love you. I love you with all my heart," she said, standing up and reaching out to him. Her fingers hovered just above his shoulder, but at the last moment she stayed her hand, afraid to touch him and lose what could be her last chance.

"I love you more than anyone or anything. I will do whatever I can to deserve you," she choked out, tears slipping down her cheeks and splashing onto her naked breasts. "If you can forgive my foolishness and my fears; if you can find it in yourself to love me, even a little, I will do anything you ask of me! I will give you anything I can! I just... I cannot lose you, Jack. Please!"

When still he did not speak, all hope fled her. Icy tendrils gripped her heart and squeezed until she could barely breathe. Her stomach lurched and the room began to sway sickeningly. Rowena felt her knees strike the hardwood floor and did not care that her head also collided with the bedside table. Those things did not hurt her; it was her heart that was in such anguish. Her hands clawed at her hair of their own volition and the wailing and screeching sounds that filled the room were terrifying and heart-wrenching.

It was only when she felt strong arms encircle her and a soothing voice in her ear did she realise she was the one wailing and crying. She had no idea what she was saying, if anything. All she knew was that years of fear, dread, and frustration were pouring out of her in uncontrollable and unstoppable waves.

Jack held her firmly while she sobbed, whimpered, and mewled against his chest and neck. She even struggled against him, but he held her fast. She felt herself lifted and laid back on the bed and his body cover hers protectively. He allowed her to release all the emotions she could no longer contain. She knew that she did not deserve his kindness and sympathy; not any more. She had drawn so much from him already.

After long minutes of exhausting tears and frustrated thrashing against him, she at last fell limp against his chest.


"Jack, I beg of you, please go. You needn't be concerned for me. I shall be all right. I will even pay for the room. I am sorry for everything. I am more sorry than you'll ever know. But please leave me with what is left of my dignity, tattered and miserable that it is."

"You little fool, if you think you can drive me away so easily then you need to know me better." He stroked her hair and kissed her cheek. "Rowena, I was not silent because I do not reciprocate your feelings; gods know I do! I was silent because you shocked me. I could scarce believe what I was hearing!"

"Jack, I know that I made not only a fool of myself, but also caused you to feel pity for me by my humiliating emotional display. I do not want your sympathy, Gentleman or not. Please, do not try to soothe me with platitudes. I need the raw truth, and despite my earlier hysterics, I can handle myself now. I will... I will be all right."

She knew she would not be, but she could not tell him that. She needed to release Jack Swift to find someone deserving of him. He did not need a frightened and insecure woman who may not even be capable of being a complete woman for him!

"You are doing it again, aren't you? You are questioning me. Did you not listen to a word I said in response regarding that, or do you believe me to be a liar?"

Shame flooded her and she looked into his face, knowing that she needed to put all the lies and play-acting behind them both. She steeled herself and spoke.

"Jack Swift, I love you."

He stared intently into her eyes. "Do you? Are you certain?" He spoke sternly, as if to a child.

Her chin began to wobble and her tears to stream anew, but she nodded.

"Do you believe me when I say that I love you in return, with all my heart and soul?" His visage betrayed nothing, but his tone had gentled.

She sucked in a shaking breath and her heart began to pound so violently that her chest ached; but she nodded again.

"Say it, then; all of it." His voice was low, steady, and commanding.

Rowena swallowed and dashed her tears away with her hand.

"I love you, Jack, and I know you love me, too." It wasn't a terribly poetic declaration, but it was all she could manage at the moment.

His eyes lit with happiness and his expression softened. "Now, was that so difficult?"

She nodded and smiled a small smile, but dropped her gaze. "It was. I confess that I am still afraid."

"We will conquer your fear together, Rowena, I promise you." He tipped her chin upwards with his index finger so that she had to look into his eyes. "Do not forget that I also have fears, my dear. If you think for one moment that I was not in danger of having my heart broken beyond repair just moments ago you are quite mistaken. If you believe I am confident that I can give you a lifestyle befitting a Princess, then you are mistaken again. In fact, I can never give you all I feel you deserve save my unwavering love and devotion."

"That is all I want from you, Jack. My love is yours, as well as all that I am." She smiled more brightly now and turned her face to kiss his hand. "I fear that I may surprise you with my next confessions. I may be a Princess, but I am yours to command, Major Swift. When all this is over, I hope we can live in peace somewhere far away from here."

He smiled. "Well, then, we are a well-matched pair, are we not? I hope for the same, my dear and lovely Rowena. However you shall have me, I will be satisfied. But I fear that you already command me, and not just because of your title, so you shall have to accustom yourself to that."

She frowned. "What do you mean by 'however I shall have you'?"

"May we speak of this later?"

"No, Jack. You promised me firstly that you will make love to me and prove that I am a 'complete' woman. Now, however, that has been changed to include our declarations. Now, of what were you referring?"

He ran a hand through his unruly hair. "Woman, you will be the death of me!" He sighed. "Rowena, truly, I should not have uttered those words. I fear I may have spoiled our chance for the night I so fervently desire for you." He cleared his throat with a sheepish smile. "And for myself, of course."

"Jack, you are annoying me beyond measure. Tell me!"

He sighed once more and took her hands in his. "You are going to become Queen one day, Rowena. I do not know that a mere Major would make a suitable... consort. Regardless of how everything will turn out, I will be yours however you want me to be; forever. Now, are you satisfied?"

She drew back, affronted. "No, I am not bloody satisfied! Well, yes, I am, but... no! Not truly. Are you saying that you love me enough to be with me even into the Afterlife, but not enough to ever marry me in this life?"

"Gods, Rowena, I don't mean that!"

"Then what do you mean? Just because an accident of parentage may give titles or privileges does not mean that you and I are not still Jack Swift and Rowena Sparrow! No accident of birth changes that, Jack. Besides, I don't want to be Queen! If I can, I would like to abdicate as soon as Albion is restored to how it was. Or..." She hesitated, wondering if his sense of honour and duty was offended. "Or would that be abhorrent to you?"

"No, it is not, and I understand," he said softly, relaxing visibly. "I know you fear that my principles would compel me to object, but you must live your life as you wish, Rowena, as much as possible. I would object if you did not. Besides, I must admit that what you say is of tremendous relief to me. I know you promised to promote me to General after the Revolution, but I needn't hold that position for long; just long enough to restore the Old Guard."

Jack pulled her to him and brushed his lips lightly over hers. "If we can be free after that, I would be even happier than I am at this moment, and that is quite happy indeed! However, if you decide you must, or you wish to remain Queen, I shall be with you, married or not." He kissed her again. "I would prefer you to marry me, of course, but I shall leave that decision to you, my dearest, loveliest Rowena."

"Firstly, you must promise me that you are never going to report to Logan or even go near him. You mustn't see him ever again! I know that he will kill you, Jack. I know it in my very bones."

"But I am obligated to..."

"No! Not any more." Rowena tried to sound calm, but knew that fear shown on her face regardless. "If I am to become Queen and Albion is to be restored, you must not be under his command any more, but under mine. Please, Jack, promise me you'll stay with me every step of the way. We cannot be parted. It must be so if we are to survive this together."

Seeing her fear and her earnest conviction, Jack slowly nodded. "Very well. I promise, Rowena. The Swift Brigade will, as of tomorrow, be under Finn's charge and I will travel with you in civilian guise. Is that agreeable?"

"It is. We must not part for a single day. Not until this is all over. Please, trust me in this, Jack."

"I trust you with my life," he said seriously, caressing her face with one hand. "And I would have it no other way. Besides, being with you every moment from now on will have it's... benefits." He smiled teasingly, yet reassuringly.

"Well," she replied, relieved beyond measure, "now, regarding marriage; you haven't even asked me! But don't even think of asking me now! We must make certain that..." She faltered now, but her high spirits were not entirely dampened. "I mean, it would be nice to know, firstly, that I can... ah..."

Jack suddenly pushed her onto her back and began to work at the buttons of her breeches. "We needn't wait for anything of the kind, woman! But if you insist, then allow me to prove to you right here and now that you are nothing less than a 'complete' woman. Let us put an end to this ridiculous fear of yours."

Rowena was so startled that she forgot to be shy about her impending nakedness. Jack Swift was so confident in her and so certain of himself that she felt her fears begin to wither away. After all, had she not earlier experienced feelings of such arousal that her knees had given way? Her entire body had responded in the most peculiar and intense fashion and all of those sensations were once more surfacing, and incredibly quickly.

Her breeches, along with her knickers, flew across the room. Her stockings and half-boots followed shortly thereafter.

Now she closed her eyes and awaited his opinion of her body. Would he find her as perfect and beautiful as she found him? Bother, but why were women so self-conscious of their bodies? Men never seemed to be. It wasn't fair! She knew she was not unattractive, and she had never doubted that Elliot would find her appealing, but now that she was in love, her confidence regarding her appearance was shaken. Would Jack be pleased with her?

Her answer came almost at once.

"By the gods, you are beautiful! I was quite correct before, my dear; you are the most exquisite creature I have ever beheld!"

A surge of relief and pleasure so profound as to render her speechless did not prevent her from grasping his already abused hair and pulling his face down to hers. She kissed him fiercely and wrapped her legs around his.

"Then you are mine, Jack!" she managed to say at last, between heated kisses. "Look at me, touch me, do anything you please! Just make me yours; tonight."

"I am at my lady's service!"

All their previous pain and uncertainty washed away in that instant and Rowena was pleasantly surprised by how quickly Jack's arousal returned.

"So, I didn't slay your amorous mood?" she teased him, looking down at the evidence of his passion.

"Ah, woman, you slay and revive me with but a whim or a smile." He bent down and kissed her belly.

Rowena sighed in pleasure. "So, what shall I do? After all, I never really got it right before, so..."

"Just lay back and allow me to tend to you until I say otherwise," he retorted lightly, sliding his hands beneath her and giving her bottom an appreciative squeeze. "I wish to more closely examine my prize!"

The shyness she had lacked as he undressed her returned full force as he began his inspection of her on a more intimate level. He was parting her thighs and gazing at the moist pink flesh that she thought no man would ever seen again. Jack gazed at her, smiled, then shocked her by leaning down and pressing a light kiss to the red curls just above her womanhood. He did not stop there, however; he also inhaled deeply of her scent while he slowly slid his hands along her upper thighs.

"You are a positive delight, my dear," he said, stroking the flesh just below her heated centre. "You not only resemble opening petals, pink and soft, but you smell heavenly. You are intoxicating me in every way."

She would have believed such words to be superficial flattery had come from anyone else, but Jack Swift was clearly sincere and his sentiments heart-felt. His eyes were closed as he breathed of her essence, his hands were gentle as they caressed her thighs, and his lips soft and warm as they moved down to... her knees!

He was indeed pressing light kisses to her knees! Rowena giggled and sat partially upright.

"Jack, why are you kissing my knees?"

"Ah, my dear, because they are delightful knees! Have they never been kissed before? No? Then such a grievous oversight must be rectified at once!"

He lifted one leg and kissed, then traced his tongue along the back of her knee, both tickling and arousing her further. As wonderful as his attentions were, she was impatient for him to move them in an entirely different direction. Still, he was in charge and his ministrations were quite pleasing.

Yes, she realised that she very much enjoyed him giving such tender attention to parts of her body she would never had considered erotic. In fact, perhaps because of his doing so, she was once more moistening with desire. She was also relaxing by the moment and allowing her love and enjoyment to overshadow her doubts and fears.

Jack sat up and took her left foot in his hand. "Are you ticklish, my dear?"

"You are going to tickle my feet now?" she practically spluttered in disbelief.

He chuckled. "That is not my intention! But I wonder if you are sensitive... here," he said, and kissed the bottom of her foot. She giggled softly. "Or here," he said, kissing her big toe. She giggled again but shook her head.

"Thankfully, I am not ticklish over-much, it seems!"

"Good, otherwise you would simply have to accustom yourself to being kissed even here, my lovely Rowena." He then laved his tongue along the bottom of her foot and she gasped.

"Do you like this?" he asked. When she nodded, wide-eyed, he smiled and traced his tongue across her toes.

She squirmed in delight. It was most fortunate that she was so relaxed, otherwise she would have thought such actions odd! Then again, she had obviously not learned much regarding physical intimacies from... Jack moved his mouth higher and lingeringly kissed her ankle, making her almost forget her own name, not to mention her previous only lover's!

These unusual little love-acts were surprisingly pleasurable to her and Rowena found herself planning on returning the favour to Jack when next she had the opportunity. For now, however, she resolved to trust him and enjoy his attentions, especially now that she would be the only one to be privy to them!

Jealousy no longer reared its ugly head when Jack's ministrations moved higher and higher up her legs. Becoming ever more impatient, she curled her fingers in his hair to encourage him.

"Now, now, let me take my time!" he teased her.

"Oh, but I am so eager! I think I may even be..." She broke off, but was smiling this time. "That is, I think you may have been right all along."

"I know I am right, but let us put that to the test, shall we? After all, I am most definitely in no hurry, my dear, and we have all the time in the world."

"I suppose we do, at that," Rowena agreed, "but are you not suffering, at least a little by taking so much time? I have heard that men do not like to go slowly because of their... ah... main physical difference."

Jack chuckled. "I would say your sources are either overeager youths who shall never experience the most wondrous parts of lovemaking, or else they are buffoons who cannot control themselves for more than a few moments." He shook his head, clearly amused. "My dear, I do not wish to rouse your jealousy, but allow me to tell you something. I admit that I have had my fair share of experience, but I have never loved as I love you. I have always taken my time with a woman, but with you, I wish to take all the time I can. I am cherishing each moment we have together and want nothing more than to make each one count. I am in no hurry and my body can wait! You will discover that patience has its rewards, my sweet."

"I am enjoying every moment now," Rowena sighed contentedly.

"Excellent, because you have chosen a man who loves you so much that he has discovered that he will be even more thorough with you than he is to the care of his weapons, and that is very thorough indeed."

He moved up and used his thumbs to gently separate the outer lips of her femininity. He exhaled warmly on her inner flesh and Rowena gasped.

"You will find me to be very thorough, as I said," he added, laving his tongue along her wet crease all the way up to the tiny nub that would give her the most pleasure. He then flicked his tongue firmly across it, but for only a moment.

"Gods, Jack!" she panted, her fingers curling in his hair. She shuddered violently and he smiled.

He moved away from her aching centre to press hot open-mouthed kisses on the tender flesh of her inner thighs.

"You see? Now you want me even more, don't you?"

"You are teasing me on purpose, Jack Swift!"

"Very astute of you," he replied with a hint of smug satisfaction. "Soon I will have you desiring me so badly that you will realise just how unfounded your fears have been."

"Oh, but I already do! Must you make me wait?" Rowena was desperate to have Jack inside her and thus claim her completely, so she hoped she could persuade him to take her at once. And then she had another thought.

"Jack, if you take me now," she said thoughtfully, "we will then have all night to just... be together. Claim me now, and then allow me to love every inch of you! Relieve your body, and then take your time to fully acquaint yourself with mine. Please?"

Jack smiled and shook his head in wonder. "First, you fear that you cannot be pleasured, and now that I want to take my time and not only ensure that you are, all the while pleasing myself at the same time, but now you want to hurry along?"

"Well, when you put it like that it does sound absurd!" Rowena protested. "What I am trying to say is that I am more aroused than I have ever been or hoped to be, and I know that I can reach that magical place of love with you! I cannot explain why I want you to claim me now, but I think it is because I love you so much that I need this to, to sort of... bind us."

"As in a Promise? You already have that from me, Rowena."

"I know, but that part of me that is still insecure wants to seal that Promise. Right now."

Something in her face or her pleading tone must have deeply affected Jack, for he nodded and gave her a gentle smile. "As you wish, my dear. But remember that you promised me all night afterwards!"

"I will most definitely be at your disposal, my handsome soldier!"

"However, I must make certain that your body is ready for me." He reached for a pillow, and instructing her to lift herself, slid it beneath her hips. "Now, open your legs for me, Rowena."

Blushing, she fought back a renewed surge of embarrassment and did as he requested. She lay back and relaxed as much as she could, but knowing that he was so close to the most private part of herself was daunting.

"Very lovely," he said, laying on his belly between her spread thighs. His thumbs slowly brushed over her swollen outer lips. "Ah, yes, you may have been correct after all. Your scent is stronger now, and you are quite wet, my dear!"

"Jack!" she burst out, scandalised, "must you embarrass me?" She wasn't as scandalised as she sounded, and suspected that Jack was well aware of that.

"I suppose I must, at that," he replied smoothly, now separating her labia to examine her more closely. "You see, I must be certain that your body really wants mine, else my pride will be grievously wounded!"

She gasped when the waxed tips of his moustache brushed her inner thighs, tickling her, but she immediately began moaning when his tongue teased gently along her womanly crease.

"I had intended to take much, much longer to enjoy your delectable little body, my dear, but as you are in a rush, for now I will just test for proper... sensitivity."

His lips and tongue began a leisurely exploration of her and Rowena began to wonder if rushing him had been such a good idea after all. His ministrations were positively heavenly! His tongue laved and snaked over and around her opening, then her clit, and periodically he breathed hotly on her and then blew, causing her to shiver in delight.

Rowena knew she was growing more wet by the moment, but Jack was still teasing her! He was not directly stimulating her clit, but teasing around it. His lips kissed and brushed it, and then he focussed his attention on the fingers he brought forward to gently probe her entrance.

He inserted one, then another, and carefully spread them.

"Oh, Jack, why does that feel so tight? I'm not a virgin!" Rowena was annoyed that there could possibly be a delay to their joining.

"I suspect it is because it has been quite a long time for you," he said slowly. "I fear... I fear I may hurt you, Rowena."

"I don't care," she said. "You are worth it, Jack. If I can feel even a little like a virgin, I am truly blessed."

"In that case, I am truly humbled and honoured."

Still, he took his time to widen her passage as carefully and gently as possible. At the same time, he began to pleasure her more intensely, hoping to maximise her sensitivity and body's receptivity. Rowena had no complaints. She closed her eyes and simply allowed herself to feel.

Jack's fingers began to seem less intrusive inside her. He slid them in and out in a gentle pumping motion, and then stopped and crooked his index finger, as if searching for something.

"Jack, what are you...oh!" He had obviously found what he was looking for! Rowena felt a sensation very akin to having to relieve herself, but after several moments, the sensation changed to one of sheer bliss. She began to seep even more moisture as he stroked that spot inside her.

At the same time, he moved his mouth upwards and encircled her clit for the first time. He was a marvel! He suckled it, lashed his tongue across it, and then lightly nipped it with his teeth.

Rowena's body began to involuntarily buck against him, eagerly accepting the wondrous sensations bombarding it. His fingers stimulated her core while his mouth seem to draw every nerve-ending in her body to that one tiny spot.

Perspiring now and gasping, she feared she would accidentally dislodge Jack from her body, or even the bed, and that was the last thing she wanted! But she was soon assured by his firm grip on her that he had her entirely in his power.

Oh, she liked that! If anyone had ever told her that she would enjoy being at a man's mercy, she never would have believed it. But now she knew she loved being in Jack's 'power' in lovemaking. Of course, later she would have her turn at that incredible power, but for now she was quite content!

More than content, to be truthful. Her eyes squeezed shut on their own and her entire body arched as a sensation of tight and tingling yearning focused between her legs.

"Jack," she gasped, "I feel... peculiar!"

He drew back from her only long enough to reply. "Just let go, Rowena! Trust me and just allow yourself to reach that peak you've always dreamed of!"

He was right. How could she have forgotten that this entire night had begun with that one goal in mind? In loving Jack and discovering his love for her, she had nearly forgotten that he was proving to her that she was not a flawed woman, just one who needed the right lover.

That lover was Jack Swift. She had never felt such love and joy in her life, nor such bliss and yearning! Now, her body was telling her that it knew better than she what to do.

Jack nipped her clit and plunged his fingers into her passage again, this time propelling her over a precipice of uncertain sensation, but certain pleasure.

Rowena felt as if every tension in her body had condensed into a single knot, and then, all at once, every frayed end flew apart, reducing her to a quivering and spasming mass of feminine bliss and rapture.

She cried out in pleasure and vaguely knew she was clutching Jack's head harder to her, not wanting the glorious sensations to cease. This was heavenly beyond her imaginings, and she had reached this amazing place because of Jack!

Her trembling and heaving body slowly began to relax and she knew that she wanted him inside her at once. Her body was hyper-sensitive now, and she wanted to share that feeling with him if she could. She was still partially in her climax and she wanted him desperately.

"Now, Jack! Please, come inside me now!"

Almost as soon as the words left her lips he was atop her and inside her tight slick passage. The pillow beneath her hips allowed for deeper penetration, and for a moment Jack hesitated, fearing, perhaps, that he would hurt her, but Rowena grasped his hips and pulled impatiently.

"More, Jack!" she panted, "more!"

He was quite long and thick, but the discomfort of his entry was overshadowed by the pleasure of the pressure of him against her hot clenching walls. He felt so damned good!

She pulled him to her for a fierce and hungry kiss. "You aren't hurting me, Jack! Love me! Love me with everything you've got!"

"Gods, woman, you've nearly undone me, do you know that?" he panted, but did not sound displeased. To the contrary, he sounded quite satisfied, proud, and even a bit smug.

Rowena couldn't help but laugh even as her body welcomed him all the way inside her. Still, even though a second climax was approaching, she wanted more of him.

"Can you go deeper, Jack? And harder?"

"Well, it would appear that I shall never have to worry about you telling me what you want," he grunted, but was clearly pleased.

He paused just long enough to reach back and grasp her knees. He pushed them up toward her head and Rowena caught on. She grasped her own ankles and helped him open her as widely as possible for the deepest penetration.

Now her head was also lower than her pelvis, but the result was amazing. She acutely felt each deep and powerful thrust. The blood rushing to her belly and head amplified her pleasure, and apparently the angle also pleased Jack. His breathing was harsh and ragged, his face was flushed and his eyes glinted with passion and lust.

"Jack, I think I'm..." She broke off with a sharp gasp and her entire body began to shake uncontrollably.

Jack drove into her one final time and sounded his release through gritted teeth.

The lovers hung together in their shared ecstasy for several long moments. At last Jack slowly relaxed and carefully lowered Rowena's legs to the mattress. He did not pull out of her, but rolled them onto their sides and gathered her tightly to him.

"I love you, Rowena, and if this is how you demonstrate that you cannot achieve pleasure, then I shall happily continue my attempts to prove you wrong."

Rowena tucked her head beneath his chin. "I think we must allow for the possibility of a margin of error in this experiment. What if I did not achieve the proper level of pleasure?"

He chuckled into her tousled hair. "Being the thorough man that I am, I would say that we must spend the rest of this night repeating the experiment. Are you up for that, my dear?"

"I love you, Jack," she said, pulling her head from under his and moving up to kiss him. "I am most certainly all yours, and not just for this evening, but every evening."

"In that case, will you marry me, Rowena?"

She gazed into his love and passion-filled eyes. She smiled as pure joy flooded her very being.

"Yes, Jack, I will marry you!"