Chapter 6

After her night out, she had gotten Ryan back to his place, unconscious, but alright. The only real thing that could account for any bodily damage was where the rope had cut into his skin, and where the thugs had beat him up with their fists and the butts of their guns. She was content to see Ryan back safe and sound, although these feelings were new and foreign to her.

He moaned quietly in her arms, his small frame shaking visibly as he tried to recover from the brutality that befell him. Inside her helmet, she grimaced. It pained her to see Ryan like this, and yet with all her power, she couldn't do anything to stop the pain. She would need medicine, and that would require a lot of cash, which she did not have on her person.

Instead of taking him back to his own apartment, Eleanor reasoned that it would be better if Ryan spent the night at her place, so she could keep an eye on him and monitor his progress. She needed to patch him up and make sure that there wasn't anything too serious that afflicted him. She had to make sure that there wasn't anything broken or fractured on the inside that could cause internal hemorrhaging or something else that could be potentially fatal.

She stopped at the window of her apartment, looking in at the sleeping faces of the little sisters, and seeing their tranquil faces brought her some unexpected amount of joy throughout her being. But, the somewhat weighty figure of Ryan reminded her of her current objective.

She had unlocked the window with her plasmid, and crept quietly across the teak wooden flooring. With the extra baggage of Ryan and her own body weight, it was much harder to be sneaky and not make any noise. In the eerie quiet, she was so certain that the little sisters could hear both her and Ryan's heartbeat reverberate in the apartment complex, bouncing off the walls in synchronous harmony. However, it was just her imagination playing things to be louder and larger than what they appeared to be.

She had gotten to her door. She sighed with relief and grasped the door handle, giving it a slow turn before opening it and peering through the crack, seeing if Sofia was up at this hour, although, you would have to be insane to still be up at this time. Sofia was sitting erect in her chair, her glass frames displayed the moonlight that entered the room via the window.

"Glad to see you back," She said sarcastically in a low tone, as not to disturb the little ones.

Eleanor whispered back, "Why are you still awake?"

Sofia shrugged. Eleanor only shook her head, exasperated by her mother's actions. She placed Ryan on her bed, receiving multiple objections in the rather timid quiet that surrounded Eleanor at this particular time in her period of life. She got the generic questions. Such as: who is this person; why is he here; why is he like that; and so on and so forth the babble that spilled from this woman's mouth. Instead of responding with her snappy comebacks, she opted to ignore her and focus all her attention on Ryan, who needed it more than her mother.

She began to press her fingers gingerly across his skin, feeling for cuts and other things that could be a cause for concern. She could hear her mother in the background, yet it was rather incoherent to Eleanor at this point as her head raced with all the worst possible scenarios that could occur in the short time frame.

As time pressed on, and Eleanor cleaned up the rest of Ryan's wounds, she could feel herself begin to calm down, knowing that Ryan was going to be okay had brought her back from her heightened senses.

Her mother had taken a seat on a weathered couch, rubbing her forehead vigorously. Eleanor felt doing the same, but refrained. She instead placed herself by Ryan's side. She made sure that his heart rate never faltered, and that his pulse was normal.

So sorry for the long wait. (Think it has been months. Phenomenal, how time flies by.) But, you shouldn't worry to much any more. I'm back, and better than ever!