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It was a beautiful, snowy day in Manhattan, New York. The sun was mostly hidden behind the clouds, but still gave off enough light. The date was December 17, 1997, exactly one week until Christmas Eve. Everyone walking through the streets of Manhattan was happily getting ready for the holidays, putting up trees and decorations in their homes, even decorating the outsides of their houses! Parents were taking their kids to see Santa Claus at the mall, and others were buying presents and food. All in all, Manhattan was in a festive mood.

Detective Elisa Maza was at the police station, getting ready to go home so that she could get some sleep before her shift. Just as she got her coat, gloves, hat, and scarf on, her partner, Matt Bluestone, came up next to her. As they both descended the steps together, Matt started talking to her.

"Hey, Elisa," Matt said. "You know about the Christmas party at the station tonight, right?"

"Yeah," said Elisa.

"You're gonna come, right?" Matt asked.

"Yes, I am," said Elisa. "On one condition."

"And that is…?" asked Matt.

"You don't do that stupid Little Kicks dance this year," Elisa said.

Matt looked insulted. "Oh, bringing that up, hm?"

"Sorry to say that your…"dance" is stupid, Matt, but it's true," Elisa said bluntly.

Matt childishly stuck his tongue out at Elisa as she walked away from him. "You're just jealous that I can dance and you can't!" He pouted and stormed back to his place.

"Says you!" Elisa called back and continued on her way back home.

Izaya and Namie Orihara were having lunch that they got from Arby's, when Izaya randomly started a conversation.

"Hey, Namie, know what?" Izaya asked after taking a bite of two fries at the same time.

"What?" Namie asked her husband in an annoyed tone.

"We should have kids," said Izaya. "I shit you not."

"I don't know about that," said Namie.

"What's the matter with you, Namie?" asked Izaya.

"Well, I'm just not accustomed to the idea of another you running around the house," Namie said.

Izaya rolled his eyes, sat back, and chuckled. "Oh, yeah? Like your personality's any better?"

Namie stopped and thought for a second. "Touché."

"Come ooooooonnnnn, Nami," Izaya whined, using his wife's nickname. "Why can't we have kids? I'll teach 'em to be awesome!"

"Actually, now that I think about it, I actually wouldn't mind becoming a mother," Namie said after a few moments' thought.

"Great," Izaya said with a smile. "How about we go to the orphanage today and talk with the kids?"

"Sounds good," said Namie. She and Izaya got up, threw their lunch wrappers and cups away, and got ready to go to the orphanage.

While Izaya and Namie were discussing adoption, Seiji Yagiri—Namie's younger brother—and his girlfriend, Mika Harima, were out on a date. Mika was dragging Seiji through the mall.

"Oh my gosh, Seiji!" Mika exclaimed, pointing to a pair of earrings. "Aren't those earrings beautiful?"

"Uh, yeah, whatever," Seiji said indifferently. He then took out his cell and dialed Namie's number.

"Yello, King Izaya the Awesome," Izaya answered.

"Izaya?" Seiji yelled. "What the—? Put my sister on the phone."

"Nami, it's for you," said Izaya. Seiji waited for Namie to take the phone from her husband.

"Namie here," Namie said.

"Sis, you've gotta get me away from this girl," Seiji whispered urgently into the phone. "Help me."

"I'd love to help," Namie replied. "But Izaya and I are on our way to the orphanage right now. You can tag along if you'd like."

"Count me in!" Seiji said desperately. He hung up and turned to Mika. "Sorry, Mika, but I've gotta cut our date short. I'm going to the orphanage with my sister and my annoying brother-in-law."

"Awww, Seijiiii, can I come?" Mika asked in a whiny voice.

"No way," Seiji said. He walked out of the jewelry store he and Mika were in, leaving Mika in a sea of people buying jewelry for their loved ones. He then hurried to meet Izaya and Namie at the orphanage.

At the Seventh Bell Orphanage, 7-year-old Gilbert Beilschmidt was crying, cornered by three older kids: two boys named Zaku Abumi and Dosu Kinuta, and a girl named Kin Tsuchi. The bully trio was caving in on Gilbert for some reason. Gilbert's platinum blond hair was messed up due to Zaku, Dosu, and Kin possibly harassing him.

"Get away from me," Gilbert said through tears. "Why are ya doing this?"

"Because you're a freak," said Kin. She smirked at Gilbert.

"Yeah, you have demon hair and eyes, freak," Zaku agreed.

"Get away!" Gilbert screeched. "Somebody help me!" Zaku, Dosu, and Kin each grabbed a hold of Gilbert and carried him to the bathroom. "Help!"

"Swirly time, freak!" said Dosu. He put the toilet seat up while Zaku and Kin forced Gilbert to kneel on the tiled floor for his swirly.

"No!" Gilbert yelled. "I want my mommy and daddy!"

"Your mommy and daddy are gone, you little demon," said Kin. Just as she and her friends were about to shove Gilbert's head into the toilet, the trio heard a loud, angry voice.

"Hey!" a 12-year-old boy named Naruto Uzumaki shouted. Zaku, Dosu, and Kin turned to see Naruto, his friends Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, Sasuke's big brother Itachi, Anri Sonohara, and Gilbert's older sister and brother, 15-year-old Liesel and 14-year-old Ludwig, standing in the doorway, glaring at the bullies.

"Leave the kid alone," Itachi said in a scary tone. The bully trio shivered at Itachi's gaze; the elder Uchiha brother could look scary sometimes.

"Uh…okay," Zaku, Dosu, and Kin said quickly, then let Gilbert go. The crying boy ran to Liesel and Ludwig.

"Lise, West, they tried to give me a swirly!" Gilbert cried.

"That's it!" Ludwig said angrily. He strode up to the trio in the bathroom and gave them a beating.

"Uh…Ludwig…what are you doing?" Dosu asked nervously.

"HOW DARE YOU BEAT UP MY LITTLE BROTHER, YOU BASTARDS?" Ludwig shouted at the top of his lungs.

"Ow…" Zaku, Dosu, and Kin groaned as they stumbled out of the bathroom.

Sasuke then dragged the three back into the bathroom and over to the toilet. "Hey, Naruto, help me out here."

"Right," Naruto said. He stood by the toilet, ready to give the bullies their overdue swirlies.

Zaku, Dosu, and Kin were given swirlies and screamed for Sasuke and Naruto to let them go.

"Naruto, Sasuke, stop that!" Sakura said. "You'll get in trouble!"

"Let us help," Liesel said. She and Ludwig went over to the toilet and gave the bullies swirlies as well.

Sister Rosette Christopher rushed to the bathroom, hearing screaming coming from the bathroom. She stopped short, almost falling on her face, when she saw what was going on. Zaku, Dosu, and Kin were all wet, their hair messed up from getting swirlies. "What happened?"

"They did it!" the trio exclaimed, pointing to Naruto, Sasuke, Liesel, and Ludwig.

"What happened, you guys?" Rosette asked the four kids standing in the bathroom.

"They were bullying Gilbo first," Liesel said.

"Yeah!" Ludwig agreed.

"We were just giving these meanies a taste of their own medicine," said Naruto.

Itachi patted Sasuke on his head. "Good job, bro."

"Thanks, Itachi," Sasuke said and grinned in triumph.

"We're so sorry, Sister Rosette," Anri said apologetically.

"We told them to stop, but they wouldn't listen," said Sakura.

"Oh…okay…" Rosette said. A smile appeared on her face as she held in her breath, obviously trying not to laugh at Zaku, Dosu, and Kin. "Uh, Zaku, Dosu, Kin, why don't you three get yourselves cleaned up? There are gonna be people here, and they want to adopt." She walked away and joined her friend Chrono.

Chrono looked up from a manga he was reading. "Hey, Rosette, what's so funny?"

Rosette burst out laughing. "You should've seen Zaku, Dosu, and Kin, Chrono! They looked hilarious! They were all wet, and their hair was messy! The other kids gave them swirlies! Bwahahahahahahaha!" Chrono started laughing, too.

Author's Note: Yes, Izaya and Namie are married in this story XD