That night, Elisa was standing on the roof of the police station. She watched as several gargoyle statues cracked and broke, revealing yawning, real-live gargoyles.

One of the gargoyles, whose name was Goliath, greeted Elisa. "Evening, Elisa."

"Hey, Goliath," Elisa returned the greeting.

"What are you all dressed up for?" one of the other gargoyles, Brooklyn, asked.

"Yeah, and what's with the sweater with the snowmen on it?" asked another gargoyle named Broadway.

"There's a Christmas party downstairs at the station," Elisa explained.

"No kidding?" one of the other gargoyles, Lexington, exclaimed and smiled excitedly. "Can we go?"

Elisa shook her head. "Sorry, Lex, but they won't allow gargoyles. This is Christmas, not Halloween."

Lexington looked disappointed. "Oh, come on, Elisa."

A female gargoyle named Angela came up to the others. "She has a point, Lexington. We'd give those people a scare if we crashed the party."

"Yeah, and they're cops, so they'd start shooting at us if they saw us," an elderly gargoyle named Hudson agreed.

Broadway leaned over to Brooklyn and whispered. "Brooklyn, speaking of Christmas, didn't you say you were going to get Shina something?"

"Yeah, I suppose I did," Brooklyn said uneasily.

"You didn't get anything, did you?" Broadway asked.

"No," Brooklyn said with a sigh.

"I didn't get anything for Angela either!" Broadway exclaimed sadly. He put his face in his hands. "Now we're screwed!"

"What are you boys talking about over there?" another female gargoyle, Shina, asked. Shina was Brooklyn's girlfriend.

"N-Nothing," Brooklyn and Broadway lied.

"Well, I'm going on patrol," said Shina. She spread her wings in preparation to take flight.

"Alright," said Goliath. "Brooklyn, Lexington, why don't you two go with Shina and see if there's any trouble?"

"Uh, why doesn't Brooklyn go with me instead?" Broadway suggested; he obviously wanted to bring Brooklyn along so they could both get gifts for Shina and Angela.

"Uh, alright," Goliath said. "Lexington, you can go with Hudson. And I'll take Bronx." He was referring to the dog-like gargoyle bearing the name Bronx.

Everyone agreed and took off to go on patrol of Manhattan, while Elisa went down to the Christmas party, hoping that she wouldn't have to endure another party that had Matt dancing horribly during it.

As Brooklyn and Broadway were gliding through Manhattan, Brooklyn looked at Broadway. "I know what you're up to."

Broadway looked down. "I know."

"What's Goliath gonna say when he finds out that we didn't really go on patrol?" Brooklyn asked.

"He's not gonna say anything, because you're not gonna say anything," said Broadway. "We're just going to get some gifts for our girls, drop them off at the tower, then go on patrol."

"Okay," Brooklyn said. "That makes sense." He and Broadway continued on their quest for gifts for Angela and Shina.

Meanwhile, Izaya and Namie were at the mall. They and their new children were waiting in line to see Santa, along with other parents and children.

Gilbert looked at Anri, Liesel, and Ludwig. "Hey, Lise, West, Anri, wanna sit on Santa's lap with me?" He grinned and held his stuffed bear, Prussia, under one arm.

Anri laughed. "I think we're a little big for that, Gilbo. You can still sit on his lap."

The Oriharas were waiting right behind the Oxenstierna family, consisting of a Swedish guy named Berwald, his husband, a Finish guy named Tino, and their adopted daughter, 8-year-old Kristen, who was also Swedish. Kristen was sitting on Santa's lap but wasn't saying anything, and she looked a little uncomfortable.

"Come on, little girl," Santa said jovially. "Tell Santa what you want for Christmas." Kristen didn't respond.

"She doesn't speak English," Tino said and patted Kristen on the head.

"Well, Santa speaks the language of all children," said Santa. "A narchy-warchy-darchy-doo!" This upset Kristen.

"Papa, Daddy!" Kristen said and reached out for her parents.

"A mooky-dooky-cooky-pooky!" Santa continued. He continued speaking gibberish even after Berwald picked Kristen up.

"Tha's no' Sw'd'sh t'lk!" Berwald said. He and Tino walked away with their daughter.

"Ho, ho, ho!" Santa said. "Next?"

Gilbert eagerly ran up and sat on Santa's lap.

"What's your name, little boy?" Santa asked.

"Gilbert," Gilbert said.

"What would you like for Christmas, Gilbert?" asked Santa.

"I want a racing car set," said Gilbert.

"Ho, ho, ho! A racing car set!" said Santa. "Well, Santa will send word to the elves, and they'll get started on it."

"Thanks, Santa!" Gilbert said with a grin. He hopped down off Santa's lap as Santa said "Merry Christmas!" and ran back to his family.

As the Oriharas walked to the food court, Izaya looked at his wife. "Now, wasn't that sweet? Takes you back, doesn't it?"

"I didn't go to see Santa," Namie said. "I never believed in Santa, even as a little kid."

"Ooh, someone's grouchy today," Izaya teased. "Didn't you ever take your little brother to see Santa?"

"Yeah, but I had to stop after he punched Santa in the gut one year," said Namie.

"Uncle Seiji punched Santa?" Gilbert asked.

"Seiji did that?" Anri asked.

"Yeah," Namie answered. "It was hard for me and Seiji to show our faces in public after that for a while."

"Wow," said Liesel.

"Uncle Seiji must've gotten coal in his stocking that year," said Gilbert.

"He sure did, Gilbert," Namie said.

"Come on, we're at the food court," said Izaya. "Let's get something to eat, then we'll go home."

"Okay," the four sibs said happily. They raced ahead of Izaya and Namie towards the food stands.

Brooklyn and Broadway had gotten done with window shopping for their girlfriends, with no luck.

"Broadway, come on, we've gotta go patrolling now," Brooklyn said.

"Just a little bit longer, Brooklyn," Broadway pleaded. "I need to find a present for Angela."

"I know, but why don't we try again tomorrow night?" Brooklyn suggested as they flew away from a store. "We have a job to do right now, protecting the city."

Broadway sighed. "You're right. Okay, we'll try again tomorrow."

"Besides, we have a whole week before Christmas," said Brooklyn.

"Yeah, you're right," said Broadway, brightening up. He and Brooklyn then went to patrol Manhattan like they said they would.

At the police station, Elisa and Matt were enjoying themselves at the Christmas party. They were mingling with their fellow officers, laughing, talking, and eating.

The captain tapped a spoon on the glass she was drinking from and got everyone's attention. "I'd like to say a few words. Here's to those who wish us well, and those who don't can go to Hell!" Everyone cheered and laughed after she said that.

Just then, the music started.

"Hey, music!" said Matt. He put his plate of food down and looked around at the other people in the room. "Is anyone gonna start? No?" He noticed that everyone else—except for Elisa, of course—was encouraging him to go first. "Me? Okay!" He started dancing horribly and made everyone else laugh…except for Elisa, who was just embarrassed because she was the one who had to work with him and had to ride in the same car as him a lot half the time.

"Oh, no, not again," Elisa groaned. She put her head inside her sweater while Matt continued dancing. "Why does this always happen?"

Author's Note: I got the police captain's toast from an episode of Seinfeld. I got Matt's dancing from the same episode.