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"Mann… Why does District 8 have to be soo close to the Ice Kingdom?" Fuyuko wondered aloud while rubbing her arms for warmth. She wore a little purple cat-eared hat over her long white hair. A black cat stood behind her, watching her sadly.

"Maybe we should leave, Fuyuko," the cat replied, shaking snowflakes out of his long black fur. She brushed small bits of snow off her lavender ballerina skirt. Her hands were hidden in soft black mittens.

"But you like the winter, Chunk!" she gasped, looking at her friend with wide eyes. The black cat purred softly, smiling at Fuyuko. She pulled at the ends of the sleeves of her purple sweater.

"I like summer more," he told her, and she smiled back at him before nodding.

"Okay! Then… I think we should head for the hills!" Fuyuko pointed to the greener hills in the distance. Chunk grew into a larger version of himself. Fuyuko put her warm hands to her cool, pink cheeks.

"Alright, let's go!" the cat said enthusiastically. She jumped onto the cat's back, her long black and purple socks sliding down her legs slightly. She smiled excitedly, curling her fingers around the male cat's fur. Chunk bounced forward into another patch of snow, her hair flowing back into the wind. She smiled at the sky before finally snuggling her face into the cat's warm pelt. They were off to a place where it was almost always spring… Thus their journey began.

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