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Chapter 5

Fiona dragged me through the ice covered fields as a familiar air settled around me. The cold didn't bring goosebumps up onto my skin like it did for Fiona. I was used to feeling a bit cold. I wanted to tell Fiona to leave me behind every time we passed something familiar. It was the Ice Kingdom, and I had returned. Fiona looked over her shoulder at me and smiled.

"I can't wait to kick the Ice Queen's butt!" she cheered enthusiastically. I returned her smile with a half-hearted one. I was scared and beginning to feel nauseated. My instincts were screaming at me to run away. It was almost like being torn in half.

I can't give up now! Marshall Lee helped me a lot! What would he think if I gave up now?

I took in a deep breath, my internal battle finally being settled with Marshall Lee's help... I was really indebted to him. I had to figure out a way to thank him. I stared ahead, running along after Fiona with the occasional shard of ice shooting up as it shattered beneath our feet. As we trekked our way up a snowy hill, the Ice Castle came into sight.

"Are you two ready?" Cake asked. Fiona smiled, grabbing the hilt of her sword. I nodded my agreement.

"Let's go!" Fiona cheered, jumping up on Cake's back. She hoisted me up next, and Cake jumped in through one of the castle's large windows.

"Give Chunk back!" Fiona yelled, shattered glass all around her feet, adorning her pale skin with a few scratches. The Ice Queen held a cup of coffee to her lips while a penguin attended to her every need.

"Oh, hello there. What is it that you said you needed?" she asked innocently. Fiona narrowed her eyes in irritation.

"Give me back my best friend!" I cried, swept up in all of Fiona's courage. The Ice Queen looked at me with a creepy smile upon her face. She set the cup down.

"Well, Fiona... Don't you think a best friend is best saved by their very, best friend?" the Ice Queen asked, the repetitive phrase easily confusing us.

"Huh? Uh... Yeah... Sure, I guess," Fiona replied, still trying to make sense of the Ice Queen's words.

"Well, then. You must keep your word and allow Fiona to save Chunk all on her own," the Ice Queen sighed nonchalantly. My eyes widened in fear and my heart rate sped up. She looked at me like a cat would look at a bird.

"What!? I didn't agree to that!" Fiona denied angrily.

"Where is he?" I asked, trying to put on a brave face.

"He's not here... He's probably somewhere in the Nightmare Jungle by now," the Ice Queen answered, "Now get out of my house! You're ruining my tea time!"

Cake and Fiona brought me back to their house, and all of us were a little low on spirit.

"A hero has to keep their word," Fiona muttered.

"We're sorry, Fuyuko, honey," Cake added on to Fiona's mutterings. I looked up at them, knowing full well that my face was probably as pale as a ghost's.

"It's fine... I'll just... go by myself. I'm sure it'll be fine..." I lied through my teeth. Cake actually looked worried for me.

"Oh! I know!" Fiona cried, jumping up from her couch in excitement. I stared at her, wondering if I shouldn't have been startled by this.

"What is it, Fiona?" Cake asked, looking incredibly curious. Fiona turned to me excitedly.

"You came here with Marshall Lee, right?" she continued. Cake looked at me, waiting patiently on my answer.

"Y-yeah..." I replied, stuttering under their intense gazes. Fiona smiled and giggled happily like she'd discovered the cure for cancer.

"Fiona? What are you getting at, honey?" Cake asked, growing impatient with the overly dramatic girl.

"Well, Fuyuko. You should ask Marshall Lee to help you!" My eyes widened to the point that they might actually fall out of their sockets.

"Oh, no no no no no no no..." I can't possibly.

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