There are a few Ultraman meets Star Fox stories out there, but not nearly enough. I hope to add to that small number with this story. As if it weren't obvious, I love female protagonists, so this Ultraman is a little different... but you'll like it, I hope. Also, it takes place in a sort of alternate universe where Star Fox Command didn't happen (takes place shortly after Assault, my favorite Star Fox game).

Rated T for Violence, Language, and Suggestive Themes.

~Earth 2236, Japan

It was a normal day in Tokyo Japan. The monster attacks had ceased since the fights of Ultraman Moebius and Ultraman Hikari years ago, and life has been peaceful for hundreds of years. You would think technology would have advanced a bit more since then, but the most that had happened technology wise was the advancement of floating cars and a renewable power source that didn't destroy the ozone layer.

Yep, it was a happier time, especially for the local aliens who decided to pay a visit. One such alien was sitting in a park watching the children run around and play. She assumed the form of a young Japanese woman in her twenties with long white hair, wearing a beautiful white dress, and white high heeled boots.

She saw three boys playing with a ball, one throwing it too far. It flew over to where she was sitting, so she picked it up and handed it to the boy when he ran over to her.

"Thank you," he said sweetly. The woman smiled in response as he ran off to his friends. It's nice to see everyone happy, she thought to herself. To think that centuries ago, this place was ravaged with monster attacks.

In the middle of the city though, a black void opened up, and a large dinosaur monster walked out of it. It stood upright, it's back was spiky like crystal, and it's arms had claws. It roared loudly before it began firing electric blasts out of it's mouth at the buildings destroying them. Everyone in the city panicked and ran through the city to get away from the monster. The woman looked up at the beast from where she was with a serious expression.

"I knew it," she said to herself, "They did attack here."

Military jets flew through the city towards the monster and fired lasers at it (technology used by GUYS was common military now). The monster screamed at the planes and slashed wildly at the planes, actually taking one down.

While everyone was running away from the monster, the woman in white was running towards the monster. She saw the military blocking the pathway to where it was. That wasn't good. How was she supposed to...

She looked up at the large building next to her. Maybe if she could get to the roof...

Now the military was trying tanks, which were actually hurting the monster, but they were really only making it angrier. One soldier ran to the commanding officer.

'Sir," he said, "We need more fire power! Nothing of ours is working!"

"What we need, is Ultraman," the commander said grimly. He had heard of the legendary red giants who would fight these monsters and save the humans. Would any of them come to the planet now, after so many years of peace?

The woman was running up the stairs to the roof. When she got to the roof she had a clear view of the monster.

Alumina, my child... it's up to you to face this threat...

"Father..." she said, thinking about her father back home. She then looked forward and pulled out a baton with two glowing lights on the ends (shaped like the Spark Lens from Ultraman Tiga). She pulled the center out extending it, and made the ends glow. She then spun the baton in front of her and threw it in the air, "ALUMINA!" she shouted as the baton started glowing.

A blue dart hit the monster catching its attention. When it turned around it stopped its rampage. All of Tokyo stopped actually, looking at the blue and silver giant that decended from the sky and landed on one knee.

"It's an Ultraman!" one woman shouted.

"The Ultramen haven't forgotten about Earth!" a nearby man said happpily. As the giant got up though, they noticed a few things. Yes, it was a blue and silver giant, much like Ultraman Hikari in the legends. It had a silver face, glowing white eyes, and a blue light on it's chest, but there were a few things off about it. This giant, had long white hair going down to its waist. Its feet were slightly high heeled, its body slender, its eyes sharp, its facial features soft, and the blue light was in between two somewhat large, armored breasts.

This Ultraman... was a woman!

The female Ultraman got in a fighting stance, "Hmph!" she shouted in a high yet powerful voice.

The monster roared loudly and ran over to the giant, who ran over to the monster in response. She then began punching the monster, followed with a kick to its side. The monster grabbed her neck, and threw her to the ground. She rolled to the side before it stomped on her, got up, and drew a line of light horizontally in front of her. She then grabbed it and began weilding it like a sword, now slashing at the monster.

The monster turned around and hit the giant with its tail, and then quickly turned around and slashed at her with its claws. She fell back from that, but then took its lightning attack head on, making her fall into a building. When she got up the monster ran up to her and began trying to slash at her again, but she grabbed its waist and kneed it a few times in the stomach before it threw her off, and fired another lightning attack at her.

She fell to one knee trying to catch her breath, then noticing the blue light on her chest stopped glowing blue, and was now glowing red and flashing on and off. She had to end this as soon as possible, or else...

She got up and forced herself back into a fighting stance. Her father wouldn't have given up, why should she? The monster fired another lightning attack at her, but this time she did a cart wheel to the side dodging the attack. She then stood up and let her arms meet in a cross in front of her. She then shot her arms in the air, slowly moving them down to her side. She then put her arms together in the form of an L and a blue beam fired at the monster. It took the attack head on, and then exploded.

She looked down at the people cheering for her, and then shot straight up in the air flying away from Earth. Belve it or not, she knew that Earth would be safe for a while, and it wasn't her place to stay on that planet. Another member of the Space Garrison would stop by later and make sure Earth would be safe. She had another mission, one that couldn't keep her planet side for too long.

She flew through space for a long time, following the stream of Darkness that left Earth. It seemed to be gathering somewhere in the distant galaxy, but where?

She stopped over a planet much like Earth, only more advanced. From where she hovered in the atmosphere she got a glimps of the inhabitants of the planet. They were all humanoid animals of all kinds. Their society was very advanced too. You could almost say they were on the verge of evolution.

Unlike most Ultramen, she was able to create her own human form, so it would be a simple task of adjusting her human form to match that of a person on this planet. This would be the next attack, she knew it.

Before she could prepare her landing though, a black beam shot at her back. She looked behind her and saw a black dragon beast flying to the planet.

Oh no, she thought, there's no way I'm letting you get to that planet!

She flew over to the creature and tried to fight it, but she was still tired from her fight on Earth. She had heard that the members of the Space Garrison would ally themselves with human military forces in order to fight tougher monsters. Unfortunately she had no such allies, nor could she stay in one place long enough to make any.

All it took was one slash from the monster, and she was falling to the planet, her color timer flashing red again, this time though, she was already unconscious, and she was falling planet side. The monster watched her fall, and then began flying to the planet itself.