I walked over holding the now dead chipmunk and sat next to her, she took the animal and put it to the baby's mouth, it released her finger and started eating.

My name is Isabella, but I go buy Bella, Bells, Bell, or Izzy; and I am the devils daughter. I have two sisters, the oldest Akilla is 5'9, long black hair with red highlights, with dark brown eyes, she has the same figure as me, and she's the most evil of us all. Then there's Jasmine, she's the youngest and the sweetest out of us, with waist length light brown hair with blond highlights, with hazel eyes. We each have wings; Akilla's are black, red, and silver, Jasmine's are white and gold with some grey in them, and mine are blood red and black with silver sparkles.

I have three pets; a pitch black jaguar, a white tiger, and a russet colored wolf- I raised them all.

"Bella"—I heard my father call

I looked up from playing with my pet's; now everyone thinks the devil has red skin, tails, horns, and is extremely mean, but he looks human, he has short black hair, a tail, and he can be very nice.

"Yes dad?"- I asked my own tail switching side to side

"It seems like Jasper caught Alice and Edward together, and decided to call on me. Would you go up there for me instead?"—he asked

"Come on Nila"—I said before I disappeared


I summoned the devil; we all stood there with me in front, than a fire appeared for a second before disappearing again. We gasped there sitting where the fire was, was Bella who was petting a baby jaguar who started to nibble on her finger.

"Aw, poor baby's hungry. Jasper would you mind going to get a small animal, don't kill it yet; wait until you get back here to snap its neck."- She asked not looking up

I ran into the forest in search of a small animal, I found a chipmunk and ran back to the clearing.

"Thank you, bring it over here"- She told me

I walked over holding the now dead chipmunk and sat next to her, she took the animal and put it to the baby's mouth, it released her finger and started eating. When it finished eating, it crawled over into my lap and started to mess with my shirt, Bella smiled.

"Um, Bella I summoned the devil, what are you doing here?"- I asked her, she smiled

"Daddy asked me to come up instead"- she answered, I was shocked

"Wait, you're the devils daughter?"- Em asked shocked

"Yep, my eyes are so dark that they looked brown. My older sisters are dark brown and my younger sisters are hazel"- Bella answered

"How come we never knew?"- Carlisle asked, she shrugged

"Would you have believed me?"- Bella asked looking up

"Guess not."- Carlisle answered

"Are there only three of you?"-Esme asked

Bella shook her head no

"Nope, we have one older sister, who was changed into a vamp."-Bella answered


"Nope, we have one older sister, was changed into a vamp."-I told them

"Who?"-Rosalie asked

I looked up at her

"You"- I told her, her eyes widened

"How?"-she asked

"You wanted to be human, so dad let you."-I said

"How come I don't remember?"-she asked

"I think you blocked it, but I can let you remember"- I told her

She nodded and walked over to sit in front of me

"I can turn you back, you'll still be immortal, still as durable, but you can have kids, and you will have your wings back."- I told her

She nodded; I took her hands and concentrated.

After three minutes I opened my eyes again and looked at my sister, her wings came out, they were red and silver, she opened her eyes and they were back to her normal blue color. She smiled at me. There was a fire next to me and Akilla appeared, she smiled at Rose

"Hello big sister"- she said

"Hey killa"-Rose answered her

Out of nowhere Rose was tackled from the side by Jas, Rose laughed

"Hey Jas"-Rose said

"Rosie!"-Jas squealed

they sat up next to each other and Killa sat next to me, we all had our wings out, Em came and sat infront of Jasper, Rose noticed the baby jaguar

"dad let you have pets?"- she asked

"yep, I have a wolf, white tiger, and a jaguar"- I told her

"and we each have horses"- Jas told her

we talked for a couple hours before we all brought our pets up from the underworld Killa, my jaguar, came over to me and laid down, Snow, my tiger, laid down next to jasper and Angel, wolf, laid down next to Rose.


We all sat around when Bella's hand started to glow, and in the middle of her palm was a small blue flame, it moved and formed into a fire blue butterfly. It moved in front of the baby Jag. in my lap, she kept trying to catch it, then there was one made out of ice, another out of earth, and Rose made one out of a red flame, then Bella made a dragon out of water and let it fly around. Rose made roses out of ice and fire, Bella made a necklace out of fire with a heart made of ice with a red 'R' carved into it, Rose gasped

"My neclace"- she said touching it, Bella smiled and let her butterfly dissapear

"Mom taught me how to do it"- Bella told me

"Thanks Bells"-Rose said

"No problem"- Bella said

Bella gasped and looked at her sisters, then she looked at me

"Um, Jazz don't freak out, but our aunt's comming this way."- Bella said

i was confused so i asked,

"Why would I freak out?"- I asked

"Because, our aunt is Maria."-Bella told me

"What!"- I asked shocked, they nodded

accross the field from us, Maria stepped out of the trees

"How are my nieces?"-Maria asked

"Were good aunt Maria"-they said together