Nothing Goes As planned

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These are Torrance's thoughts

I don't know who or what possessed me to do this, but what ever it was it was evil.

I think it was some sort of lame attempt to get Mikey Walsh to notice me, which I have been trying to accomplish for the past thirteen years of my pathetic life, and when Mrs. Walsh asked me to help take care of the house while she was packing and her arm was getting better I did, what people would call, take the bull by the horns ... I think that's the saying.

"So your really still going after him?" asked my oh so supportive best friend Kayce Perkins.

It was almost time for me to be at the Walsh house hold, but Kayce made me stop at the drug store for a new magazine she just had to get.

How low her IQ points are concerns me and my mom.

"For the thousandth time yes, K" I said finally picking out my own magazine about exotic plants.

My taste in magazines concerns Kayce and Mrs. Walsh.

"Ok, one question Tori, why?" she asked

"Because I really like him!" I argued

"Torrance Taylor, you've been working for his mom for a week and he still hasn't figured out how to say your name" she said

"He as trouble saying most words" I said flipping threw the magazine and reading something about Asia's biggest tree.

"Tori he has asthma not tourette's" she argued

"Kayce, love happens when you least expect it" I said walking to the cooler with my magazine to get a coke.

"Wait, Tori, you're in love with him?" she asked

I bit my lip.

I'm not sure what love is I've never been in love, but when I'm around him my mind goes blank and I can't help but smile, I get butterflies in my stomach, if that's not love then it must be pretty damn close.

"Oh my god, Torrance, we're thirteen! You can't be in love" she argued and followed me as I went to the cashier to pay, I grabbed a pack of chocolate covered peanuts.

"Why your parents fell in love at thirteen?" I said handing the cashier the amount of money I needed to pay.

"Yeah and look how that turned out?" asked Kayce

"Oh yeah you happened" I said grabbing the magazine, the coke, and chocolate covered peanuts and putting them in my backpack and slinging it over my shoulder.

"Ha ha, very funny Tori, just don't let this boy control your life" said Kayce

"Ok, I have to go bye" I said mounting my bike.

I herd her yell a quick bye before I was out of her sight. I peddled all the way to the Walsh house hold.

Maybe Kayce was right. Maybe I should just let this stupid little crush go, find a guy that's actually gonna notice me, and appreciate me. Yeah, I will get over him, hopefully.

I finally got to the house to see the gate open.

They boys must be here already.

I got to the front door. I was about to open it when I realized the screen door was broken threw.

"Data" I whispered to myself as I stepped threw the door.

I saw Mikey, Chunk, Data, and Brand surrounding a statue. I wasn't able to see all of it, but they were just staring at it.

What they do for entertainment worries me.

I sat my backpack on the table and took out my plant magazine, my coke and the chocolate covered peanuts I got for Chunk and walked over to them.

I leaned between Mikey and Chunk "So what's going on?" I asked making Mikey and Chunk yell in fright.

"Ugh, Torrance, don't ever do that again!" yelled Chunk

"Yeah, Torrance, I thought you were my mom" said Mikey

I stood there still Awe strucken that Mikey actually said my name correct for once, I wasn't even insulted that he thought I was his mother.

I blinked and then turned to Chunk "Will these make up for it?" I asked holding out the chocolate covered peanuts.

I herd him mumble a faint yes, before grabbing the bag and stuffing his face.

"So what are we all doing?" I asked getting on my knees next to Mikey.

"The Genius over here broke the statue" said Mikey running his hand threw his hair.

I looked at the statue "But there's nothing - oh wait" I said my face going a very unattractive shade of red as I realized what piece Chunk had broke.

"Yeah" said Brand

"Just glue it" I said

"Tori, you're amazing" said Mikey

"Um ... It's common sense Mikey" I said trying to stop my self from blushing.

"Whatever, your amazing" he said running into the kitchen to get the glue.

He came back in record time.

"I broke it, I get to glue it!" said Chunk taking the glue from Mikey's hands and almost hitting me in the face.

"This can't be good" I mumbled

It only took a while for Chunk to glue it on.

"Idiot" I yelled

"You glued it on upside down" said Mikey taking a breath of his inhaler.

Data and I were having a laugh attack.

"If god meant for it that way you'd all be pissing in your faces" added Brand

This didn't help, it only made me and Data laugh harder and Mikey join us.

"Looks fine to me" commented Chunk

We all composed ourselves and started to think of ways to fix it when Rosie, Mrs. Walsh and Mouth came down the stairs.

"You are so nice Clark" she said

"Nice is my middle name" he said sitting down next to me on the table.

Mrs. Walsh went off about keeping Mikey inside or something.

"He should be put in a plastic bubble" commented Brand.

"I'm serious Brandon, that's not funny. He takes one step outside, and you're in the absolutely most deepest sh .. Sh" she stuttered

"Shit, ma" Brand said.

She hit him on the shoulder "I don't like that language but that's what you'll be in" she said "And you, Donna"

"Data" he corrected her

"Ok, use the back door for now" she said and he glumly nodded.

"What is that?" she asked pointing to Chunk

We all began to freak out.

"Aw, shit what?" asked Chunk

"What is that? That is a mess, I want that cleaned up" she said pointing in front of Chunk to the chip crumbs on the coffee table.

We all breathed a sigh of relief

"Ok" we all agreed.

"One hour and I'll be back, and you better not give Torrance any trouble ok? Come on Rosie" she said walking out the door.

"Bye Mrs. Walsh" I said

"Bye, bye SeƱorita" said Mouth scaring Rosie as they left.

"What did you do to Rose?" I asked hitting Mouth

"Great to see you too Tori, my old Science partner" Mouth said hugging me and messing up my hair

"You were the worse science partner ever! Who was the on that had to dissect the frog? I did! Mr. I don't want to touch frog guts!" I said fixing my hair.

"Ok next year I promise I'll be the best science partner ever!" he begged

"Oh please! Mikey is gonna be my science partner next year" I said pointing to him

Mikey smiled at me at the mention of his name "Deal" he said giving me a high five

"Then who's my science partner?" asked Mouth

"You can have Chunk" said Mikey

"What? No way! He wouldn't dissect the frog he'll just eat it!" argued Mouth

"Hey!" shouted Chunk

Just then Brand came over and sat down in the recliner bringing Mikey down with him grabbing on to him by the neck. "You want a breathing problem? You got it" he said

"Hey guys what's your dad gonna do with all the stuff in the attic?" asked Mouth making Brand stop torturing Mikey.

"He's gonna give it back to the museum, or whoever the new assistant curly - Curney" said Mikey fumbling over his words.

"Curator" Brand and I corrected him.

"Wait! Guys maybe there's some stuff up their for us that we can keep from the outsiders, maybe there's some rich stuff" said Mouth

Mikey began furiously shaking his head and Chunk was whispering stuff about food.

"Let's go!" Mouth said running up the stairs. Chunk, Data an Brand followed.

Mikey sighed and was yelling about that being his dad stuff.

I was left alone to read magazine.

Just then Mikey came back down "You coming Tori? I need someone to help me watch them" he said with a half smile

I sighed "I'm coming"

He laughed and I followed him up the stairs to the attic.

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