Chapter 1 - Beware of Hogrid

"GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!" Harry banged the pots and pans together. He was feeling rather moody after his cousin dipped his hairy paw in the cake he had worked extremely hard on. Blood, sweat and tears went into that masterpiece!

"I didn't do anything," his cousin swore but the smear of chocolate icing on his ape-like face gave him away.

"Your kitchen?" a thin woman covered in chestnut coloured fur had her lips tightly pressed together as she took Harry by the collar. "Might I remind you that this is my house? And I am kindly letting you and your filthiness stay here?"

"You tell him mum!" Harry's fat cousin continued to smother his face with cake.

"What on earth is that?" the woman pointed towards the cake.

"T-That's my birthday cake, or what's left of it," Harry mumbled.

"Ooh it's your birthday is it? Well celebrating it is the last thing you'll be doing today. Go on Grudley dear, scarf that cake down."

"What? B-But …" Harry clenched his fists. "I made it!"

"And you're going to make another one for your Uncle Burnon," she ordered.

"Hello? Have you been listening at all Aunt Pantaloonia?" Harry raised his voice. "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!"

"You'll be celebrating no such thing. You're only the rat that lives in the cupboard under the stairs that brings nothing but trouble and shame to this family," his aunt studied his face in disgust. "Look at you and your hairless self. I'm ashamed to call you my nephew."

The sound of the door creaking open caught their attention.

"Goodness that must be your uncle! Now get a move on with that cake and finish the rest of the household chores!" Aunt Pantaloonia gave him a shove on the shoulder as she ran up to meet her husband.

"Pantaloonia! I've got the mail," Uncle Burnon held a handful of letters in his hairy paws. "There must be some kind of mistake … looks like there's a letter here for the boy."

"Me?" Harry popped his head into the room. "Is that for me?"

"No, no, not for you," Uncle Burnon shook his head and ripped the letter up into pieces.

Harry's hopeful eyes fell to the floor as he walked back to the kitchen in disappointment.

Suddenly a cream coloured envelope slipped through the mail slot and flew right into Harry's heels.

Just when he was about to kneel down and pick it up, Uncle Burnon snatched it from his hands in a flash.

Burnon silently read who it was for and ripped it up once again, "Just another mistake."

"That letter was for me! Someone must have remembered … it could have been …" Harry's eyes grew wide.

"A what? A birthday card?" Aunt Pantaloonia laughed like a wheezing donkey with lung cancer. "No one would ever send you one."

As she spoke, 3 or more letters slipped through the slot. Not long after, a few envelopes came through the windows and some even came raining down the fireplace.

Soon the house floor was buried in white envelopes and a desperate Uncle Burnon could do nothing but panic.

"They're all addressed to the boy!" a shaken Aunt Pantaloonia shrieked. "Do you think someone knows about him? And how we've been keeping him here like a prisoner?"

"WE'RE MOVING!" Burnon yelled. "Somewhere where no one will find us … a place filled with water! Lots of water!"

Suddenly, their front door flew open as a very tall, dark figure came barging in.

"YOU'LL DO NO SUCH THING!" an angry voice boomed which supposedly came from the figure.

Burnon was about to shout back but for some reason, he seemed to have lost his voice.

Aunt Pantaloonia held onto her husband and feared the enormous shadow walking towards them.

But their eyes were mistaken, for what they thought was a giant was actually a very abnormally short person.

"W-Who do you think you are? Barging into my house like that?" Burnon found his voice again.

"Thee names Nubeus Hogrid, but I prefer to be called Hogrid," the uninvited guest took off his green top hat and revealed his shining golden hair. "Ello Arry!"

"Um, hi!" Harry stepped forward and waved shyly. "Do I know you?"

"Well I sure hope you remember, I'm the one who gave you away to the Gorilla family back when you was a young lad," Horgid nodded. "Should've known it was the wrong thing to do but it was the boss's orders."

"Boss? What boss?" Harry asked curiously.

"Oh, Professor Flackerdore," Hogrid stroked his long blond beard. "Listen, you need to pack your things and come with me."

"But I hardly even know you," Harry said but for some strange reason he seemed to be more fond of Hogrid than the Gorilla family, although he had just met the tiny man.

"Yer a special boy Harreh Styler, yes you are," Hogrid patted his leg lightly since there was no way that he could reach his shoulder.

"I mean yeah I guess I'm a good cook and all but … I don't consider myself special or anything."

Hogrid shook his head, "Yer a wizard Harreh."

"I'm a wot?" Harry looked at the leprechaun standing before him thinking he was crazy. "But I … I can't be. I can't even do magic."

"You sure you haven't done anything unusual? Anything at all when you were mad or simply irritated?" Hogrid asked.

"Well..." Harry scratched his head. "This morning I thought I saw some of the pots and pans banging themselves together. But I figured it was still early and I wasn't completely awake."

"That was you Harreh Styler. You have magic within you," Hogrid smiled. "Take my hand."


Hogrid nodded his head towards his small baby carrot-like fingers.

Harry wasn't exactly sure why but he felt like he could trust him and took the leprechaun's hand anyway. And within seconds they were surrounded in a kaleidoscope of colours of the rainbow. Harry blinked in amazement as they magically teleported to a place that looked nothing like the Gorilla's living room.

"Just making a quick stop at Nando's," Hogrid let go of Harry's hand and held his own stomach instead. "I'm starving."