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"Wake up!"

Lily's eyes remained closed. Determinedly, she stopped herself from waking up from this wonderful dream, in which James had finally kissed her. Out of his own free will. Without bets and Galleons attached. She didn't want to wake up to the cold reality that she was again the wallflower…wait a minute. That's James' voice I'm hearing.

She opened her eyes a little to see James' confused face looming over hers, but they softened slightly when they saw her. Lily's heart pounded. It might not be a dream after all. She propped herself up with her elbow to realize that she was not lying in the cold, stone cell like she expected, but some kind of a dirt road.

"What?" Lily exclaimed in surprise, looking around. She was most definitely not in that cell. She was out in the open. And it looked rather familiar-Hogsmeade! She looked behind her to see the Shrieking Shack. That's where James and I are kidnapped. "Is this-is this-?"

James had stood up and he, too, was looking around in awe. "I guess so," he said. "This is Hogsmeade." He gave Lily his hand to help her up. "Somehow we're in Hogsmeade."

"I kind of noticed," Lily muttered. James heard and grinned sheepishly. "But why though? Weren't we-unless I've been dreaming-in Voldemort's vicinity before?"

"Yeah," replied James.

Lily rolled her eyes. "Well?" she said.

"I guess he threw us out," James said in a disbelieving tone. "Unless I'm in a dream…but I pinched myself a few times before. So I guess not."

Lily sighed. Who cares anyway? She thought, unable to stop smiling. I'm almost back home…in Hogwarts…safe and surprisingly alive. She was lost in her thoughts for a few minutes before James poked her back on earth. "Lilac Evans!" he said, pointing down to the main section of Hogsmeade, where wizards and witches were milling about. "Come on! You want to get back, right? Let's go then!"

Lily hurriedly followed James as he went toward a witch who had been walking around Three Broomsticks. Her eyes widened when she saw Lily and James there. Self-consciously Lily looked down at her attire. She looked as if she'd climbed out of a mud shower and fallen asleep immediately without brushing her hair. Nervously she tried to flatten her hair and could hear James straightening out his robes. Finally, the witch spoke.

"Lily Evans and James Potter?" she asked.

"Yes," said James and Lily.

The witch frowned, looking very surprised, but she smiled slightly. "Well, I don't think I should be questioning you anything, because you clearly need some good food and a good sleep," she said. A few wizards and witches who had come upon seeing them nodded, and another witch got something from her pocket.

"I'll make a Portkey for you two," she said, tapping it slightly with her wand, then handing it to Lily.

Lily took it and held it out to James. James shrugged and took hold of it, and in a few seconds they were whirling through the air till they slammed into something. The floor of Dumbledore's office, to be exact.

"Oh my," gasped Professor McGonagall, who had been talking to Professor Dumbledore before. She stared at the two ragged students on the floor before her. "Lilac! James! But how on earth-"

Dumbledore laughed. "I'm sure they will be able to explain it soon enough," he said.

Lily got up and swaggered over to a chair, which she plopped it graciously. James did the same thing. And then, by an unspoken agreement, James started to explain everything. From the Marauders' prank to Lily's pranks to James' prank to the kidnap and everything that had happened in between, omitting the kisses. Finally, he stopped. "And I have no idea how we woke up to be in some I-don't-know-where-exactly place, but we did. And then we found some Ministry people looking for us and that's that."

McGonagall's mouth was open. "Well!" she said. "That's a very unusual tale. Usually I would be taking points off for both of your pranks, being prefects, but I'm going to let it go for now. I'll give you the day off for classes. Go take a rest and we'll worry about everything later."

Professor Dumbledore smiled. "Minerva, I don't think they'll be troubling the Defense Against Dark Arts teacher much," he said. "They must've learned quite a lot in the past few days." He looked kindly at the students. "Run along now. I'll be writing to your parents with the good news right now."

Lily wobbled to her feet, still light-headed after everything. She was surprised when James helped her. "Thank you, professors," they said in unison, and to Lily's further surprise he helped her out of the office and to the Gryffindor tower.


The common room was thankfully empty and devoid of students when Lily and James made it back. Lily fell flat on an armchair and sighed. "I still can't believe anything," she said with a laugh. "I mean, just yesterday we were in Voldemort's cell!"

"Kissing no less," James said, sitting down next to her.

Lily blushed. After a long moment, she stood up and said, "Well! Off to the showers I go!" and ran to her dorm as quickly as she could.

The dormitory did not change, at least her bed and her trunk were still the same as she'd left it. Apparently Kristina hadn't bothered to mess up her drawers much. She pulled some clean garments out of her trunk along with towel and a lot of soap and dashed down to the prefect's bathroom.

James looked slightly amused as she passed.


Even after Lily finished her shower, she stayed in the bathroom for a long time, staring at her reflection in the mirror, thinking. What is going on between James and I? She thought to herself, an unconscious grin creeping up her face. How will everyone react? I know Naomi will be somewhat happy for me…and her friends might be too…but the Marauders? And what about Kristina and Deborah? Thinking about that chilled her. Well, find out for yourself, she thought, heading back to the Gryffindor common room.

It was still quite empty when she'd returned, only a few first-years gawking at James and reading the Daily Prophet. James had returned from a shower too, but his hair was still as wild as before. He was reading when she'd entered, but looked up immediately as she took a seat beside him. "It's almost lunchtime," was the first thing out of his mouth. "Man, do I miss some good food."

Lily laughed. "You're the one who can't transfigure the food we're served for your life!" she said.

"And you can?" James demanded.

Lily was silent. It was James' turn to laugh and he put his arms around Lily. They hugged briefly, but Lily pulled out of the hug. James looked at her inquiringly, and Lily determinedly avoided his eyes as she said, "What will Kristina think? What will everyone think?" Hell, I can feel those first years staring at me already, she thought, watching the staring girls out of the corner of her eyes.

James, however, placed his lips on her forehead, drowning Lily in the sensation she'd just known. God, now she knew why she'd liked James so much. As mischievous and mean as he was, he was really gentle and sweet…at least, sometimes he could be. "I don't care exactly what Krissie thinks anymore," James said, stroking Lily's wet hair slightly. "But you know what? It won't hurt much to find out. Anyway, it's time to go to lunch."

And before Lily could stop him, he was pulling her out of the common room and down to the Great Hall.

The Great Hall was packed with students, but an unnatural hush fell over them when Lily and James entered. The reasons…well, after all, they were missing for more than a week, and Lily and James' rivalry had become common knowledge after the kidnap. Not to mention that James' prank on Lily had been spread all throughout the school. But there they were, Lily Evans and James Potter, the kidnapped students from Hogwarts, coming into the Great Hall holding hands. There was a cough, probably from Sirius, and conversation resumed.

"People these days," muttered James, leading Lily to the Gryffindor table. Lily's legs felt like lead as she spotted Kristina's and Deborah's faces too soon. It's coming, she thought with dread.

She quickly slipped her hand out of James' and fled to the seat beside Naomi. Naomi grinned at her. "Wow, Lily! I guess it was worth it after all, eh?" she said with amused pleasure. "I can't wait till you fill me in on everything!"

"I'm sure Dumbledore will," Lily said, ravenously wolfing down half the food on the table, leaving the other half for James.

Naomi put an arm around her. "Now c'mon, Lil, you know what I mean," she said, winking. "I want to hear about the steamy part-"

"Naomi!" Lily yelped, but it was drowned in Kristina's too familiar voice.

"OH JAMES!" she hollered, making a big show as she threw her arms around James, who literally staggered back. "I MISSED YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!"

Beside her, someone commented, "Is that why you dated two boys during his absence?"

James did not hug her back. He apparently heard, and he pushed her off slowly. Kristina panicked and launched into explanation. "You see, I didn't want to keep myself worrying sick after you…" she said quickly. "So I thought I could…ah…keep up my kissing skills with Jacobson…"

"I should've known it was a mistake when I started to date you," James said in a hardened tone. There was another hush over the students, but when Remus made a signal at them everyone pretended to go back to talking. "Krissie, it's over. I 'enjoyed' our little relationship, but everything must end someday."

Kristina's eyes narrowed and she looked at Lily. "It's because of that Mudblood, isn't it?" she demanded, pointing at Lily with her perfectly manicured fingers. "You really can't blame me for anything, then! But I thought you'd have better taste than this! Really…"

Lily's face flushed with anger. Naomi was about to retort back when James beat her to it. "Yes, Krissie, it's because of Lily Evans, and I daresay her blood is purer than yours at this moment," he said coolly, stepping over to Lily and putting a hand on her shoulder. Lily swallowed the peas in her mouth. "You've been lying to me the entire time about who Lily Evans really is, and I'm glad we were imprisoned. I found out who Lily Evans is for myself, and I have to say, she's far more attractive than you."

He's standing up for me, Lily thought, blushing for a different reason now. He's standing up for me! To Kristina no less!

The Gryffindors watched with rapt attention as James captured Lily's lips in a kiss. It always did magic for Lily. She placed her arms around James, savoring the sweet taste. Finally they pulled apart, and Lily dove back into her peas, her face a searing shade of scarlet. Naomi whistled beside her. And then, almost every girl congratulated her on the table, every one besides Kristina and Deborah that is. Kristina opened her mouth in shock. James held up a hand. "Please, I'm not in the mood today, Krissie," he said. "Maybe after I recovered from the shock that I ever dated you."

Kristina stood up in a huff, and stormed out of the Great Hall. Deborah followed. The third unnaturally silence fell over the Great Hall, and Lily was sure that even the teachers were shocked somewhat. "Hey…have you heard the joke about the chicken and the duck?" piped up someone in the Hufflepuff table, and the whole room laughed, and finally everything was as normal as it could get.

Only one more thing, Lily thought, watching James and his three friends. The Marauders.

Surprisingly, it turned out better than she'd expected. Sirius came over to her and shook her hand very solemnly. "I congratulate you on being another fling of our dear ole James," he said, nodding. "I shall book a bed in the hospital wing-"

"Now, now, Sirius, let's not scare off her yet," Remus said, smiling. "And Lily, and you too Naomi, I would like to apologize for that Christmas Ball prank. At that time, a few Galleons didn't seem like a bad deal to us."

Lily and Naomi both rolled their eyes. And then…it was just that! Peter congratulated them, squeakily although, and that was all. Lily was surprised at how everything had worked out. James put an arm around her as they sat at the table, and although Lily was somewhat embarrassed to be spotlighted she did not mind. "I promise I won't break your heart," James said in a joking tone.

"And I promise to take it better than Krissie," Lily said impishly.


The sixth years had another ball in honor of another defeat of Voldemort's army of Death Eaters. James had wanted to do the same prank on Kristina, but Lily decided that she didn't want to relive the memory. Besides, why give up James for half the ball? So instead, she found herself dancing with James again, but this time, both out of their own free wills.

They rotated along with the other couples, Lily's head on James' shoulder, both humming the song softly. "So," James said after a song's end, just before the start of another. "The year's turned out rather interestingly, you agree?"

Lily smiled. "When am I going to become Lily Potter?" she asked jokingly, watching Naomi and Remus talking at the other side of the room. I sure hope Naomi gets her man too.

"Soon," James promised in the same joking tone, as now a waltz played. "By the way, what are we going to name our first kid?"

"Boy or girl?"

"It's most definitely a boy," James said confidently, and Lily had to laugh. They weren't even married yet!

"Do you do this with every girl you date?"

"No, just you," James replied. "You are the one who brought it up, need I remind you?"

Lily grinned. "In that case…Harry."

"Hmm…Harry Potter…has a ring to it," James said. "Hey thanks! I'll make sure to tell my next girlfriend that! Do you know that I have three ex-wives?"


Lily and James laughed, and soon were engaged in another passionate kiss.


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