Sekai ichi "Cat"sukoi

Chapter 35: Tigers and Leopards

Across town another neko was also dealing with an unexpected intrusion, though in an entirely different form. Just before dawn that Saturday Kisa opened his large brown eyes, surprised to find himself still clasped in the lean arms of his new seme. He frowned at this unexpected development and at the fact he could feel Yukina's early morning erection pressed against his hip.

Kisa lay there in the warmth of Yukina's arms as he considered what he should do. While the embrace felt confining and unfamiliar, the nudge of Yukina's cock was exceedingly familiar and arousing. Kisa was unaware that the tip of his tail had begun to twitch as he processed these thoughts but Yukina felt it and stirred. He gathered Kisa against him just a little bit tighter.

"Good morning, Kisa-san." Yukina sighed and buried his nose into Kisa's wild bedhead, nuzzling down to the neko's nape. "Thank you again for last night; you were amazing."

Kisa's frown deepened. What the hell's with all this lovey-dovey stuff again? He shifted and began trying to extricate himself from Yukina's arms, but his owner was reluctant to release him. Kisa stilled again when one of Yukina's large hands drifted down and took hold of his own stiff cock.

"Kisa-san…" Yukina's voice was still sleepy but there was no mistaking the desire in his tone as well. He moved his mouth up and kissed the edge of one of Kisa's human ears. "Can we do it again?" His hand gave Kisa's shaft a light stroke. After falling asleep after their first fuck, Kisa and Yukina had both roused and gone at it again several more times during the night. Taking Kisa had seemed to awaken something in Yukina and in addition to a magnificent cock the young man had been a voracious quick study.

In light of all their previous activities, though he didn't show it, Yukina's fuck feral was once again perplexed as to why his owner's wish was posed as a question and his new seme didn't simply just take him. However, although he would have been more than happy to have Yukina fuck him again, within the confines of Yukina's embrace, Kisa also felt a strong need to escape. The feral knew that it was too early to flee from his new owner completely yet, so at the moment the bathroom seemed the best option for some privacy.

"Fine," Kisa grumbled after a yowling yawn. "But I need to piss first." He was grateful when Yukina released him then without question.

Kisa rolled himself up, his black ears flicking. He looked at the clock on one of the bedside tables and noticed that it was still very early. The neko bit back a groan at the familiar mild ache that awakened when he sat up. His sexual activity had been restricted for some time because of his incarceration so, even though he was self-lubricating and used to frequent encounters, this morning he was now feeling the effects of their multiple couplings. Despite the discomfort, however, Kisa was pleased.

Damn, Yukina thoroughly fucked me.

Yukina's sharp ears heard his new pet's voice catch. "Are you okay, Kisa-san?" He hoped he hadn't injured the neko with his enthusiasm the previous evening.

"I'm fine." Kisa scowled. Put off by the question, his tail gave an agitated switch. Even if he was a bit sore there was no way he'd ever admit it. He saw Yukina reach out as though to hug him around the waist and quickly scooted over to the side of the bed, away from another encumbering embrace.

When he stood up, Kisa felt gravity pull Yukina's seed from inside him. He looked down to see the slick sliding down the inside of his thighs. His tail rattled and Kisa looked back and caught sight of its matted fur.

That's going to be a bitch to get out.

"Kisa-san…" Yukina's voice broke Kisa out of his musings.

Kisa looked over his shoulder and his eyes widened. Yukina had propped himself up on his arms. The sheet covering him had slipped down low on his hips revealing his glorious torso. Behind the crisp white fabric, the neko could see the dark head of Yukina's cock peeking over from where it lay against the man's low belly.

Looking up didn't help either as, even sleep-rumpled, Yukina was radiant. His face looked fresh and his wild cinnamon mane appeared far more sexy than disheveled.

Where does he get off looking so good so early? Kisa put a hand to his own head, sure that his hair was sticking straight out.

No doubt I have dark circles under my eyes too… Damn, getting old is a bitch. Kisa's ears flattened and he dropped his eyes in embarrassment. He felt his cheeks flush with self-consciousness. I bet he doesn't ever have morning mouth either.

"Kisa-san…" Yukina's tone belied his concern, but before he could voice his doubts about how well his new neko really was doing, Kisa ducked his head and turned.

What's with this guy? Why the hell does he sound worried?

Kisa's urge to flee had died seeing Yukina's beautiful face, but as soon as he heard his name again, said in that way, it revived. Glad he had his back to Yukina so the man couldn't see him grimace, he steeled himself and began moving quickly as he could to the bathroom.

"I'll be back in a sec." Kisa stepped into the short hall, unconscious of leaving Yukina anxiously frowning behind him.

Once in the sanctuary of the bathroom Kisa leaned against the closed door. For some reason his heart was pounding in his chest. He willed the rapid beat to slow as he walked over to the toilet. Since Yukina had been living alone, the ring for the seat was already raised. Kisa braced one lean arm, hand against the wall. His other hand directed his stiff cock downwards. He closed his eyes and sighed in relief as the sensation of releasing his stream distracted from the ache in his ass and the strange fluttering that continued in his chest.

What's wrong with me? He wondered. Probably just in captivity for too long, a small voice inside him answered back.

Kisa knew that the effects of long term institutionalization could wreak havoc with a hybrid's psychology. He'd seen more than a few instances of this while he was at the pound: abandoned pets and strays like himself, broken down, damaged by the hardships of life in a cage. Given the length of time he'd been held, he knew he really shouldn't be surprised that he wasn't feeling entirely himself.

I just need a day or two to get back on track, he promised himself. Then I'll take off and everything will be okay. Things will go back to business as usual. As a feral he'd had some rough experiences and this line of reasoning was not a new one. In the past such a thought would have comforted him; but then a new thought popped into his mind.

Do I really want things to go back to where they always have been? For some reason the memory of waking up in Yukina's embrace flooded his senses, the feeling of arms wrapped around him, Yukina's scent, seeing the man's morning face.

Stupid cat, a leopard can't change its spots or a fuck feral its tricks. Kisa opened his eyes and shook his head trying to dislodge the disturbing thoughts that had suddenly taken root there. Then he shook the few remaining drops from his dick. His cock was still stiff, but it didn't throb quite so much and he was glad for the relief of his bladder as well. Kisa stepped over to the sink and looked in the mirror.

Fuck. No wonder Yukina was upset; I look terrible.

He dropped his eyes quickly, turned on the taps, and set about wetting a washcloth. As he washed his face, he tried not think about his wild hair or his now flat, matted ears. His skin was pale too after being indoors for so many months and while he didn't really have rings under his eyes there was a strange expression in them.

After wiping his face and quickly going over his cat ears, Kisa ran the cloth over his lean body. He grabbed his thin tail and spent a moment trying to wipe Yukina's spend from his fur.

"Damn, that's not going to come out without a good shower." Kisa growled; the low rumbling in his chest soothed him. He dropped his tail knowing that it was likely to just get soiled again when he returned to bed with Yukina. After tossing the damp cloth in the hamper, Kisa leaned over and rinsed his mouth out before he turned off the water.

Looking up he saw the small pile of new toiletries his owner had given him last night on the shelf just below the mirror.

I wonder if I should brush my teeth? Kisa almost choked on the remaining water in his mouth at this thought.

What the hell is wrong with me? It was stupid to do such primping before going back to Yukina. Brushing his teeth would make it seem that he expected his new owner to kiss him. Not only that, it would make it seem as though he wanted to be kissed. Kisa spit the water out, sputtering.

What you have done is good enough, Idiot, especially since you're just going to have his cock in your mouth in a minute. Kisa closed his eyes and nodded his head in silent agreement to his inner voice. He was going to rid himself of the ridiculous notions swirling in his cage-addled brain and suck Yukina off the minute he crawled back under the sheets.

Considering this, Kisa wondered if it would be offensive to get another wet cloth to take and wipe Yukina down before he commenced such antics. Though if his new seme objected, while he really didn't relish the notion, it certainly wouldn't be the first time in his life he'd tasted his own ass on another male's dick.

A soft knock on the door startled Kisa and he jumped.


Can't a neko piss in peace!

Kisa frowned. "Are you always so clingy?" The words left his mouth before he could stop them. Kisa bit his bottom lip in sudden apprehension of his owner's response despite the fact that, so far, Yukina had been remarkably lenient with him.

"Ah, sorry, Kisa-san, I heard the water run and thought you were finished. I need to piss now too. Take your time; I'll go make some tea."

Kisa blushed at the apologetic tone in Yukina's voice. Reaching over, he flushed the toilet and then opened the door. He squinted out at Yukina, who even now, obviously uncomfortable, still sparkled.

"I just finished." Kisa stepped out with his eyes firmly fixed on the ground. He was startled to feel a large hand run through his damp hair and scratch the base of one of his ears. Raising his head, a pair of warm lips placed a gentle kiss on his forehead. A low growl burred in Kisa's throat, though his unruly tail made a pleasured curlicue at these touches.

"Tiger in the morning… So cute." Yukina mumbled at the fierce noise coming from his new neko, his lips still pressed to Kisa's dark brow. Kisa's eyes widened at this and he snorted in irritation. He pulled away from Yukina and stomped off down the hall tail fluffed. Over his shoulder he heard Yukina chuckle good-naturedly as he stepped into the bathroom and closed the door.

Only once he heard it latch did Kisa turn and look back. As he did, one of his hands moved unconsciously up to his chest to cover the flutter, as whatever creature he'd long caged there had found its wings once again.

Once back in the bedroom, Kisa crawled onto the futon and curled himself into a near-fetal position. He left his body bare but pulled a pillow over his head.

Tiger in the morning… I'll show you a tiger. Kisa gave an annoyed grunt and closed his eyes. He could feel the heat of his blushing cheeks against the cool fabric of the futon's linens. I'll show you a tiger… after I rest my eyes for another minute."

Being at the pound and at the petstore had exacted a much greater toll on Kisa than he wanted to acknowledge. He was definitely feeling his age and tired in ways that extended far beyond physical exhaustion. It took less than a minute after he closed his eyes for him to fall back to into a sound sleep.

When Yukina returned to the bedroom a soft smile formed on his handsome mouth the minute he saw Kisa. His lean neko's naked body was completely revealed, but for the dark head hidden under a pillow. Yukina stepped over to the bed and marveled at his beautiful new lover. He had done a multitude of nude drawings in his art classes, men as well as women, but still he couldn't ever remember being as moved by the beauty of the human form.

Well, almost human. Yukina's smile slipped. The young man sank gently down on the bed and ran his hand down the soiled length of Kisa's black tail. It gave a dreamy twitch in response to this touch.

This and his ears, Yukina thought. That's all that keeps Kisa-san from being accepted as fully human... Well, there is that self-lubricating thing too, I suppose.

Yukina's grin did not return at this last thought despite the pleasure this feat of Kisa's nature had brought him. Looking down at the smaller male it bothered him immensely that no matter what Kisa-san did, even after all the amazing stories he had overseen, the works of art he'd husbanded into the world, that he would still always be discounted as somehow being less than.

Yukina's large hand softly rubbed up the length of Kisa's thigh. His hand cupped the hard bone of the neko's hip, feathered over a flat belly and the gentle ridges of ribs. He wanted to memorize every curve, every plane of this remarkable body. Yukina had been amazed by how strong Kisa was when the two of them had coupled. There was a surprising ferocity within this small frame, not to mention endurance.

But then Kisa-san has had to be strong for a long time.

Yukina remembered coming into the pet store and seeing Kisa in the prince's grasp. He wondered how many other times the young-looking neko had found himself at the mercy of others. Yukina had no doubt that Kisa would have done his best to hold his own: the petite hybrid was fierce in his own way, of this there was no doubt. But Yukina also sensed the stifled sensitivity that informed Kisa's edits and he didn't want his new lover to have to rely on such a constructed hardness anymore.

Running his hand up higher, Yukina's fingers at last reached the pillow obscuring Kisa's face. He lifted it up carefully and stared down. With his eyes closed, Kisa looked even younger now. However, unlike most beings, even in sleep the neko's face had not completely lost its anxious expression. Yukina brushed a loose dark strand away from Kisa's pale cheek and sighed. He wished more than anything for Kisa to feel completely at ease around him.

Yukina leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to Kisa's temple. Below him, though he didn't immediately wake, Kisa's sensitive nose twitched as it caught the slight scent of mint: Yukina had brushed his teeth as well as washed himself before returning to his bed. Yukina moved his mouth down, his lips brushed the corner of Kisa's eye, soft kisses whispered down a surprisingly smooth cheek and across Kisa's sharp jaw.

In his sleep, Kisa's body responded unconsciously to these light touches. The neko rolled over on to his back, making himself more accessible. One of Yukina's hands gently cradled Kisa's chin, slightly tipping Kisa's head back. Long fingers trailed down a pale throat and Kisa's ears vibrated at the touch. Yukina's sensitive fingers traced the skin at the base of Kisa's neck where the surface was slightly rougher from all the years of wearing his sham collar and more recently the heavier shock collar at Sato's.

Delight filled Yukina when he dipped his head and took Kisa's lower lip between his own and the dreaming neko responded. This was not the few fierce battling kisses of their previous night's passion but instead a tender return. Encouraged, Yukina pressed forward, reveling in this softness of his hardened neko. He used his lips as he had his hand previously; meticulously recording every detail of the mouth that had brought him such pleasure. Yukina flicked a curious tongue between Kisa's parted lips. He could still taste a trace of himself in Kisa's mouth. This mingled with lingering mint of his own mouth and Yukina was surprised to find this arousing rather than off-putting.

Glancing down at Kisa's taut torso, Yukina could see he was not the only one who found their quiet exchange stirring. Kisa's breathing had sped up and his drowsing cock had re-awakened. Yukina turned back to Kisa and kissed his neko deeply. The hand that had come to rest at the base of Kisa's calloused neck slipped down further and came to rest on the neko's low belly, almost, but not quite touching the hybrid's erect cock.

"Mmmmm…" Kisa's back arched and he shifted his hips, brushing his shaft against the warmth of Yukina's hand; the tip of his dick began to glisten. In his dreams Kisa was reliving an orgy of beautiful faces but found himself frustrated by the tenderness of their caresses. Then his dark eyes opened and his vision was filled with a single handsome visage, more beautiful than any he'd just seen.

Yukina smiled and leaned in and kissed Kisa again. Kisa responded, but not in the way that the younger man anticipated. Yukina suddenly felt strong hands on his shoulders and found himself being pushed backwards. Before he was entirely sure of what had happened he found himself flat on his back, Kisa's tight muscular thighs straddling his hips.

There was a slightly wild look in Kisa's eyes and a growl emanating from his chest.


Yukina's voice was mild and there was no fear in it, only curiosity. The young man lay completely still, his eyes inquiring. Yukina watched as a number of emotions sped over Kisa's features before the neko's face settled into a rather confused scowl.

Kisa leaned forward and nipped the edge of Yukina's jaw, just below his right ear. Yukina's eyes widened as, though it was not so hard as to break the skin, he was sure that he would sport some slight mark for the rest of the day. Yukina's surprise did not end there, however, as a moment later, still lightly growling, Kisa turned around setting his back to him. Kisa slid himself back simultaneously so that now his thighs straddled Yukina high on the chest. The neko stretched out then, his lean arms extending as his hands slid down Yukina's thighs.

Yukina was mesmerized by the feel of the hybrid's soft sac brushing over the skin of his chest. Though disappointed when this contact was broken, equally hypnotic was the sight of Kisa's now raised ass and the rhythmic curling of his lean tail. Yukina was broken from his trance when Kisa lightly ran his short nails over the skin of his thighs. The tingling of this sensually abraded flesh increased as Kisa began to knead the tight muscles beneath his hands in a very feline manner.

Kisa leaned low, his chest barely resting on Yukina's low belly. He lifted his seme's dick from where it lay, hot and engorged against Yukina's stomach. Yukina couldn't hold back a groan of pleasure as Kisa's wet mouth traveled up the side of his cock; a moment later the fuck feral had him completely sheathed in his throat and was skillfully working him.

At the pleasure of this Yukina gave a growl of his own and wrapped long arms around Kisa's splayed thighs, pulling the neko back towards him as he leaned up and began to pepper the back of Kisa's legs with nipping kisses. Kisa gave a gasping hiss as Yukina's movement of him pulled some of the younger man's length from his throat. Yukina felt the warm drip of saliva from Kisa's chin on the skin of his groin just above his shaft as the neko grudgingly submitted this re-positioning. One of Kisa's skilled hands, however, immediately slipped forward to encircle the inches of cock no longer inside him.

His mouth released Yukina's cock completely however, as Yukina pulled him back further and Kisa felt Yukina's tongue lapping his balls before a warm hand and even hotter mouth encompassed his own stiff shaft. Far more accustomed to giving than receiving, Kisa groaned at the feel of this; he couldn't resist turning his head, wanting to catch a glimpse of Yukina's beautiful face as the young man mouthed him.

As he did this, his gaze caught Yukina's eyes. Yukina stopped his motions.

"Why did you stop?" Kisa could not keep the frustrated lust from his words. Yukina's mouth slipped off his cock.

"I am doing it right then, Kisa-san?" Yukina's expression was unblinkingly open. "I want to give you pleasure too." Despite his irritation at the interruption of touch, Kisa was moved by Yukina's desire to please him. Still he snorted.

"What do you think last night was?"

"You felt good, Kisa-san?"

Kisa was awed that someone as glorious as Yukina obviously felt insecure in his sexual prowess. He had been with far too many handsome men whose good looks had given them unmerited confidence in their ability to fuck well. He was unable to keep himself from snorting again at the ridiculousness of the younger man's question. While not one to give compliments easily he couldn't help but mutter, "Too good if you must know, if the ache in my ass this morning is any indication." His black tail curled in a swirl over his well-used opening at these words.

Yukina glowed and blushed simultaneously. In response to Kisa's words he ducked his head and his mouth took up his neko's dripping erection again. A shiver coursed through Kisa's small frame at the resumption of blissful sensation. Despite this, he stretched forward to take up Yukina's cock again as well. His swiveling ears flattened and a frustrated hiss escaped him as he realized that Yukina's long torso was not going to make sixty-nining easy.

As if he sensed Kisa's desire, Yukina curled forward. Kisa felt this and moved in tandem. He could feel the tension in Yukina's taut abdomen increase and realized that despite his seme's strength, maintaining such a pose would eventually become uncomfortable and distract both Yukina's pleasure and his performance. With skill developed from years of practice, Kisa soon maneuvered them both so that they were laying on their sides, allowing Yukina to flex and he to reach the younger male's now heavily weeping cock.

Practiced lips slipped over Yukina's hard shaft as one hand secured its base. Kisa did not toy with the man's head, knowing that Yukina in his youth, though not untried, was still sensitive and wanting him to last. A growl of enjoyment rumbled in Kisa's chest as he felt Yukina's long fingers press at the base of his own cock, while his seme's other hand slipped between his thighs and encircled the base of his tail. The hand on his tail gently pulled and stroked, each touch delivering a different jolt of electricity up his spine.

The fuck feral soon realized too to his great satisfaction that Yukina was mimicking almost his every movement, and by his own actions he was able to direct exactly how it was he desired to be ministered to. The sensation of this was mind-blowing, not just in the wet heat of Yukina's mouth, but also in the sense of power it gave him.

Too soon, however, Yukina was pushed over the precipice, despite all Kisa's skilled maneuvers to prolong him. Kisa held his new owner's dick in his mouth; he swallowed every pulsing jet as Yukina climaxed. Mere seconds after Yukina came Kisa felt the hand on his tail release and slip out from between his thighs as he was pushed over onto his back by the younger male's strong hands on his hips. His back arched as Yukina slipped up into a kneeling position and a heated palm slid up to replace his mouth.

A low heat howl built in Kisa's throat as Yukina's hand encircled his cock and began rapidly pumping his saliva-slicked shaft. Above him, Yukina reveled in the sight of Kisa as the hybrid passed the point of no return. The sight of Kisa's long neck tipped back, his lean heaving torso deliciously contorted was so beautiful. He noted Kisa's long dark lashes, the neko's eyes closed in ecstasy, the way the catman's damp bangs clung to his pale forehead and sex flushed cheeks. His artist's eye strained to catch every detail of Kisa's coming, just before his mouth dipped down to catch the milky spend that spilled from his new lover's cock.

Kisa's clenched eyes popped open at this: few humans would deign to taste a hybrid's seed, it was considered by many a dishonorable act to consume the spend of such a "lesser creature." The neko drew a deep breath at the sight of Yukina's sensuous mouth around his member. A second thrill coursed through Kisa's still quivering frame as he watched Yukina raise his beautiful face and an agile tongue slip out and gather a drop caught in the corner of his mouth. Once again Kisa experienced the foreign sensation of a purr tremble within his breathless chest.

The minute Yukina's hand released him; the ebony neko turned over on his side and curled up again. This was an action Kisa had learned to take to avoid the post-orgasmic lashing out that sometimes possessed him: a neko instinct that had brought him multiple punishments from angry semes in his younger days, before he'd learned this trick. Also, however, Kisa did not want Yukina to feel him silently purring.

Kisa had not been in this new position for long, before he felt Yukina reach out and run a hand down his sweaty side. He had explained his habit to Yukina the previous night as the behavior had initially caused his owner concern. Kisa's tail curled as Yukina's hand continued to travel over his enflamed skin, then it whipped about and encircled Yukina's wrist, pushing his owner's hand away.

"Murrrrrr, too sensitive…" Kisa rumbled. "No more." He was pleased when Yukina's hand left him without further question. Kisa sighed with relief and exhaustion. His tail released Yukina's wrist and curled up over his hip, the tip of it still vibrating occasionally as small aftershocks of sensation continued to pulse through him.

"Tiger in the morning." Yukina's voice sounded pleased as he repeated his earlier phrase. He risked leaning down to press a kiss to his wildcat's cheek and chuckled when Kisa's prehensile tail caught his chin and pushed him back once more.

Kisa growled again, but this time the sound was weighted with sleepiness. Yukina sat up and watched with rapt fascination as his new lover drifted and eventually succumbed to sleep once more. Seeing a slight shiver tremor his neko's slight, bare frame, Yukina quietly rose from the futon and draped a sheet over Kisa's curled form before he shuffled off to get ready for work.

An hour later, Kisa stumbled out into the main room still bleary-eyed, wearing the clothes he had been meant to sleep in. Here he encountered Yukina fully dressed, seated at his low table finishing the last of his breakfast. The young man was once more frowning over the fuck feral management pamphlet that Sato had given him. He set it down and beamed at his still-sleepy neko. Kisa's bedhead coif was now even more profound.

"Why didn't you wake me, Yukina? I would have made breakfast for you." Kisa rubbed one of his eyes and his tail twisted uncomfortably. He had never been the domestic sort, but he knew that cooking and cleaning were standard pet duties.

"You looked like you could use the rest, Kisa-san." Yukina sparkled as he spoke. "If you want to, you can wash the dishes after you eat. I made enough for both of us."

Kisa watched Yukina rise from the table as he moved over closer. Yukina noticed that his neko hesitated to sit.

"Please, Kisa-san. Sit down and eat. Then you can go back to bed if you like. I have to get to work. There are new issues coming in today and I have a bit more to do on one of the displays. "

Though he sat down at Yukina's request, Kisa's dark eyes showed no interest in the simple meal Yukina had prepared and instead tracked his new owner. He watched as Yukina donned a knit cap and his coat. The cinnamon seme looked like a model despite the fact the labels he wore were far from designer brands. Yukina grabbed his book bag and slipped into his boots.

"It snowed more last night, so the streets are slick again today." Yukina relayed this news with a cheerfulness that dismayed Kisa. "If you're up for it, Kisa-san, I would like for you to come to the bookstore at noon. Then we can go and pick up a few things for you on my lunch break. Besides, there's someone I'd like you to meet."

"Eh?" Kisa felt his heart sink surprisingly at these words. Of course, someone like Yukina obviously had to have a girlfriend or some female interest. There was no way the young man could encounter as many ladies as he did in a day at work or the university and not have someone he was attached to. This would be who Yukina wanted him to meet. Kisa sought to ignore the empty feeling that had suddenly opened up in his stomach, one that had no relation to hunger. He bitterly reminded himself that this wouldn't be the first time he had found himself playing the sex pet on the side for a "straight" man.

"Yes, he's an admirer of your work, Kisa-san. I'm sure he'd want to meet you."

Kisa's head popped up at this and his limp ears perked. He? Yukina said that I was his first male fuck, so it couldn't be a boyfriend.

"I left some more clean clothes out for you in the bathroom. You can find your way back to the store again. Right, Kisa-san?

"Just be careful, okay. Those slippers of yours don't have much traction." Yukina laughed when Kisa's expression darkened at both his question and his admonition. "I forget how well you can handle yourself, Kisa-san." Yukina's warm eyes held a playfully suggestive glow." I guess you'll just have to keep showing me until it sinks in."

"Idiot," Kisa growled under his breath. He suddenly wished he hadn't fallen back asleep and had taken Yukina on again despite his tender ass. Maybe since Yukina was so keen to learn about male on male sex he should have offered to top.

How about I let that sink in? Kisa scowled. He would have delivered a lesson that Yukina would have not soon forgotten. Oblivious to these thoughts however, Yukina beamed at his huffy neko, and gave Kisa a bright smile.

"Oh, Kisa-san, before I forget." Yukina dipped a hand into the pocket of his jeans and despite the fact he had his boots on, he stepped over to the low table. "Here," he extended what he now held with both hands.

Kisa felt suddenly apprehensive, but he stood and held out both hands to receive Yukina's offering. His eyes widened when saw a band of elaborately braided soft brown leather strips.

"I made you a new collar while you were still sleeping. It will keep you safer when you go out to have a permanent tag, instead of the temporary that came with you from the pet store. The softer leather will be kinder to your neck as well than that collar Sato-san sent with us for you."

As he ran a finger over the pliant patterns, Kisa could see that his new owner's tag was attached. He wondered if Yukina had any idea how many people had tried to affix their ownership around his neck over the course of his thirty years. He tensed waiting for Yukina to take it and fasten the band around his neck. After a minute of uncomfortable waiting, Kisa raised his eyes and saw Yukina studying him intently. The young man nodded and stepped back, leaving the option to don the new collar to him. Heat filled Kisa's cheeks at this thoughtfulness.

I don't deserve this kindness.

If Yukina noticed the wondering expression on his neko's face he chose not to say anything. Instead he merely leaned over and pressed a quick kiss to Kisa's furrowed brow before moving back over to the door.

"Bye, Kisa-san!" Yukina waved cheerfully as he exited the apartment. "See you at lunchtime."

As soon as the door closed, Kisa sank back down to the table. "Idiot," he grumbled again. He dropped his eyes back down to his new collar before setting it to the side.

How is it he can act so easy about everything? Kisa sat a moment wondering if Yukina's manner was the result of enjoying the world as a human, rather than living with the stigma of being a hybrid. Or maybe it came from being so attractive and having the world respond to him in certain ways because of this.

Kisa left off these thoughts as he picked up the bowl that Yukina had set out for him and ladled some miso soup into it. As he sipped the soup Kisa noted how quiet the empty apartment was. Such a blessed shift from the cacophony of the city streets, or the places he'd been incarcerated. At the same time however, without Yukina's bright presence the stillness was now also unnerving.

Seeking to distract himself from the urge to suddenly bolt that was blooming within him again, Kisa leaned over and picked up the pamphlet on fuck feral care from where Yukina had left it on the table. He opened it up and began reading as he sipped. After a moment however, Kisa choked. His face paled and he set his bowl down, any interest in eating forgotten as his dark eyes continued to absorb the information contained in the text.

So You Want to Own a Fuck Feral?

Well then, you have taken on a most challenging task.

There are many who say that the behaviors of fuck ferals are caused by improper rearing: that such behaviors can take root when a hybrid becomes inappropriately attached to or controlled by its opposite sex parent. This is one reason why early weaning is popular among so many breeders. Others argue that fuck feral behavior is a genetic abnormality, a throwback to the primal parts of a hybrid's animal biology. Whatever the cause of such lewd behaviors, one thing is generally agreed upon by both hybrid lovers and those who advocate the dangers of hybrid ownership: fuck feral behaviors cannot be entirely cured, they can only be managed and much work must be invested in taming/breaking a fuck feral into an acceptable pet..

While many a sex pet owner might be inclined to choose a fuck feral for precisely these behaviors, one must understand that due to the corrupt nature of these creatures, one can expect no loyalty. Even if a feral seems managed, recidivism for fuck feral behavior is extremely high indeed.

However, if you should decide that you wish to own such a hybrid, the following tips are offered as ways of taming your incorrigible pet.

1. Correction shock collars are a must and should be kept on at all times. It is recommended that you purchase one with an identity lock that can only be opened with your fingerprint. Many such collars have both a remote hand held activator and sensors that can be installed over windows and doors, making both escape and immediate correction possible within the function of a single collar.

2. It is recommended that you initially keep your fuck feral sequestered in a small room for a number of weeks. Make sure that there is nothing in this environment that can cause damage to your pet while he/she is unsupervised. It is also important that you make sure that your pet is dependent upon you for all of its needs. This arrangement will help to teach your feral not only that your dwelling is his/her new home, but that you are his/her sole means of survival. (Many a feral owner find this arrangement so convenient that they extend it out for years. This is also one sure way of keeping your feral's activities managed.)

3. When confining your pet, put on a radio, preferably to some talk radio station. This will get your fuck feral used to the sound of human voices. A conservative station is highly recommended as this may also impart important moral information to your pet.

4. Some owners find that arranging for a group of others (gangbangers) to take their pet sexually, at their discretion and not the feral's, has a taming effect. Not only can this help subdue the wanton inclination of your pet, but it can also provide hours of entertainment. It is recommended however, that you know the health of your gangbangers if you intend to take your pet later yourself.

5. Making your feral spend time in an ice bath or using a correction collar any time you feel your pet is becoming too dangerously aroused are methods often employed by owners as means of aversion therapy for unbridled fuck feral responses.

6. As a last resort, many an owner, particularly those who want a pet with uke inclinations, opt to have their fuck feral neutered. (This does not work for those wishing to own a hybrid with seme inclinations, here chastity devices are most often recommended for managing seme fuck ferals wanted for their stud behaviors.) Although neutering will significantly stifle a receptive hybrid's inclinations, it has little bearing on the owner's ability to continue using the pet for his/her penetrative pleasure.

At this last point, Kisa stopped reading and threw the pamphlet across the table as though it had suddenly sprouted fangs. His heart thundered within his chest as the words he'd just read swam before his eyes. Without another thought he leapt up from the table and bolted to the entry of Yukina's apartment. He slipped into his petstore issued togs, his tail whipping about wildly and after a habitual glance up at the top of the door after months of Sato's shock collar he darted out the door and on to the open-air walkway outside.

So I know I have been gone for a long time and this is my first fresh chapter in ages so I have made it extra long... almost 7000 words (6969 to be exact... heh). Hope this satisfies you.

Thank you to all of my faithful readers who have waited patiently for an update. And also many thanks to all the new readers who have alerted or favorited in the interim.

As for the fuck feral management tips… they are a combination of pointers for the taming of actual feral cats (small room isolation, the radio trick) and old techniques (ice immersion, shock therapy, castration) historically used to "cure" homosexuality or other "immoral" behaviors.

Thank god for progress however slow it may sometimes seem.

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