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Summary: Someone is out to get Danny. Who is it? Can anyone help Danny?

A/N: This story was inspired by Qweb's one-shot Vengeance is Mine. This was supposed to be a one or two chapter story. As with several other stories it ran away with me. Hope you enjoy it.

Revenge is Sweet

Saturday morning Steve opened the lanai door after his morning swim to see an odd sight. Danny was awake and sitting at the kitchen table. Danny was not one to get up early on a Saturday if he didn't have too. Steve also noticed the bags under his friend's eyes. "What's up Danny?"

Danny sighed. "I got a call while you were out. You know the new place that I was all set to sign papers on Monday?" Steve nodded as he sat across from Danny. "The building was bought and my approval was revoked."

Steve sat back shocked. "Revoked? Were you given a reason?"

Danny pitched his voice higher to imitate the caller. "Apparently the new management wants to cater to families. We're sorry but a part-time single father does not fit with their new image."

"Man that sucks Danny. Wait, can they do that? It doesn't sound legal to me."

"Oh it's legal since I didn't sign the lease yet. If I had signed it, it would have cost them money to break the lease. This is the fourth apartment that has crapped out, ghosts of old ladies aside. I'm telling you, Hawaii hates me." Danny finished angrily. Danny noticed the thoughtful look on Steve's face. "What are you thinking?"

Steve looked at Danny seriously. "I don't think Hawaii hates you, but I think that someone does. One, maybe two apartments that don't work out is normal, but four? And the reasons for the change of heart have been shaky at best; well except for the first one which was a bigger shithole than the apartment you gave up. Thinking about it the timing on the call to the inspector for that apartment now seems suspicious to me."

Danny interrupted him. "You mean that you didn't call the inspectors about that apartment?"

"I won't lie to you Danny, I did think about it. I would have been worried about your health if you lived there. Frankly the apartment reeked and was just plain disgusting. Besides, you should know me well enough to know that I would have been up front with you about calling the inspector. I would never go behind your back."

Danny sighed, he had known that. "I know. You can be sneaky, but you have always been upfront with me. So who could possibly hate me enough to keep me from getting even a crap apartment?"

"Don't know, but I will find out. I need to take a shower than make some calls." Steve stood up with a determined air now that he had a plan.

"I'll make some coffee and one of those disgusting shakes you like to drink for you." Danny knew that Steve was probably calling people Danny wasn't allowed to know existed.

"Thanks man."

Steve came back downstairs in less than 10 minutes. He found the promised coffee and shake waiting for him. He could see Danny out on the lanai talking on his phone. He probably called his parents for some moral support. Steve poured a cup of coffee and grabbed his shake heading for his study.

A few calls and Steve's suspicions were confirmed. Now, what should he do? If he told Danny, Danny would rush right over to confront the man and Steve didn't want to have to hide the body. Despite Danny's claims that Steve was the "hothead" in their partnership, Danny was like a badger, small and generally calm, but fierce and dangerous when riled. Telling Danny right now was out. It was time to use his skills from his intelligence days. He made another call asking for someone to watch his man for a week or two; Steve needed to know his habits. Next he needed to see a man named Toast and get a little of his specialized help. He poked his head out to let Danny know he was leaving and thanked him for the coffee and shake.


A/N: So who could it be? Well if you read Qweb's story than you already know. The real question is, what is Steve going to do about it.