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A year later found Steve reflecting on the confrontation he had with Rachel as he walk around his kitchen early on a Monday morning. A number of changes had occurred in his ohana's life. Danny had decided to file for sole custody of Grace when he learned of Rachel's other life in England. Rachel played at being a good mother to Grace, but Danny didn't want to take any chances of his beautiful daughter becoming like her mother. Rachel hadn't fought him for custody; she had been sufficiently cowed by Steve and his threats.

Grace had been hurt and confused at first. Danny had been forced to explain as best he could why he filed for sole custody and the reasons that Rachel didn't fight him. Grace had withdrawn into herself, thinking she was responsible somehow. It had taken time and the unwavering support of Danny, Steve, Chin and Kono along with Kamekona and a very good child psychologist to help bring Grace out of her self-imposed shell.

Danny's housing problem had been solved when he and Grace had moved in with Steve permanently. Well, after Steve had to practically hit his stubborn independent partner over the head to get him to agree. Mary had even sold her half of the house to Danny. He had tried to refuse at first because it was her inheritance. His protests were futile, she was a McGarrett after all. Mary told him quite plainly that her life was in LA now and she didn't need to own half of the McGarrett house anymore and was happy to help her brother and his best friend. Besides, it would help her put a down payment on a nice little bungalow for herself. Owning half the house helped Danny feel more like this was his home too and not just a place he lived with his best friend.

A loud burp from Steve's shoulder interrupted his train of thought. "Are you taking lessons on how to be loud from your daddy Keoni?" Steve quietly asked the baby that he had been burping after his early morning feeding. Steve smiled indulgently at the most recent addition to his ohana. He had been right when he speculated that the baby Rachel carried was Danny's and not Stan's. Danny had applied for custody of the baby before it was even born. Stan had been devastated when he found out.

Steve had decided to forward the information he had on Rachel to Stan giving him the means to divorce Rachel quietly and not have to provide much alimony. Steve's anger at Rachel far eclipsed his anger at Stan. This had just been another way for Steve to punish Rachel. Stan had let her stay at the mansion until the baby was born. He would not let an innocent child suffer because the mother was a selfish calculating bitch.

Grace loved her little brother. John helped her and Danny to heal as they cared for the baby. Steve, Danny and Grace had been at the hospital when John was born. Danny had named him John Patrick Williams after both his and Steve's fathers something that both awed and honored Steve. Steve had argued that Danny's father's name should be first but Danny had been adamant, his father was still around and his sister had already named one of her children Patrick. This way was less confusing.

Rachel had been allowed to hold and see John while she was in the hospital though she had been watched carefully per Danny's instructions. Danny's instructions had been redundant since Steve had made sure she was secretly watched during the pregnancy and at the hospital. Steve had been concerned that she would pull a runner. She had tried shortly after Danny gained full custody of Grace but she didn't get far. Steve was waiting for her on the private plane she had chartered. At that point Rachel had given up the idea of running until after the baby was born. Rachel had the futile idea of punishing both Danny and Steve by disappearing with the baby. Though she had been cowed by Steve, she hadn't really believed that he could find her anywhere until that moment.

Steve realized John had fallen asleep during his continued foray into the past. Steve made his way to John's bedroom and gently placed him in his crib. Steve softly stroked John's head. "Aloha au la 'oe litto 'ekahi."

Steve turned to see Danny standing in the doorway smiling. The two men left the room and headed for the kitchen. "I'm glad to see that you wear a shirt when you feed my son in the morning."

Steve snorted. "It wouldn't matter to John if I fed him naked as long as he got his bottle. But I would never do that with Grace in the house."

Danny chuckled in spite of himself. He knew Steve was right but would never admit it. "You are such a Neanderthal sometimes. There is nothing wrong with a little civilization Steven."

Steve rolled his eyes. "I can be plenty civilized when I want to be Danny. John has been fed, his diaper changed and he burped. He reminded me of you. I need to go swim if we want to get Grace to school and John to the day care on time. We can continue this later if you really want to Danny."

Steve headed out to the lanai pulling off his shirt before Danny could retort. Danny snorted shaking his fondly. It was like a contest between them as to who got in the last word.

Danny began preparations for breakfast, starting the already prepared coffee maker. While he was working he did some of his own thinking. He had been so very lonely during the first six months living in Hawaii. The only two bright spots had been Grace and Meka.

Danny's mother often told him that things happened for a reason, even the bad stuff like his divorce. He moved to Hawaii in order to stay in Grace's life. At the time he could not find the "reason" he lost his family. Danny found the reason for his hated move to Hawaii when Lt. Cmdr. Steven McGarrett blew into his life. The two went from facing off at gunpoint to partners so fast it had made Danny's head spin. If anyone asked Danny during the first month of their partnership he would have sworn that he would never like Steve. He chuckled quietly to himself thinking that fate reminded him of the phrase, never say never. The two men formed a very tight partnership right from the beginning. Danny had never experienced a partnership that clicked so quickly. Through this new partnership he became part of a team that he now considered family. Looking back he didn't know what he would have down without them. First they helped to alleviate his loneliness, than they stepped up to the plate when he gained custody of Grace and his son John.

Danny saw Steve walking up the beach. It was time to wake Gracie. Before he could head up the stairs he heard Grace moving around in her room. He passed Steve who was heading to the master bedroom to take a shower. "I won't tell you to hurry since you still insist on taking a three minute shower."

Steve chuckled. "I only take three minute showers when we are working now and you know it Danno. I'll check on Grace before taking my shower."

"Thanks. I heard her up, so you just have to be sure she still has her backpack ready." Steve waved in acknowledgement from the stairs.

As Danny headed back into the kitchen he smiled thinking of Steve's shocked face when he named his son John Patrick after their fathers. Danny had wanted to show Steve how much his friendship meant to him and naming Steve John's godfather just wasn't enough for Danny. Besides, the two men would not have met if not for the murder of John McGarrett and he wanted to honor the man who helped raise such a wonderful man.

As for Chin and Kono, they helped Danny find a wonderful woman who could take care of both Grace and John. She watched a few other children including Billy, Meka's son. Danny was so very grateful for his ohana. Even though he did miss New Jersey, Hawaii was his home now. His parents had had a difficult time understanding his reasons for staying in Hawaii after all his family was in New Jersey. They understood after visiting Danny and meeting his new ohana.

As Danny's parents were leaving his mother told him. "Your father and I understand why you want to stay now Danny. You have found the reason for the divorce and moving to Hawaii. It is your new family, or as you call them, your ohana. They have given you a new family and helped you to be happy again. You have also filled a place in your partner Steve's life too. I don't think that I have seen blood brothers who are closer than the two of you. We could not take that away from you even if we do miss you like crazy."

Danny's thoughts were broken by Grace coming down the stairs. "Morning Danno." Grace hugged her father. "Uncle Steve is getting John ready."

Steve came down the stairs with John dressed for the day. As the three of them ate breakfast and prepared for the day Danny decided that moving to Hawaii and meeting Steve McGarrett were two of the best things that happened to him. Only the births of Grace and John topped his list.

As for Rachel, Stan completed divorce proceedings and kicked her out of the mansion. She tried staying in Hawaii but ended up leaving when she couldn't find a job. Grace had been hurt by this but was slowly healing. Danny didn't know where Rachel landed and he didn't want to know. He did know that Steve was keeping an eye on her. Steve didn't want her to be able to hurt anyone else like she had hurt Danny.


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Keoni: form of John

Aloha au la 'oe litto 'ekahi: I love you little one