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I growled at a loud bang on the other side of my bedroom wall. I'm going to kill you Naruto! I looked over at my clock: 3:27am was glowing in red lights.

Why can't I sleep? I groaned, getting out of bed. I got dressed, grabbed my keys and left. I needed some fresh air. As I locked my door, I could hear the music still blaring from Naruto's apartment. I got into my car before someone came out to invite me in and drove.

I stopped at an old park and got out to walk one of the trails. I let my mind wander and clear itself, feeling my anger and stress slowly ebbing away. Normally I found I could sleep though Naruto's parties, especially after a tiring day, but for some reason my mind wouldn't shut off. I mulled it over as I continued to walk.

Little did I know half a mile away…

I could hear the creature's footsteps as I ran.

The sound of branches braking underfoot only fueled my haste to get out of the forest. Why oh why did I have to be dropped here! I thought as I ran. Of all the rotten places for me to be dropped in the human's world it had to be by one of the Mamodo that could beat me without the help of a book master!

I clutched my spell book and willed some of my energy into my feet and legs as another deafening crack rang out behind me and echoed through the forest. I chanced a look back. It was only a few hundred feet away. I turned to look where I was running, and saw a tall brown-haired boy in my path. But I had looked up too late. My momentum caused me plow into him.

A loud crash pulled me out of my thoughts. I heard the sound of footsteps in the undergrowth to my right. I turned to see a small girl running right at me, but I wasn't able to react fast enough. She hit me, hard. Her momentum caused me to fall on my back.

"Man that hurt," I groaned.

I stood up and began dusting myself off, when something caught my eye. It was a book, a white book. I looked up and saw the small girl staring at me. She was wearing what looked like it used to be a white sundress with a black ribbon tied around her waist. There was a large black bow on the front of her dress by her neck with a dark purple crystal in the center of it. She also wore purple dress shoes along with black leggings. From what I could see, her hair was tied back with a white ribbon. Her eyes caught my attention though. They were pure white. She looked like she could stare into my soul. She looked at the book for a moment before her focus quickly moved to me. She stared right in my eyes. She played with emotions as she looked at me. The one that repeated was fear. For some reason, I suddenly felt guilty about having her book.

"Hey," I said. She just kept looking at me. "This what you're looking for?" I held out the book to her. She took a step forward, but she stopped, never breaking eye contact.

"Come on, don't be like that," I knelt down to her level. She took another step, coming closer and closer. She was about to grab it when a loud crash caught my attention.

"Oh no I forgot about him. He's coming!" the small girl looked back. I looked up and shivered as I felt the dark energy flowing of him in waves. Move, Neji! Move! I screamed in my head, but my legs refused to cooperate. I was shaking. I wanted to run, but I couldn't. The red eyes just stared down at me, smiling. I could still feel the evil rolling off of it. When I had first looked it in the eye, I thought I saw my death.

"Mamodo girl of the white book," he laughed as I shook. "I must thank you, you have found me food. Now child, hand over your book and I will be on my way."

I closed my eyes and waited for the end to come. I felt a small hand grab my own and start to pull me. I stumbled for a moment before I was able to walk again, then I was off running, being pulled through the trees. I looked down in surprise! It was the white-eyed girl. She had her hand wrapped around mine in a fairly tight grip as she pulled me through the trees.

"Silly human," I heard the voice call. "You can run but you can't hide!" He cackled. I heard a crash ring out from behind us. I felt my body want to freeze up.

"You must keep running! Don't listen to him. Keep running!" I was surprised by this small voice. It took me a minute to realize it was the girl who had spoken. Her voice was very light and calming. I steeled myself and kept running with her.

We ran by the river as she pulled me along. She turned in to the water and pulled me into a cave that was under the bank. She pulled me down, and put her pointer finger up to her mouth. I nodded and sat back, still tense. I could hear the monster call out, and feel the ground shake as it passed by. I could feel a scream in my throat. I was about to let it out when I felt the small girl's hand grasp mine. She gave me a small squeeze and looked over at me, concern written all across her face. I felt the scream subside as I squeezed her small hand. The beast massed over us.

She let go of my hand and went to the mouth of the cave. I looked down and noticed I still had her book. I looked at it more. It was thin, like a child's reading, but I couldn't read the cover at all which had a weird hourglass drawn on the front of it. I opened it up. The few pages that were in it were black. They greatly contrasted the white of the cover. There was a strange writing in it.

The first paragraph was glowing in white, the other the rest of them were written in dark purple. I flipped through the rest of the pages. They were blank, except for the last page. There was a picture of a small two-handed sword on it. I turned back to the first page. The white part was glowing still. I looked at some more… I realized something: I could read it.

"What are you doing!" I looked up. She walked over. I closed the book and set it beside me, turning look at her.

"What was that? What is this? Who are you?" I indicated to the book. Sighing she walked over and sat down.

"My name is Hinata, and that thing that attacked you was a mamodo. I am one too. We are what you would call demons. We are not from this world. That is my spell book," she spoke in a small voice.

"Ok Hinata, why are you 'mamodo' here?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"Every thousand years, one hundred Mamodo come here, to Earth, to battle to be the king of our world. Each of us needs a human partner in order to use our spell book. The book seals our powers for battle. When read aloud, the spells are cast. Each one is unique to each of us. If our spell book is burned, we are forced to return to the Mamodo world, and we lose all claim to the position of Mamodo king." By the end of her explanation she looked as if she was about ready to cry. Rubbing my temples, this didn't seem real. It couldn't be real.

Suddenly the earth shook. That thing was back! "Come now, girl, and I promise I won't hurt you," The dark voice laughed. Suddenly the red eyes were looking into the cave.

"I found you!" She unexpectedly picked a rock off the floor and threw it at him and charged.

I watched as she jumped when his hand came down. She landed on the thing's arm and started to run up it, dodging all his attempts to hit her. Then she slipped. Her foot caught on the monsters sleeve.

"Ha, ha, I have you now, girl!" He made a grab for her, but she jumped.

She landed on the ground rolling to avoid the other Mamodo.

"Read the first spell!" She shouted at me. "Read the first spell!"

I looked at the book in my hand. I had no other choice in the matter it seemed. I'd just have to trust her. I opened it up to the first page. The paragraph was still glowing white. I took a deep breath and read it out loud…


The gem on her dress began to glow and dissolve into a spray of glitter, and a sword materialized in her right hand. The hilt of the blade was wrapped in a black leather grip. The gem, from the dress, was now on the dark purple metal cross guard of the sword. The blade was shining white, and the sharpened edge of the blade was a gentle curve, like a wave. The other side was smooth and unsharpened.

The bigger Mamodo laughed, "Silly girl, is that all your spell can does? I will enjoy burning your book."

She only glared at him tightened her grip on the blade. She dashed at the dark Mamodo. He laughed and started trying to hit her. Hinata dodged each strike. All he got was dirt.

One of his hands hit the ground to the right of her. She leaped up, taking the opening, dashing up his arm again. She dodged all attempts he made to swipe her off.

The giant beast screamed!

"Bitch!" I jumped out of the way of his hand. He was holding his eye. Hinata rolled, and stopping in a crouch. In the moonlight I could see that the monster was bleeding under his hand.

"I'm going hurt you so much, you're going to be begging me to burn your book, girl!" He roared and jumped at Hinata.

"Hinata!" I screamed! His fist came down on her. I dropped her book and started running toward her, praying for her to be ok. When the Mamodo, turned its attention to me, I froze.

"Human, do not think I have forgotten about you," he smiled at me and made a move grab me. I turned and ran. I picked up Hinata's book, and bolted. I could hear the beast laughing as he ran after me.

I looked back. He was still right behind me. I turned back just in time to trip over a tree branch. The book went flying out of my hand. I managed to stand up in time to avoid getting crushed by a large black fist. I jumped out of the way as his other hand came down.

"Ha, ha you have put up a good chase, human. Now it time for you be eaten."

I closed my eyes, as I waited for his hand to come down on me.

"BITCH!" I opened my eyes. Hinata had her sword in his other eye. She pulled it out and slashed at the bag on his necklace. She jumped off the monster's head and dove for book that had fallen out of the bag. The monster was still screeching as she stabbed the book.

I watched as the brown book started to burn where she had stabbed it and the dark Mamodo began to fade. He dove for the book, trying to put it out, but to no avail.

"NO!" He screamed as he faded into nothing.


She had fallen to the ground. She sword dispersed into sparkles, and the gem returned to the bow on her dress. I walked over to her, she looked about ready to pass out.

I knelt down beside her and smiled, "So this Mamodo business is real?"

I laughed at her sad attempt to glare. I picked her up and gave her the book. She smiled before closing her eyes and going to sleep. I sighed and began my trek to my car, the only thought I had was, What have I got myself into?