I figured there weren't enough KougaXKaoru fics here, so I thought I'll contribute =)

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After a night of fighting Horrors, Kouga returned to the Saejima mansion, only to be greeted by the sight of strings of tiny lit bulbs decorated around the building. Sighing, he stepped through the front door being held open by his faithful butler, Gonza.

"Welcome back, Kouga-sama. I trust you had a fruitful night?"

Kouga merely grunted in response and passed his white coat and sword to Gonza. "I'll be in the living room."

His initial thought of reclining in his armchair and taking a short nap was quickly forgotten once he saw the scene in the room. A large pine tree had somehow made its way into a corner of the room next to the fireplace with more string bulbs hung on its spiny branches. The other resident of the mansion, a certain Mitsuki Kaoru, was standing on a foot stool, hanging colourful decorations on the tree.

"Kaoru, what are you doing?"

"Kouga! You're back already!" Kaoru cheerfully remarked, briefly pausing her actions.

The Makai Knight rolled his eyes and made his way to the black arm chair next to the tree. Kaoru quickly resumed decorating the tree, hanging an angel ornament on a nearby branch.

"I figured since we're like a family, we could try celebrating Christmas together." She bent down to reach into a box full of ornaments and retrieved a decorative ball. When Kouga did not reply, she frowned.

"Let me guess… 'There is no point in celebrating a useless holiday', right?" She said mockingly, somehow hoping she was wrong. Kouga glanced at her and was about to answer, when he saw the hope in her eyes. He bit his lip and cursed himself for not knowing how to react.

"I… just figured you needed to cheer up more often, but I guess you don't like Christmas, do you?" The disappointment was apparent in her voice. She shut her eyes, trying to hold back her tears.

Kouga cleared his throat, visibly uncomfortable with the situation. Soundlessly, he got up from his seat and picked up a big, golden star from the box.

"I've never celebrated Christmas, but I'm willing to try it with you."

He offered a smile, placing the star in her hand. Kaoru wiped the tears from her face and grinned. With his hand over her smaller one, they gently placed the star at the tip of the tree.