A/N: The shortest one yet. There should be one more after this, once I get around to writing it that is...


A ring of the doorbell disturbed Kouga from his training. Annoyed, he stopped the training and sheathed his sword, heading upstairs to open the door. This visitor just had to come when Gonza and Kaoru were out buying groceries…

"Merry Christmas, Kouga~"

Oh, it's him again.

Wearing a fluffy red Santa hat, Rei smiled at the constantly frowning Kouga and proceeded to enter the Saejima mansion without invitation.

"Rei, what are you doing here?" Kouga closed the door behind them as the younger knight automatically made his way to the living room, where heat radiated from the fireplace.

"Well, it's Christmas, I thought you might want to celebrate with friends as well as family." Rei grinned cheekily before taking off his long coat and folding it neatly, placing it in his lap for extra warmth.

"Besides, I've prepared presents for all of you!" He proceeded to take out wrapped presents from within his coat, totaling 4 altogether. He stacked them neatly under the tree next to Kaoru's pile, then returned to his former spot on the ground and made himself comfortable.

'Fine, do what you like." Kouga rolled his eyes as Rei continued to watch the flames dance in the fireplace, recovering from the coldness of the winter winds. Without another word, he left the room and grabbed his coat from the coat hanger next to the front door.

"Kouga, where are you going?" Zaruba asked as Kouga left the mansion.

"To buy more presents. Now be quiet."