The Weirdest Vacation

Lisa: Let's go were going to be late

Marge: Homey don't stuff beer in our suitcase

Homer: Dogh! I wish I married Selena, she would have let me take anything

Marge: What did you say?

Homer: Nothing

Maggie: Quickly

Marge: You said you first word!

Homer: Cool! Cool! Now let's go!

Bart: Come on!

Homer goes to Marge and starts making out with her

Bart and Lisa: Stop it you love birds

Homer: Fine

They start driving to the airport

Marge: Let's go!

Lisa: Let's play tag

Bart: Ok

They start running on the plane

3 hours later

Bart: Hey taxi dude

Marge: Take us to the Shell City Cruise

Taxi Driver: OK

( when they get to the cruise)

Taxi Driver: That will be 100 fish

Homer: That's to expensive

Marge: (whispers) Let's run

They run and get on the cruise

Bart and Lisa: Cool

Bart: Skateboard extremes

Lisa: Study and Jazz Hot tubs

Marge: Fun with Moms

Homer: All you can eat!

Maggie: Toy

they all run to the waterslides

Bart: Wow the Surfer Wave (it must be like skating)

Lisa: The College Knowledge Drop

Marge: Family Fun Twist

Homer: The All you can eat food ride

They were on the waterslides when the boat twisted.

ALL: What is that?

They start to fall off board. Going deeper and deeper and …..