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She decided to be nice. She stayed on the roof with him that night, holding his limp torso to hers as the night grew cooler. She never would've been able to get Gambit's body down herself, at least not unless it was an emergency, and even if she did, Hank's disappointed eyes would only have added to her anger.

It was close to sunset when she kissed him, and a little bit after twilight when she actually began to feel sorry about it. It was that pink color of day, signifying dawn, when Remy started to shift in her arms. Anna reluctantly released him, settling him against the harsh surface of the flat roof. She sighed as dew wet his hair, her breath steaming.

His eyes fluttered as they opened, long, amber colored lashes brushing his cheeks. His glowing scarlet irises glowed softly, burning brighter as he awakened. Both of them were stiff, moving slowly to face each other better. The strong golden rays of the sun hit one side of their faces, making Anna appear an auburn hair sun fairie, and Remy a fire-eyed demon. Anna scooted back out of the sun's rays, her back hitting the inactive chimney, and the illusion ended. Remy crossed his legs into a pretzel, his elbows pressing into his knees as he leaned towards her.

"You stayed," he said. It wasn't a question.

This was the man Rogue didn't understand, the man who paid attention, who watched her with rapt fascination.

"Ah wouldn't have been able to get you to your room," she replied, tossing her head.

Gambit smirked, "Kitty was right."

"About what?" she asked, posture going rigid, her full dark lips disappearing into a thin line.

"You," he said with a smile. "You're all prickly for no reason, half the time."

"No reason?" Prickly?" She started to exclaim but—

"What's your name, anyway chère?"

"You can call me Rogue."

"But what should I call that sweet half of you?'

Rogue froze. "What?"

"You know, there's Rogue," he gestured towards her. "And then there's that girl who makes cornbread, sings in the shower, and likes dolls. "

"Ah don't know what you're talking about."

"I've asked around, believe me," he said, leaning closer. She briefly entertained the thought of flying away as her heart started to pound. "I'm apparently the only one to see you almost cry, not even Bobby—"

A pale ungloved hand whipped out. Remy's gloved hand caught hers easily.

"Don't think you could get away with striking me, chère," he said, eyes dangerous, His tone was as if scolding a small child. "Not even mon père could get away with it."

She tried to pull away, but he held her, pulling her closer to him. Both of them on their knees now, Gambit harshly demanded, "Why don't you go to the professor, chère?"

She tried to pull away again, but Gambit's hand still held her fast. Remy's other hand came up to smooth the first edge of tears into her cheek.

"The professor's afraid o' me," she mumbled, eyes looking down.

The confession seemed to take a lot out of her, slumping into Remy's embrace.

"He's tried to help me before, but last time Ah lost control." Her words were half lost in his cloth covered shoulder. "There's a lady Ah drained all the way once, a mutant named Carol. She could fly, and had super strength—"

"You could a gotten me down chère—" Gambit started, his tone sly and accusing.

"Ah can only other mutations under extremely stressful situations," Rogue cut him off impatiently.


"Dr. McCoy told me it had something to do with hormones and adrenaline…but we still can't figure out if my mutation is physical or mental."

"What about both?"

She didn't answer, instead saying "When Ah lost control it was when the professor was in my head…he was trapped in there with the other psyches for several days while Carol had control of my body. Ah was buried so deep inside myself Jean could barely find me."

"That's….that's rough chère."

"Ah hate that Ah cry around you," she said, looking into his eyes for once. They were gray and green and amber, swirled together like mist over the bayou. "You make me feel so weak without even trying."

"I'm…I'm sorry chère. You know I don't mean to, non? 'S just my t'ief's nature."

His charming smile managed to coax one of her own onto her face.

Maybe it was just his constant proximity—this blinding sort of attraction left me blinded and reeling. He was always so warm, so close.

I had read in lots of books about that "spark". In this case it was literal. Just the feel of his skin through clothing made me warm, made my head swim.

At the same time, I want nothing to do with him. Of course I had always dreamed of boyfriends, of love, and marriage, and babies.

My mutation changed a lot of dreams I had never known I had. Sex was one of those things. Hand holding and kisses are easy enough to imagine when you're eleven, but sex? I wasn't sure what sex was until a couple of years ago. Kitty and some of the other girls got together and we all watched a bit of a porno.

There was lots of…penis.

It was shocking and embarrassing. The rest of the girls all laughed and blushed, but I left. I spent the rest of the night crying in the bathroom. Kitty tried to get me to come back, but at that point in time Bobby and I were still together, albeit rocky. We all knew Kitty liked him. And we all knew Bobby was starting to like her back. We were only seventeen, after all.

But I'm afraid I have this complex. Even if someday I control my powers, I'll never trust someone enough, be confident enough in myself to let someone be that close to me. I just can't see myself having sex, not like everyone else.

Ironically, motherhood is something I could see myself easily taking to. I've always loved children, even when I was still a child myself. Babies in particular make my ovaries kick rather hard. When I'm PMSing it's easy to pretend that my breasts and belly swell with pregnancy, but when my period comes I'm reminded that I am virgin, and I'll never be pregnant.

I'll never be a mother.

The Ending, Continued

Remy awoke to hands around his throat. His first instinct was to fight, but his memory took over in the second it took for him to open his eyes. He managed to remain limp.

Anna Marie was above him, tears gone, eyes hard and hands gentle as she examined his collar—one they both wore.

"Ah'm glad you're still alive," she whispered. "Ah think you can get a charge going if I damage your collar."

She digs a fingernail into a soft spot of software, and a faint buzz runs along his skin. They both know that more than a little shock could happen if this goes wrong, but he'll let her try, and then they'll face the repercussions together.

He runs a charge to the source of the shock, skin contact all that is needed to make it happen. His head reels as a foreign pressure invades his consciousness. Rogue's words are drowned out by claxons, and he passes out again.

Seven Months Earlier

Anna Marie had grown used to Remy's presence. August was sweltering, and poor Anna suffered in long sleeves and pants. At one point she was persuaded into swimming with Kitty, forced into a conservative one-piece when Kitty hid her wetsuit. The water was a relief from the dry-crackling wind, and it gave Remy an excuse to lay out by the water, in nothing but swim trunks and a smile, his lithe form stretched long and lanky by the poolside.

Her pale skin glowed in the strong sunlight. Kitty's pleas for Rogue to wear bikini went unheard, the excuse "you have the abs for it!" never a good enough reason, especially when a sexy Cajun was in close proximity. Rogue started feeling nervous as more teenagers entered the pool. Everyone gave her wide berth, but she retreated to sitting on the edge, legs dangling into the water.

Gambit came over and sat next to her. "You goin' back to school in a couple o' weeks?"

"No," she sighed. "Ah'm taking this semester off."

"Why? What's your major?"

"I want to be a teacher, so Ah'm majoring in early childhood education but since Ah can't touch…" she trailed off, not needing to wander down so familiar a path.

"You like kids, den?"

"Ah always have, even when Ah was still just a kid myself. When Ah was twelve, a couple of months before my mutation manifested, Ah babysat a lot. Dreamed o' having lotsa kids," she sighed again.

"Belle ange, someday you goin' be mother à toutes les étoiles dans le ciel," he hugged her tight through the damp towels surrounding her.

She longed to hug him back. She tentatively reached one small pale hand towards his large tan one. Knowing what she wanted, and what he risked, he let their hands brush toegether.

After a moment, a blink, a bated breath, Remy started to feel it take.

Rogue let go instantly.

'It…it took a moment," Anna Marie let out a smile the size of Georgia. "It took a moment."

I will not absorb. I will not absorb this man that I—

"Storm said you had something to tell me , Anna?"

"Yes professor. Ah touched Gambit's hand today."


"It took a moment before Ah started absorbing."

"Show me," he said. He dove into her consciousness when he felt her mind open to him, watching from her point of view the instant of stillness before a trickle of memories and feelings began to pour through.

"It seems you also slowed input of information from the source. Remy wasn't adversely affected?"

Proffessor, he found out his mutation by kissing me."

"And he trusts you enough to be close to you often?"

"Ah guess."

"Hmm, interesting. You may go Anna."

That night Anna dreamed of demon eyes and strong, tan hands. She woke up wet, and with a devil at the foot of her bed.

She startled, but managed not to make a sound. Her hands clamped over her mouth, taking in the absence of Gambit's shirt, and the low rise of his pajama pants. Her own pajamas were falling off of her, the loose tank top and shorts hanging low, straps dangling off of her shoulders.

The single sheet that had covered her body was twisted about her legs.

"Sounds like you were having a pretty good dream, chère," he said. His voice was like cigar smoke, warm and rich and heady. She pulled up the sheet, unnerved by the feel of his eyes, the closeness of his body, and the darkness of the room.

"What do you want, Gambit?" she asked.

He was silent for a long moment, then moved suddenly and silently onto her bed, climbing up her legs, forearms resting on either side of her body. She could feel his body heat through the sheet, his legs pressed against hers, his torso solid and heavy against her stomach.

"I have never thought about a woman as much as I think about you." He kissed her suddenly, and along with the electric shock of skin on skin, she felt her sheets grow warm and cool, fluctuating.

She also noticed, after several seconds, that she was absorbing something, but not his thoughts or powers.

She pulled back.

"Remy? What is going on—"

"Shhh, chèrek, I'm charging the sheets and drawin' it back into mah body to give to you. You steal psychic energy, and I give and take kinetic energy. When I draw that energy inside myself, it becomes part o' me."

"So Ah can touch you as long as you're charging."

"In essence, yes. But it's also you, chère. You got stronger."

She pulled him into her, the sheet feeling too thick and too thin all at the same time.