Chapter 1

"Mother...Father...," The child murmured in his sleep.

"Ciel..." Said the figure burning in the fire. The fire...The fire that was burning down the whole mansion.

"No...No!" Ciel jerked awake in his bed. Panting, he sat up, his head spinning. He sat still for a few moments holding his head and recollecting his senses. That memory...The memory that has kept haunting him in his dreams for three years, has woken him up again in the middle of the night. Ciel got out of bed, put on his dark red robe and slippers, and quietly slipped out of his room. He knew his butler was either in his own room sleeping or in the Records Room. The boy wasn't ear either of those rooms but still didn't want to get caught since his butler had impeccable hearing. Quietly, he walked down the carpeted hallway down to the stairs. Ciel walked across the main hallway, and quietly stepped out the front door onto the steps. The door made a louder sound closing than he had hoped for but he disregarded it and sat down on the steps in the freezing air of the oncoming winter. The moon, with its silver light waning over a few clouds, shone down on the child as a cold, light breeze blew, helping Ciel clear his mind from the past reality that was a nightmare.

After putting his master to bed, Sebastian sat alone in a room lit only by one candle. He quietly finished up the records he was working on in the Records Room. As he was saving up, he thought he heard something. A door closing. He, as well, disregarded it. He made sure that preparations for tomorrow were ready then headed to bed.

Ciel fell asleep on the steps after awhile. Before he fell asleep, he realized how amazed he was that Sebastian hadn't noticed he was out of bed. It wasn't like his butler. He let go of the thought and slept peacefully on the steps clutching his robe tightly for warmth and no one in the Phantomhive household knew he was there.