Chapter 14

After the party ended that night, Ciel retired early. With the work he did all day and the surprise party, he was exhausted. Sebastian smiled as he dressed Ciel for bed. "Master,it seems you haven't made a birthday wish. Is there a wish you have?"

"It's not a wish. It's a goal that will be fulfilled."

"I see. It looks like everyone enjoyed the party."

"I didn't enjoy it. It was a waste of time."

"Honestly Young Master, what child wouldn't want to celebrate their birthday?"

"I didn't. It's nothing but painful memories to me...Happy birthday to me." Sebastian sighed softly and tucked his mater into bed.

"Rest well Young Master." As Sebastian was about to leave the room,Ciel stopped him.



"...Nothing. Never mind."

"You can tell me."

"I was just wondering..."


"If you...If you would kiss me like you did last time..." Sebastian smirked softly and quietly walked over to the young boy.

"If it is the Young Master's wish. After all,it's still your birthday." The demon leaned over his master and picked him up slightly,bringing their lips together. Ciel layed his hands against his butler's chest and kissed him back. They kissed for a few minutes then Sebastian layed the boy back against the pillows. "Seeming a bit eager,I see." Sebastian smirked and let out a soft chuckle seeing his master's cheeks flush pink once more. "You must rest now. The moon has risen high. You don't want to fall ill again do you?" He tucked Ciel back under the warm sheets and headed for the door. "Sleep well tonight and happy birthday." He blew out the candelabra and left the room quietly,closing the door silently then left to prepare the next day's preparations.