I don't really expect to get any reviews here xP I was just venting out when I wrote this xP yes, when I'm angry I tend to write (think) of hot smutty smex xP Lol joke. :D This was the product of what I did after I vented.

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Dirty Little Secret

Ralph gripped the red locks painfully tight, eliciting a hiss from swollen red lips. He felt hands pin his own above his tousled locks, rendering him vulnerable and useless. He gasped as fingers roamed freely beneath his shirt, scratching and caressing the bare skin. He heard himself unwillingly moan a name, pain and pleasure mixing into one.

The other nipped at the flesh of his neck, mercilessly leaving marks on its wake. Ralph wondered how many students would be able to notice the hickeys he'd definitely receive from the boy above once he went to school tomorrow.

"Give in?" the other whispered huskily, nipping playfully at his red tainted ear. Ralph glared hatefully at the body above him, arms weakly trying to break free.

"Screw you, Merridew," he hissed out breathlessly.

Blue eyes pushed back and stared intently at his, lips curving into a smug smirk. Ralph's heart pounded rapidly against his chest, threatening to skip a beat. His teeth unconsciously bit his lip as the other leaned dangerously close.

"If anyone's getting screwed, that'll be your, Ralph," the red head whispered tongue tracing the other's upper lip. Ralph felt a shiver crawl down his spine. He struggled vainly against his captive's hold, merely succeeding in grinding their hips together. He gasped as the other groaned.

"Feeling excited now, are we?" the other teased grinning wickedly at the blond. Ralph looked away in embarrassment, silently scolding his aroused body. How did they end up in this position?

Lips smashed against his in a rough dance of lust and kisses. He groaned in disapproval as the other's tongue pried his mouth open, tasting every inch of his opened lips. A moan threatened to escape the back of his throat as the other's free hand rubbed the cloth clothing his groin.

Their lips parted with a thin trail of saliva connecting their swollen lips.

"Tell me what you want," the red head whispered huskily, teasing and nipping the blonde's ear. Ralph growled. The heat and friction was killing him!

"For Christ's sake, if you're going to fuck me shut up and just do it or I swear to God I'm pushing you off this bed right now!" he practically screamed, pushing his hips forward for more contact. A gasp and moan.

"Couldn't have said it any better myself," the red head chuckled, releasing the blonde's hand and pulling off the other's shirt.

"God Jack, you better make this worthwhile or I bloody swear I'll charge you for rape," Ralph muttered as he threw and arm over his eyes. The other's lingering stare made him blush form embarrassment.

"I doubt you're going to do that," Jack answered cockily, giving the other's lips a quick peck.

"Let the games begin."

The following day, Jack went through his classes wearing a thick scarf covering the whole of his neck whilst Ralph called in sick and stayed home.