The walls would crumble as they shook, mocking the boy desperately trying to break this feeble cage. He could feel his heart beat in the fingertips that pulled furiously against the bounds of the prison cell made for him. The door lay in ragged, abused splinters on the cold floor. But only the door's outside had been removed. The virtually soft, wooden casing had peeled off easily when compared to the solid inches of steel that had just enough polish to let its rival see his defeat.

Allen let his hands hang down, listening to the slow rhythm the drops of blood made as they left shredded fingertips and fell morbidly to the floor. The silver mirror reflected his wild hair and rageful eyes. It also showed a hopelessness that he'd blind himself to get rid of.

Pure and simple, Allen had had enough. This was his fault. It wasn't anything he needed consoling for, mostly pertaining to the fact that it couldn't be denied. He'd brought his loved ones to a place beyond the realms of danger, and he was paying for it now. Fine. He'd accept his punishment. If only his loved ones weren't such incurable hotheads.

Cross always had to make a point of being able to do anything anyone else could do better, alone, and drunk. Lavi never could turn down a chance to show that he was made of some incredible stuff, even if it meant making a fool of himself. But, that was all okay, because they weren't stupid enough to jump into something that was very possibly deadly, while knowing nothing about it. Kanda, on the other hand, would do that in a heartbeat if the pride in his left foot whispered a mere word of persuasion. Forget bringing a knife to a gunfight, Kanda had brought a sword to an immortal's brawl.

Meanwhile, Allen was left alone, in a prison, with his hopelessly worrisome mind that couldn't help but think about that impetuous, soft-brained, deserter of a man.

It was a stupid thing to do, in retrospect. Trying to get close to someone was utterly idiotic, and trying to get close to Kanda Yuu was suicide. Allen had succeeded. He had succeeded in breaking down those stubborn, ill-willed walls, but Kanda needed those, after all. Because now, without even metaphorical protection, the man could be off trading blows with one of the beings single handedly breaking down one of his own, iron, cell walls.

"You have bad timing, Noah. I'm not really in the mood to play."

Allen felt the cool metal door against his sweating back as he spoke. Smiling, he sucked the revealed flesh of his index finger and said, "It's really a shame for you, Skinn, I taste rather bitter today. So, since you wouldn't gain anything from drawing my blood, I don't think I'll let you."

A devilish smile crept along the dark-skinned male. His body, twice the size of Allen, crackled with power and laughter.

"I'm not here to taste your defeat, sweet little exorcist," he cackled with a lashing tongue. "The flavor of watching you scream for your broken master while brother Neah takes over would be much more pleasing."

Allen pulled his cracked fingernails from his palm, watching the large Noah grow angry at his calm air. The white haired exorcist had little options in fighting the muscle-headed brute. These enemies always had him at a disadvantage. With their built in armor of hardened skin and muscle, hand-to-hand combat was virtually ineffective. But it was all he had, and it had gotten him this far. But Allen's hands were totaled, his brain was stuck around Kanda like plastic wrap, his blurry eyes looked down at pale, sweating, shaking limbs, and they looked up to a dark, wrathful mass coming with paralyzing killing intent.

Kanda ran like he'd seemed to be doing all day. Standing still wasn't an option. Even when a commotion could be heard at the place he'd just been, he never regretted moving onward. Remaining would mean that his muscles, itching to attack, would be waiting; his legs, begging to chase the ones screwing with his only family, would stay at rest; his mind, willing to wonder anywhere apocalyptic, would have a further range.

So he ran.

War had been sprinkled into his senses. The sound of ammunition firing at enemies, the sight of wounded men displaying a battle's afterimage, the smell of gunpowder and blood, the feel of adrenaline rushing through him endlessly. It may be terrible, but Kanda had an inexplicit love for it all.

He followed the strongest scent of battle, running past dozens of doors and hallways until he came upon a lifeless hallway, painted in blood. His mind recoiled at the sudden sharpness the cloudy, vile smell had gained, and trailed through the dark hallway. The groans of half-dead men barely held his attention, and Kanda notice a sliver of light leaking out from a door, lying mere feet past the horrid bloodbath.

His boots, matted in blood, squelched on the wooden floor, and he gave the open door a kick. Guarded with his sword up front, Kanda stepped into the room, only to see an all too familiar face speaking to another.

"Kanda?" came the voice of the black haired, bespectacled idiot talking to the redheaded one that didn't seem happy that the swordsman was there.

The room was small, filled with the three of them, a desk, and the golem that was growing increasingly baffling as it projected a map of the building, and where a few select people were, or perhaps 'should be', located. Lavi and Komui were shown as green dots in a square that must've been the room they were in now, Kanda, himself, was shown as a blue dot next to a red one that was labeled "Allen Walker". There were various black dots, labeled Noah, peppered about the map, in areas all lengths away from their current location.

"Yuu?" Lavi questioned with a surprising venom where Kanda had expected a foolish coo. "What the hell are you doing here? Where's Allen?"

"What?" Kanda asked bluntly to retort to a rabbit's snarl, "I left Beansprout in his little cage and told him to wait it out. There's a fucking Noah attack and you expected me to sit around like some incapable and do nothing?"

"Yeah, I did!" Lavi shouted, an arm flying angrily to the side. "After all of that talk about you not leaving the kid, I'm sorry that I actually thought you'd stay with him! You might be a huge idiot, but I figured I could trust you to hold it in for Allen's sake and stay with him when his biggest enemies came to the party. But, no, you couldn't do that. Your idiocy must just come out of you whether you like it or not, huh? Like some, giant, constantly replenishing gas that just comes out in huge, awful brain farts. I mean, come on, Yuu. Allen's battling inwardly with a Noah and now you're actually going to risk him having an outward battle with one too? How hypocritically idiotic can you be?"

Kanda's brow wrinkled at the dumbass's words… It sucked when usagis were right.

"So… you put me in there on purpose?" Kanda asked dubiously.

"Yes, we did!" Lavi shouted to the ceiling. "We put you in there to stay with Allen while this attack happened, and you screwed it up. God, if you're here, then he's probably out of th-"

"Wait," Kanda stopped as the usagi's words hit him wrong, "you… you knew about the attack?"

Lavi showed no sign of surprise, but Kanda could see that he had been hiding it. He'd been caught, but why he needed catching, Kanda didn't know.

"Yeah." Lavi said bluntly. "We… me and Komui knew. We've been tailing the Noah for a while now."

'What?' Kanda thought. Lavi had been with him the past two, three years, so… how long had they been planning this? Even while they were searching for Allen, was Lavi keeping track of the Noah? Then… wouldn't he have known where Allen was? Was that why their almost impossibly coincidental meeting happened?

"What are you guys planning… and since when?" Kanda asked, stepping toward the man staring at him with a lone eye that drowned in the answers he needed.

Lavi gave him what better not have been a growl, and turned to Komui, standing a gait's way from the redhead. A purple head nodded, and Lavi spoke.

"It wasn't a coincidence, Yuu," he stated answering Kanda's previous wonderings in a flat sentence. "I'm sorry… I really am, but I knew where Allen was the moment they took him here."

Kanda could've screamed, unsheathed his fierce sword and tongue and cut down Lavi right there. His mind stopped that, wanting to know the rest, and simply gave a grunt that Lavi smiled at.

"Be patient, Yuu," the teen said as a dead joke that only managed to not make the air heavier. "Komui and I have been in contact since I left the Noah when I was young. I was a good asset to him, and I got to get back at the people that screwed Allen and me over. Then… then you came into the picture, someone with incredible strength that the Noah were aware of and could influence Allen more than anyone and we knew that, no matter what, we couldn't let the Noah have you."

Kanda held up a hand, signaling for Lavi to pause, and he spoke, feeling the ache in his temples grow. "So… even when you came to the orphanage… you knew. You knew me, and that the Noah were interested in us both. You guys… you guys knew our future back then?"

Lavi nodded and Kanda's mind was in a rampage; his thoughts were rebelling in an outbreak of disgusting ideas about riding on a conveyor belt, every bit of his life being assembled up to this moment; the ideas infested his body.

"Don't fucking tell me you had everything planned out from way back then, Usagi. I won't believe shit like that."

Lavi gave a quiet sigh, and stated softly, obviously coming off of his immediate rage at Kanda. "You don't have to, Yuu. It was all just a well-made prediction based off of things we knew. Not everything went as planned… For example, Tiedoll is in our business too, but we had no involvement in him taking you in. That, and you being so entirely tame over the years you were without Allen helped a lot with keeping you under the Noah's radar."

Kanda's eyes widened at the mention of Tiedoll. A man like him… in a place like this? Kanda couldn't fathom it, but he'd been having trouble understanding a lot of things lately. So what if Tiedoll's one of Allen's kind? There were other, more surprising, things about such a weird guy like Tiedoll, so whatever. But, what about the others? If everyone so far has been involved in this insane plot, then what about…

"Lenalee was a hit or miss in our plan." Lavi said, pissing Kanda off with how he always just had to read into your every movement to get into your head. "If she wanted to confront you that would help with letting Komui get a closer look at you and your movements. But if she didn't approach you or you wanted nothing to do with her, then Komui would've just enrolled her into your school for nothing."

Lavi ended with a smile and even Komui chuckled, looking at Kanda who had never been more furiously confused and blown away at once. He ran through the questions he could ask, but none seemed important. Lavi had managed to give him the most minimal information, while answering everything needed… except for one question.

"What are they here for, Usagi? You guys should know. What is the 'heart'? Why do they want it?"

Lavi's eyes grew dull and Kanda saw something he'd never seen before. Lavi didn't know. His knowledgeable eyes were flat, but there was a spatter of wonder that, almost like blood, assaulted Kanda's senses and told him to cover his nose, cover his mouth, cover his ears. Vault away any sense that could pick up Lavi's idea of what the heart might be.

"We don't know, Kanda. It could be me…. It could be you… it could be anything." He paused and glanced at Komui who wore a strong, but withered look. They had been working hard and they still didn't know something so important, "But there's an eighty- no ninety percent possibility," and even if their answer was the right one, "that 'the heart' they're looking for," it may not be the one they want to hear, "is Allen.

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