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Chapter One: Beginnings

Four months after the Digimon have returned to their world.

Takato Matsuki had just discovered a portal leading to the Digital World. Well 'discovered' is probably not the best word. He remembered the portal in his old digital partner's habitat in the middle of the park. The Brown haired boy's mind leapt for joy as the possibilities of seeing his old friend became a reality. He immediately went to the nearest pay phone and dropped a quarter into the slot. With some shaking in his hands he dialed his friend Henry's number. The phone rang and rang and rang. Takato sighed and adjusted the oversized goggles on his forehead. If Henry wasn't home he would simply try Rika next.

*CLICK RATTLE RATLLE* "Hello. Wong residence, how may I help you?" A little girl's voice came over the phone. Takato smiled. Henry had trained Suzie well.

"Hi Suzie, its Takato. Is Henry home?"

"Yeah, hold on just a second." The phone was moved slightly away from the girl's mouth but Takato still had to move his face away as the girl screamed, "Henry, Takato is calling!"

There was a silence for a moment and Takato listened, waiting for his friend to pick up. Finally there was a shuffling over the phone and then a teenage boy's voice came over the other end,

"Hey Takato, what's up?"

"I found a portal." It was all Takato had to say. Henry knew exactly what he was talking about. Every single Tamer had been waiting for just that news. A chance to go to the Digital World and see their partners one more time.

There was a silence on both ends and then Henry came back incredibly serious, "Where?"

"The park," was Takato's only response.

Henry slapped himself in the forehead and let out an audible sigh before coming back nearly yelling at Takato out of joy, "Guilmon's house! How could we have forgotten? I thought we checked there earlier?"

"We did. Somehow it opened up again."

"Well that's great news! I'll tell Suzie and we'll start packing. I'll meet you there in an hour and we'll plan on when we should head out. Call the others."

"I just hope I have enough quarters."

Henry was in a great mood and he came back over the phone, "Call that wildcat Rika collect. I heard she just got a huge boost in allowance. She's the youngest of the three of us and already she's loaded."

"Ok Henry, I will. See ya."

"See ya Takato. And Thanks." With that Henry hung up and Takato had to pull out another quarter and make another call.

With some effort Takato recalled Rika Nonaka's cell number. He dialed knowing very well that he hadn't called collect. She would have kicked his butt had he done that. Takato had to fight the urge to jog in pace as excitement threatened to take over. They were all going to be together again. Rika didn't pick up her cell. Takato rested the payphone back into the cradle and put the same quarter back into the machine. Maybe her house phone would be better. It rang for some time too, but an old lady finally picked up, "Nonaka residence, who do you need to talk to?"

Takato smiled remembering Rika's grandmother who had once offered to make cookies for him after just meeting him, "Hi. This is Takato. Is Rika around?"

The elderly lady looked down the hall to her granddaughter's room, "yes she is Takato, but she has a boy in there with her and she told me not to disturb her. I'll give her a message if you want."

Takato paused for a second completely baffled by what he had heard. A boy in Rika's room? Do not disturb? The importance of his call reasserted itself in his mind, "it's very important. Can you please just nock on her door and tell her it's me?" Rika's grandmother agreed and walked down the hall.

Takato waited a few minutes for a response finally a young girl with a fiery temper picked up the phone, "this had better be important, Takato."

Takato simply grinned, "Yeah. Sorry for spoiling your romantic evening, but..."

Rika cut him off, "I don't know what my grandmother told you, but I was not having a romantic evening. I'm in the most important Digimon card battle of my life. Kicking butt, by the way. So tell me what you want so I can get back to being awesome."

Takato didn't try and act defensive. His smug grin could almost be heard over the phone, "you'll put up with my stupid questions if you want to see Renamon again."

There was no response from the other end. Frankly Rika was just shocked that Takato had the balls to say something like that to her. And he said Renamon. He knew something. Takato finally let the info out, unable to withhold his excitement any longer, "we'll discuss your awesomeness later. I found a portal."

Rika came back over the phone, "Where is it?"

Takato got that smug smile over his face again, "say I'm awesome."

"What? No way!"

Takato knew he had her, "say I'm the most awesome Tamer you ever met and I'll tell you how you can see Renamon again."

There was a tangible bitterness coming from Rika's end of the line, but finally she broke down in a grumbled tone, "you, Takato Matsuki, are the most awesome Tamer I have ever met."

Takato chimed in, "and all the girls love me."

Rika let out an audible growl of frustration, "goggle-head, if you don't tell me right here and now I'm going to thrash you. And for the record I can guarantee at least one girl right now that you are not winning any points with."

Takato knew he was in trouble, "me and Henry are meeting in the park in about an hour. You should come too. We'll discuss stuff from there."

The fiery redhead wanted to slam the phone down, but Takato continued, "But Rika, I need your help."

Rika now smiled wickedly, but came over the phone in the sweetest voice she could muster, "whatever do you need, my goggle-headed friend?"

Takato was terrified by this voice more than anything, "I'm running low on quarters for the payphone here so can you do me a favor and call some of the group? If you call Kazu and Kenta I'll call Ryo, Jeri, Ai and Mako."

Rika grinned, "How about this? I'll call Jeri and Ryo and you call the others. But you have to do something for me."

Takato sighed knowing what was coming, "what is it?"

"I want you to admit that I'm the prettiest girl you ever met and that I am still the best Tamer this side of two worlds."

Takato groaned, "That's worse than mine!" There was a silence signifying that he wouldn't win this, "You, Rika Nonaka, are the prettiest girl I have ever met and also the best Tamer of two worlds."

Rika smiled, "see. Now was that so hard? I'll see you in an hour. See ya goggle-head." With that she hung up.

Takato was deafened by the clatter and he frowned, "yeah, it kinda was."

Rika walked back along the outside walkway to her room. The garden was looking beautiful and the pond was very serine, but without Renamon it was all empty. She needed to see her friend. The young girl with the red ponytail slid open her paper thin door and entered the room where a young man her age in a black t shirt and jeans sat behind a half-finished Digimon card game. Ryo Akiyama looked through his cards casually, "what did Takato want?"

Rika sat down across the table from him and looked through her own, "whose turn is it?"

Ryo set a card down on the table face down, "mine, but you haven't answered my question."

Rika sighed, "Takato found a portal to the Digital World. He wants us to meet him at the park to discuss it in an hour."

Ryo stood up, "let's get going then."

Rika urged him to sit back down with a motion of her hand, "Hey I'm just about to beat you in our glorious rematch. Sit down. The game isn't over yet."

Ryo bent over and flipped a card over, "now it is. Let's go."

Rika couldn't believe it. He had beaten her again. 'The best Tamer in two worlds huh' she thought to herself. 'Well at least I'm still the prettiest. I'll get him later.'

Takato picked up the phone again. He had to call Ai and Mako, the two youngest members of the team and Impmon's Tamers. Luckily the twins picked up on the first attempted. They reacted in much the same way as the others. Unlike the majority of the Tamers who lived nearby the twins were far off in Hongo which required a long trip via bus or subway to arrive. They agreed to come, excited to see their partner again, but said they would miss the deadline for the meeting. Takato was worried about them. At six years old the twins were too small to be of much use in the Digital World, but they were Tamers nonetheless. They deserved to be there. Takato agreed to pick them up at the station in three hours' time. They would stay at his house and he would return them home to get their things the next day.

Next on the list were Kazu and Kenta. Takato had two quarters left, but was sure he would only need one. The troublesome duo would almost certainly be together. Kazu's house was the first place Takato tried. As luck would have it the cocky Tamer picked up, "What's going on, Takato? Haven't heard from you in ages."

"We saw each other at school two days ago."

"Yeah but school doesn't count as social time."

Takato chuckled at his friend's insight, "is Kenta there with you?"

Kazu paused, "how did you know he was here?"

Takato laughed, "Just a guess. You two are joined at the hip. Anyway I need you two to get to the park ASAP. I found something I think you guys might like. We're all meeting here."

Kazu shouted to Kenta, "Hey buddy, the Tamers are getting back together in the park! I bet you found out something about Guardromon didn't you?"

From over the phone came a, "did he find MarineAngemon?"

Takato answered back, "I found a portal. We are going to them, but for now we're discussing when and what we're bringing so let's get a move on. I'll see you guys here soon."

With that Takato was finished with all his call. Now he just had to hope Rika would follow her part.

Rika dialed Jeri on her cell as she walked to the park. She was unsure as to why they would be calling Jeri anyway. The girl had lost her Digimon in their first trip to the Digital World. Although Rika was very sad for the girl the idea of taking her back only seemed like a bad one. The thought of Jeri going back and seeing all the things that reminded her of Leomon could only stir up old wounds. Still they all seemed to do whatever their fearless leader asked so Rika waited for Jeri to pick up.

The cheerful girl did pick up almost on the second ring, "Hello, this is Jeri, what can I do for you?"

Rika liked that the Jeri had regained most of her cheerfulness. After what happened to her it was hard to see how, "Hi Jeri, its Rika."

"Oh hi Rika! It's been so long. How have you been?"

Rika smiled, "I'm good. Takato asked me to call you."

Jeri sounded confused, "Takato? Why didn't he call himself?"

"We'll you see he was running out of quarters when he called me and I volunteered to call you. It's a long story, but the short version is he wants all the Tamers to get to the park. He found a portal."

There was a long silence on the other end, "that's wonderful, Rika. I'm glad you'll be able to see the others again, but why does this involve me? There's nobody on the other side of that portal waiting for me."

Rika felt the sadness creeping into the girl. She did her best to cheer her up, "Because even without a Digimon you're still a Tamer. You're still one of us. Nobody can take that from you. And besides, we all want to see each other again. You included."

Jeri perked up, "when do I need to be there?"

"I'm heading there now with Ryo. Get there as soon as you can."

Jeri said goodbye and hung up the phone. Rika was glad her friend was still cheery. All the pieces were successfully in place. The Tamers were having a reunion.