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Ethan Pov

We was at this lady's house and I have new cloths and so as Benny and Cherry. "I'm really enjoying these cloths." Cherry said. "Great for you because I'm really not." Benny said. I laugh at how he look. "Stop it's not funny!" Cherry and I laughed some more. "I'm going to change my outfit." And he walked away. "I sure got great laugh did you?" She asked. "Yeah." I sighed. "What wrong?" "My mom I miss her so much." "Yeah I know what you mean I miss my best friend. So do you like Benny?" I go and get a book. "Oh come on Ethan! Tell me or else I tell Benny that you like his eyes." I got shocked. "You won't!" "Oh I will." "Fine I like Benny he so hot." Cherry was happy. "I knew it all a long I just didn't see it." I rolled my eyes. "Whatever just don't tell Benny ok?" "Sure I won't tell Benny a thing." And then Benny came into the room. "So what you guys talking about?" Benny asked. I rolled my eyes. "I should leave you two alone lovebirds." Cherry skipped out of the room.

Later the room got quiet when she left. "So Benny who do you like?" I asked. I need to know who do Benny likes. Even if it not me I still be happy for him no matter what. "Uh we should talk about this when we get home." "No I want know who do you like now." "I like you Ethan." I was shocked. "What? What did you say?" "I said I like you." "Benny Ethan they back!" Cherry said. "What?" I said. "They back! We must hide!" "Come on in the bathroom!" We ran in the bathroom. They try to break in. "Benny write a letter for Ethan parents and your grandma!" Cherry said. "Benny hurry up they almost done breaking the door." I said. "Ok I finish geez." Benny said.

We were all trap couldn't do anything but sit there. Later when they open the door and throw us to the ground with a gun. "So who should we kill first." Some guy said. "Just kill me first I won't mind just don't kill Benny and Ethan." Cherry said. "Shut up we get to choices here not you." Cherry rolled her eyes. "I think this guy." He pointed at me. "Me? No not me I can't please I do anything but that." I said. "Not him kill me but him please he is my best friend." Benny said. The guy shot me in the arm. And later the police came by (thank goodness it was by the road) and arrest them. Later my parents and Benny's grandma came and call for some help.

Later I woke up in the hospital and I can't believe I was alive. "Hey Ethan." Benny said. "Hey Benny what up?" I asked. "Good I'm glad you're alive Ethan." "Yeah me too. Benny I like you too." He was shocked. "I love you Benny. Now kiss me." He smile at me and later he kissed me. "I love you too Ethan." We both smiled at each other. And that how I get kidnap. The End.

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