Truth or Dare

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Chapter 6

Logan's POV:

It was getting late as I aimlessly wondered the streets thinking about Katie and what she had done. Why couldn't she just talk to me about it? I came across a beach and I decided to watch the sunset hoping it would clear my head enough to figure out what to do.

It was so beautiful the orange and red of the sun in contrast to the dark sky was just breath taking almost as breath taking as Katie Her beautiful eyes, her flawless smile, the way she looks so perfect without even trying and the way she moves. I love her but can I forgive her. Halfway through thinking I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, I pulled it out and check who the message was from before opening it, It was James

From James-She's asleep guy and Logan what the hell are you thinking of she will die without you!

From Logan-I don't know man this is so messed up.

From Kendall-Dude I hate to say this and I really hate it but she needs you so much right now and you just walk out nuh uh man.

From James-Yeah man not cool. She is curled up on my lap asleep but I can still feel her tears soaking my shirt.

From Logan-Why the fuck is my girlfriend curled up on your lap?

From Kendall-Logan this isn't the time to get possessive also you bloody walked out on her and she wanted James's comfort and I am okay with that because she loves him as her brother.

From James-Logan please come back and make this right.

From James-She's shouting your name and saying please come back. Kendall help please I don't know what to do.

From Kendall-On my way in sweetie.

From Logan-I can't.

From James-Why the hell not!

From Logan-Because...

From James-Oh that clears everything up thanks dude.

From Logan-piss off man seriously. I will come back but in my own time, I need to think please respect that.

From James-Whatever. But if she hurts herself because of you we will fucking kill you!

From Logan-Then keep an eye on her, I still love her ya 'know.

From Kendall-Then start acting like it, grow some balls and face the facts she messed up but what your doing is killing her.


From Kendall-Yeah but she has forgiven me because right now I'm the one sat here holding her telling her you still love her.

From James-We all know she isn't as strong as she pretends to be. She hides her emotions much like Kendall does.

From Logan-Look guys I will be back later I swear just let me decide if I still want her after this.

From Kendall-You just said you still love her. You know what do whatever the hell you want but if she dies so do you get it!

From Logan-Noted now bye.

From Kendall-Bye

From James-Bye

Man this is messed up why can't things be good and simple again. I started walking back to the apartment but not before sending a text to Katie first.

To Katie-I love you. Never forget that I'm sorry I walked out I just needed to think. Xxxx

I didn't have to wait very long for a reply about half a second later my phone vibrated in my hand.

From Katie-I know and I forgive you. I love you so much and would die without you. I swear I will never do it again. Your my forever and always. Xxxx

To Katie-I will be back soon. My Love forever and always Xxxx

As I past one of the alleys I could hear people laughing I looked in to see a bunch of guys sat in a circle smoking something. Curiosity got the better of me and I walked down the alley to the guys

"Hi." I said to them. They all looked at me "Ummm what's that you're smoking there?" One of the men looked around the group and they all nodded "Are you a cop?" One of the guys said and I shook my head. He then smiled "It is weed man you gotta try it, such a buzz." I looked quizzically at what he had given me but quickly took the spliff off him and took a long drag of the weed. "Man that's good where can I get some of that?" I asked feeling a bit out of it.

"I know a guy but you have to be willing to pay for it." He told me well I didn't think it would be free I thought snottily "I don't care how much it is I want some." This stuff really changes a person I am usually smart, shy and nice. "Here is his number call him whenever." He gave me the guys number and I swiftly left not wanting to be back too late but I was drifting still a bit loopy from the drug.

I felt my phone vibrate as I was about to cross a road that I hoped would bring me back to the palm woods it was Kendall.

From Kendall to Logan-Thanks for doing the right thing man. See you soon.

From Logan to Kendall-What can I say I love her and always will.

I didn't get a reply after that so I continued to guess my way back to the palm woods my head clearing ever so slightly. I sighed in relief when I saw the tall building come into view "Thank god" I muttered to myself as I walked in to the empty halls and up to the elevator I pushed the second floor and listened to the all too familiar elevator music, when it reached level 2 I all but ran out not wanting to wait to see my beautiful girl.

As I reached our door marked 2J I grabbed the handle and to my luck it was because I know I forgot my keys while rushing out earlier. I could hear the TV blaring as I opened the door and stepped in. I saw Katie with her head on James's lap and Kendall sat at her feet.

"Hey there beautiful." Was all I said walking through the door. She looked up into my eyes and smiled her perfect smile and ran towards me and jumped into my awaiting arms "I love you." She whispered into my shoulder while peppering kisses on my neck and shoulder.

"Babe can I talk to you a minuet in my room?" She asked me, I looked at her curiously but her eyes only flashed with pain and hurt with only confused me more.

Katie dragged me to her room and Kendall shot me a look that said 'have sex with her and die.' She shut the door and turned to me "What is that smell Logan it's on your breath and your clothes?" she demanded, god she was sexy when she was demanding.

"I may have smoked some weed." I looked ashamed at the floor.

She placed her hand under my chin and brought my eyes up to look into hers "It feels so great Katie you have to try it." I jumped in before she could say anything "No I will not smoke weed with you Kendall would kill both of us." She said matter of factly.

"Please just try it for me the guys I smoked with gave me a bit of weed you need to try it please we can go to the roof Kendall wont know." Katie looked ready to crack so I used her signature look the puppy dog eyes and I saw her cave "Alright fine lets go, grab a lighter from the kitchen and hurry don't let Kendall and James see." I smiled and kissed her lightly on the lips as I walked out of her room and to the kitchen.

"Logan and I are gonna go to the roof and talk about what happened is that okay?" Katie said to James and Kendall so they wouldn't worry.

"Uh sure take some blankets it will be cold" was all Kendall said cuddling up to James. She swiftly walked to the cupboard and took some blankets out and we hurried out the door.

We ran up the stairs to the roof not wasting time in the lift I held the door open and we walked out and sat down wrapped ourselves in the blankets. I handed her the spliff and light it for her "Here" was all I said to her she knew what to do. She took a long dragged and then held it out to me "Here you have some too it's too good not to share." I laughed and took it from her "I will buy some more for us and we can do this." She smiled happily at me as we continued to get high and laughed we cuddled and in the end fell asleep.

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