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Once again, the four were aboard Eoleo's ship, sailing away from the nearby port and towards Yamata. They decided that it wasn't worth disrupting Amiti, who was probably extremely busy running his empire (from the last time he heard, he was doing extremely well and was deeply adored by his subjects, as Matthew thought was reasonable as Amiti was always very calm, collected and a great friend), Sveta, who had to rebuild her entire city of Belinsk after the Great Shadow Disaster (Karis didn't have any fancy words, for once. After being intimately involved in the giant disaster, Karis decided that she would leave naming for nameless scholars who had more time to decide on a fantastical name), and Rief, who was probably with either Mia at the moment in her hometown of Imil, or studying with Kraden (Tyrell personally shuddered at the thought of being stuck with Kraden for 24/7 and trying to follow the elderly scholar's train of thought). Besides, they needed to make to Izumo with intense speed - Eoleo was extremely worried with Himi's wellbeing, considering her abilities were highly sought after.

"Eoleo! Starboard side! What the hell is that?" Tyrell swore, as he picked up on an unusual sight towards his right.

Everyone on board turned and looked towards the right side. Matthew summed up their feelings. "#* %!"

A giant hurricane was heading their way. Karis trembled. Being of Jupiter descent, she could instantly determine that it definitely WASN'T naturally-made, and... it was infused with raw, powerful psyenergy, a level she had never witnessed before, even DESCRIBED before.

"Everyone! Brace yourselves!" She screamed over the approaching deluge of noise, and everyone clambered to anchor themselves onto something.

Of course, even though Eoleo's ship was tough and sterner than last time, it didn't have any chance against the psyenergy-strengthened hurricane, and it was crushed. Everyone aboard was tossed in different directions, screaming out each others names as the hurricane plowed through.

As they flew in different directions, the hurricane suddenly dissipated, returning the day to the original cloudless and sunny day it had been.

Ivan stirred, and jolted as he remembered the vivid dream he had. A hurricane tore into a ship which contained HIS daughter and his probable-son-in-law (he could easily recall the times where they watched Karis and Matthew playing when they were younger, and Jenna watching the scene then whispering in Ivan's ear "three hundred coins that they're going to get married someday"), and they were scattered all around Weyard... by themselves and alone.

The bed creaked as he slowly rose and jumped off the bed, then headed towards the door of his bedroom. Quickly grabbing a robe and tossing it on, he opened the door to see a dazed and frightened Sheba.

"Ivan... the hurricane... Matthew... Tyrell... Eoleo... Karis," she murmured. "It... it wasn't natural... it just disappeared..."

Ivan grabbed Sheba into a hug, and slowly Sheba started calming down. Both Jupiter adepts could tell that the Hurricane could not be created even if both of their powers were combined. That said...

"Who created the hurricane?" Ivan whispered as Sheba shuddered to think of what could happen if the instigators decided to use their force for more sinister purposes.

Regardless, they went back to their respective rooms, quickly dressed, and headed towards the Outpost - Isaac, Jenna and Garet all deserve to know what happened to their kids, and both adepts were silent on their way there, praying to the Gods that the kids was okay, that the crew were okay, that they made their way safely to land -

Coughing to the point where he felt like his ribs were about to shatter, Matthew could only think of the positive point - despite the terrible pain in his lungs and the fact he felt all washed-up (which he was, he sarcastically thought), he was still alive.

And alive meant that he could figure out what was going on, and do something to remedy that.

That hurricane... this was no natural occurrence, some powerful Jupiter adept must have summoned it... but for what purpose? He slowly dragged himself upright, clutching at where he normally kept his sword - and thankful that the Sol Blade was still there, tightly fastened after the last incident they had.

"Karis," Matthew softly whispered. The last shipwreck he had participated in initiated their relationship and started another adventure, but this time it was different. He was stranded by himself (he knew, after seeing everyone thrown in different directions, that they would all be separated), in a place he wasn't familiar with, with no supplies and his back against the wall.

"... Matthew? Is that you?" A familiar voice called out, and Matthew snapped his head back.

"Himi!" Matthew exclaimed in surprise, and stumbled his way towards Himi. "Am I... in Yamata?"

Himi nodded, but then frowned and started looking around. "But... I don't recall seeing the ship in the docks... how did you end up here?"

Matthew sobered instantly, and told Himi the story of how Eoleo KNEW she was in danger, that they immediately mobilised to come help, which Himi interrupted.

"But Matthew... Eoleo... is in Yamata at the moment, and has been here for the previous two weeks?" Himi frowned.

Matthew was struck speechless. He stopped, and Himi could see his mind working furiously, trying to process this new information.

"Himi, I think we're in deep, deep trouble. I need transport towards Kalay, and possibly a messenger pigeon towards Ivan." Matthew, for the first time in his life, felt deeply scared.

"Reasons be damned Isaac! MY SON IS OUT THERE! BY HIMSELF!" Garet roared, and Isaac frowned back at him, his lips curling downwards.

The atmosphere in the Outpost Cabin was extremely tense, and Jenna shuddered. It was extremely rare for Garet to lose his temper, especially at Isaac.

"Garet. Don't forget, my son AND Ivan's daughter are also out there. Rushing out there would solve NOTHING." Isaac stared at Garet sternly, his blue eyes unwavering, and eventually the fury left Garet's eyes.

"Forgive me, Isaac. I... I'm just worried. The kids don't deserve this," Garet said, his shoulders slumping.

Isaac went over and gave Garet a hug. "I know you mean well, Garet. Hell, I... I wanted to just rush out. But we've got to look at the bigger picture here, you know?"

"Yeah, yeah. Don't worry," Garet flashed a weak smile. "They should be fine."

Ivan came back into the building, frowning as he read the message. "Isaac, I've just received this message. It's from Matthew."

Jenna sighed in relief softly, but she still felt awful. She's received news that her son was safe, but... she looked at Garet and Ivan, whose children's fates were still unknown.

"I might as well read it out to everyone - Matthew's gotten a better image than I have already," Ivan chuckled. "Your kid is pretty smart Isaac."

Ivan, dad, mum, and to everyone else,

As you know, we were sailing towards Yamata to protect Himi, but we were suddenly struck by a magical hurricane shortly after departure. The boat was destroyed and we were all flung in different directions.

I ended up in Yamata, where I've just met Himi AND Eoleo... which makes it a bit strange. Eoleo couldn't have been present in two places. Plus, Eoleo had been in Yamata for the previous two weeks - which has lead me down to these conclusions.

1. Karis was shaking when the hurricane was bearing down on us - leaving me to believe that it was of Jupiter descent (I could not sense any malicious dark psyenergy), and hence, leading me to the final conclusion that this force was summoned by adepts even stronger than Ivan and Sheba, maybe their force even combined.

2. The presence of two Eoleo's could further back up the fact that there are Jupiter Adepts working magic - in this respect, strong illusion spells that even fooled Karis.

This leads to me the eventual (but possibly incorrect) conclusion that the Anemos are responsible. Reasons?


After finishing reading the letter out to everyone, Ivan couldn't believe it. The Anemos were back... but for what purpose?

"Why... why are they back now? And if so, why..." Ivan choked on the last sentence.

"Do you think they've kidnapped Karis?" Garet asked.

"But for what purpose? If they want to reclaim any adepts descended from the Anemos clan, why would they steal only Karis, and not Sheba and I," Ivan mumbled.

Sheba put her arm around Ivan's shoulder as a mean of support, and Ivan turned and nodded his head in gratitude.

"... Ivan, I want you and Sheba to go back through the archives to search for every single piece of information of the Anemos." Isaac ordered. Ivan smiled weakly. Isaac was determined to get Karis back, to solve this dilemma once and for all.

"We will, but... we've searched through the books so many times, what are we specifically looking for?" Sheba asked.

"Any method to head into the sky... I've got a feeling we need to take our fight to the sky," Isaac said grimly.

Sheba and Ivan nodded. Isaac turned to Garet. "Garet, I need you to go to Imil. I know that you're concerned about Tyrell, but he's tougher than you think. Additionally, we need the help of Mia and her two children, possibly Picard/Piers [1] if you can find him, as well as Kraden. Kraden would definitely know something to do with the Anemos."

Then he turned to Jenna. "Honey, I..."

Jenna's temper flared. "You only call me honey when you're telling me something I don't want to hear."

Isaac gulped, and despite their situation Garet, Ivan and Sheba gave each other a knowing look and tried their hardest to disguise their grins.

"Umm, well as I was going to say angel, you should head to Kalay to sit this one out..."

"So I'm heading over towards... Belinsk? And trying to recruit their services?" Jenna said, brushing herself after dealing a brutal beating to her husband.

"Oww... yeah, yeah, okay... just stay safe Jenna," Isaac groaned.

"And where are you heading to Isaac?" Garet asked, just as everyone was preparing to leave.

Isaac cast a potent cure on himself, got up and simply said, "I'm heading towards Ayuthay, going to see if I can recruit myself some help from that region..."

"Matthew my friend, where are we heading to?" Eoleo said, as they were preparing his ship for departure.

"We're heading towards Contigo. We're going to assemble our forces there," Matthew stated. Eoleo frowned.

"But why Contigo?"

Matthew turned and smiled. "The Jupiter Lighthouse is on the continent, nearby to Contigo. And wherever Karis is... I fully plan to rescue her."

Eoleo smiled as Matthew turned away, glad that his leader was finally out of his slump. He'd heard worrying things from his friends recently that Matthew was becoming slowly depressed...

But with Matthew standing broad and firm without any doubt in his eyes, Eoleo couldn't help but believe that they had a chance to rescue Karis, find the others, and figure out what was going on.

Himi sidled up to Matthew. "Are you going to be okay, Matthew?" She asked. Matthew flashed her a reassuring grin.

"I'm okay. Plus, I'm sure my dad is mobilising his crew... we won't have any worries there. Plus, he's smart enough to pop by Belinsk and Ayuthay to also find people, so we'll also get more support from there. We will assault Anemos, whether it be through force or negotiations..." Matthew stated.

Anything to get Karis back, Matthew thought.

Tyrell grumbled as he felt the snow gather around him, and decided he had enough. "Inferno!" He cried out, burning an area where he could sit in comfort and warmth.

"I thought it was Garet for a moment, but judging by the smaller power it must be his son," A wry voice resonated through the storm.

Tyrell immediately jumped up, pulling out his axe. "I'll have you know that it isn't power that's everything! Show yourself, villain!" He yelled out into the bleakness.

"Easy there, Tyrell," the voice chuckled, and the individual stepped out.

"Uncle Felix!" Tyrell gasped, as he sheathed his weapon. "It's good to see you!"

"Good to also see you safe and sound Tyrell," Felix said, with a slight smile on his face. "Come on, we'll head back to the village, and I'll send a message out stating that you're safe."

"Where is everyone else? What's going on as well?" Tyrell asked. "Is Matthew, Karis and Eoleo safe?"

Felix gritted his teeth at the mention of Karis, but said, "We believe she's missing. Kidnapped by the Anemos. And don't ask, there's a long story, and I'll tell you when we're back in Prox..."

*** FIN - Chapter 2 - Gathering

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