"For the LAST TIME! I'm fine! For goodness sake, stop following me like an open stalker!" Gokudera yelled as he ran towards the Jyuudaime's house, starting to feel extremely pissed off.

"There IS something wrong! Just stop running, I can't catch up~!" Gianini panted heavily as he ran with all his strength, his round body dragging him down.

"YOU'RE IRRITATING!" Gokudera yelled back as he dashed all the way to Jyuudaime's house, which, thank goodness for Gokudera, was just around the corner. Hopefully he could take refuge there and ask his hero to chase that creepy Gianini away.

"You… you don't… UNDERSTAND!" Gianini called out between heavy breaths as he felt his legs turning numb from the long and persist chase. He made a mistake, a TERRIBLE mistake, and he has the FAINTEST idea how to undo it. He will have to come up with the solutions later, right now he has to try his best and explain this complex situation, and hopes that Gokudera has the heart and acceptance to NOT blow him up. (Which he probably will after being forced to run away from a long chase)

"JYUUDAIME! Let me in, JYUUDAIME!" I knocked the door in a frantic. That Gianini creep is just seconds before closing in.

Tsuna, meanwhile, was bumped out from another dame dame day. He then heard persistent scratching against the outside of his door. What was that? Tsuna dragged his feet to the main door and opened it. Seeing Jyuudaime opening the door felt like an angel open the gates of safe heaven to Gokudera, with a sigh of relief and happiness, Gokudera strolled in after a quick word of apology of intrusion.

"!" Tsuna kept staring at him in TOTAL disbelief as Gokudera laughed his way into his living room. Gianini can't get him now. Just when that thought left him, there came a long series of ringing of the doorbell. "Jyuudaime, please let me in! I need to talk to Gokudera about something!" Gianini pleaded outside with a tone of anxiety.

"Eh? Gokudera? But…" Tsuna looked back at the living room. That DEFINITELY wasn't Gokudera. He opened the door. "Gianini, I think you got the wrong house. Are you looking for him?"

Gianini panted as he started blabbering quickly. "Gokudera is in here. I need to speak to him." Tsuna gave the Vongola Technician a quizzical look, "What are you saying? Gokudera isn't…" "Excuse me, Jyuudaime." And with that, Gianini squeezed his fat body pass Tsuna and dashed in. "Where is he…" he looked left and right. Tsuna laughed nervously. Gianini didn't mean it right, if it means that Gokudera is REALLY in here, then… he REALLY didn't mean it, right?
Tsuna ran over and patted at Gianini's shoulder. Pointing at Gokudera in the living room, he asked in a shaky voice, "Is THAT him?" Gianini sighed in defeat and shame. "Yes, that's him."

"But he is…!" Tsuna replied, stuttering in utter disbelief. "This CAN'T BE!"

Gokudera was still grinning at himself at his wise choice of coming over to take temporary shelter when he saw Tsuna conversing with Gianini in what seemed like a debate. Why was the Jyuudaime looking so worried? Did something happen?

"Is everything alright, Jyuudaime?" He came rushing over. Tsuna and Gianini stared at him in total silence. Tsuna turned back to Gianini. "What HAPPENED?" Gianini scratched the back of his head nervously. "There was a technical error in one of my new machinery." He began.

Tsuna rolled his eyes. There was ALWAYS a technical error in his machinery, Tsuna thought, sighing in his mind. "Then it went zipping across the streets of Namimori, then he found the target, the unlucky Gokudera-sama, then… he turned him into this."

Tsuna stared back at Gokudera, who was staring back at him, clearly unaware of the misfortune that befallen upon him. "Gokudera?" Tsuna began. He saw Gokudera's ears perk up as he replied out loud, "Yes, Jyuudaime?" "I think you might want to look at yourself in the mirror…"

? Confused, Gokudera obliged to follow his given instructions by his boss and entered the washroom. Only to find himself staring face to face in the bathroom mirror with…

A silver cat.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Gokudera cried out in horror as he placed his palms on the mirror to check on himself up closer to the mirror. An illusion! That's GOT to be it, a good old joke! He laughed to himself nervously as he found the cat's pair of paws coming in contact from the other side as well. He titled his head, it tilted its as well.

Not good.

Gokudera stared at himself. There was something he couldn't comprehend. He was STILL in his human form, wearing his long sleeve T-shirt and his usual jeans. He didn't see any furry silver paws as he stared in a state of confusion at his own hands. He felt his skin, there weren't all soft and furry like it did in the mirror. Then he proceeded to feel his head.

Then he touched it. Two pairs of furry, thin pointy ears stuck right out of his head. He turned his top to stare at his butt. Then he discovered, to his greatest terror, that he had grown a silver cat tail that would move at his command.

"…" he was stunned to silence for awhile. Slowing lifting his head, he saw Tsuna and Gianini standing infront of the bathroom door, anticipating while dreading the silver-haired bomber for a reaction.

And then they got an answer.

A mad kitty shouting vulgarities as he raved and ranted his harmless paws flying all over. Tsuna panicked as he shot out to catch the berserk kitty and covered its mouth, fearing that his mother may come out to investigate. Gianini stood frozen to the spot.

After Tsuna did his best trying to calm him down, and Gokudera spent the rest of the hours on the corner of the sofa, biting his tail, with an INCREDIBLE amount of negative aura enveloping his surroundings. Tsuna could swear that he saw the potted plant that stood beside the sofa wilting.

Gokudera was sulking. And he couldn't accept the fact that for himself, he was a teen with a set of neko ears and tail. And to everyone else, he was nothing but a breathless, adorable and harmless little silver cat.

Gokudera swore that once he reverts back to human form, he will personally dig Gianini's own grave.

Just when Tsuna and Gianini was slowly victims of the negative aura that was starting to conquer the entire residence, the door bell rang once. Thanking who ever that rang it, Tsuna dashed for the door and came to meet his cheerful-as-always classmate and rain Guardian, Yamamoto Takeshi.

"Yo, Tsuna! I got bored, so I came over once I found that Gokudera wasn't at home," Yamamoto raised his hand in a sign of greeting. Tsuna sighed one that was of perfect description of joy. "Yamamoto, you can't come at any better time than now. We need your help to sort out this complex situation, and to clear this aura as well."

Yamamoto didn't get it at first, but he accepted it and smiled at his friend. Entering the living room, Yamamoto didn't notice anything else significant but an extremely grumpy looking but yet adorably cute cat tucked up at the corner of the couch, biting its tail as if it want the tail to yell in pain and just drop off.

"Eh? What's wrong Gokudera?" Yamamoto calmly came strolling over. Tsuna and Gianini were both equally surprised! No one told Yamamoto that that fuzzy little kitty was actually Gokudera, so how did he know? Surely just being silver and have a pair of green eyes wasn't enough to discern a sudden transformation. Curious, the duo asked Yamamoto, who laughed at their question. "Who else can create such a negative tension in the atmosphere than a sulking Gokudera? ^^" The duo heard his answer and laughed, thinking why they didn't think of it in the first place. The silver cat, on the other hand, was not quite amused by the answer.

"Watch who are you mocking, Yakyuu BAKA!" Gokudera shouted out, biting Yamamoto's arm with its razor-sharp teeth in a sudden ambush. For a well trained Yamamoto, his arm could withstand that bite that felt like it was just chopsticks nipping at his skin. "Ma, ma, Gokudera." He said, lifting the clearly annoyed kitten onto his lap. Gokudera couldn't help but to feel extremely embarrassed and uncomfortable as he sat on Yamamoto's lap in his human form. "Yakyuu baka! What do you think you're doing!" Gokudera scratched the baseball player's wrist as he tried to escape from his grasp. If he was a human, he would probably have done it. But as a small kitten he simply can't pry one finger open.

Yamamoto smiled at the adorable cat in his grasp. Gokudera looked just as cute as his original form, he really didn't mind Gokudera turning into a cat, further making him look adorable and huggable at the same time. He still had the eyes that the raven-haired teen loved, the ones that seemed to be filled with determination and reflected all shades of the most beautiful green. His beautiful silver hair was now thick and smooth fur, one that still had the scent of gunpowder and metal lingering in its softness.

Simple putting the entire situation for Yamamoto, he was cuddling the cutest thing and person in the world, and the one that he loved for so long deeply since the first day they met.

Gokudera blushed as he came face to face with a smiling Yamamoto up close. It made him feel good and pleasuring. Surprised at how he loved it, Gokudera bit his nose in a sudden assault. " Don't you joke with me." He growled. Yamamoto's passionate brown eyes met his pair filled with surprise. He loved it, it was too adorable, and he had to say just a sentence of a whole story of his love to him. It was just for a start of a rather tedious and hard confession.

"Don't worry, Gokudera, I don't know how long you will stay like this. I may not have what it takes to fix your problems, but I can promise you that you won't have to face it alone, because I'll always be there for you, so it's all going to be okay, don't worry! ^^." Yamamoto carried the cat close to him and whispered into his pointy ears. In Gokudera's point of view in his human form with neko features, Gokudera went red as he was sitting on Yamamoto's lap facing him, and also so closely against him. Yamamoto was still holding him by the armpits as he rested his chin onto his head. Looking down away from Yamamoto's affectionate gaze, he tried to hide his blushing face.

Idiot, what do you think you're doing?

Gokudera felt that he was lifted again. Glancing back up, he found Yamamoto smiling softly at him with loving eyes. Gokudera felt like looking at himself again, does his cat form really look THAT cute for a baseball idiot to fall madly in love for him? Throwing the last thought to the back of his head, he felt a hand touching his nose. His body jumped half a centimetre when he felt that. The finger proceeded to stroke all the way from the top of his nose bridge and down to the bottom, repeating the process slowly, with affection and love at every touch.

"I…idiot…" Gokudera felt his eyes grew heavy as he slowly shut them. The last thing the now snoozing kitty was a warm smile from Yamamoto as it escorted him into his own sweet dreams.

Tsuna and Gianini watched in silence as Yamamoto managed to calm to feisty feline to sleep. Feeling rather impressed, Tsuna took a step forward and sat down beside Yamamoto. Gokudera was fast sleep in Yamamoto's grasp, his head tilted far backwards, his mouth curved up in a 3, slightly opened as well.

Yamamoto fell in love it. He looked up at Tsuna and smiled. "Hey Tsuna, maybe I should…"

After listening to the plan, Tsuna nodded. "But is it really okay? Do you think you and Gokudera will get along?" Yamamoto stared down at Gokudera's sleeping face for an answer. Then he knew everything will be alright, and that sooner or later, Gokudera will fall for him as well. Time was all it took. "Don't worry Tsuna, I'm sure everything will work out between us." Yamamoto had his definite answer.

Yamamoto heard that idea and smiled in thanks to Tsuna. He couldn't not feel happier at that idea, and how it's a once in a life time opportunity that must not slip through his fingers. Looking back at the sleeping Gokudera, he cuddled Gokudera closer, made a promise to Sawada and left, whistling his happiness to the world, with Gokudera fast asleep in his tender and gentle embrace, purring softly in simple bliss as it basked into Yamamoto's warmth.