Later on, Yamamoto came running down in his baseball player's outfit, with Gokudera in his arms.

"Ohayo, OYAJI!" Yamamoto grinned at his Father, who was slicing something behind the counter. "Oh, Yamamoto, you look like you won a lottery! Are you really THAT excited about the game?" His father asked.

Yamamoto's silliest grin subsided into a warm smile as he looked down at Gokudera, who in turn looked up at Yamamoto, meowing while nudging closer for forty-winks.

He was really excited about the game, but this morning just made his day. He didn't win a lottery, he won something better, he won the heart of someone he beloved. "YEAH! I can't wait!" Yamamoto smiled as he rushed over to the counter for breakfast, setting Gokudera on his lap. Gokudera blushed as he sat on Yamamoto's lap, surrounded with his back against Yamamoto's front, two arms outstretched by his sides. He felt safe and warm in it.

Yamamoto then went on to eat his breakfast, so exuberant that he nearly forgot to swallow when he took the next bite. It choked him slightly, and Gokudera once again felt a twinge of worry as he shot up a little to check on Yamamoto.

Soon, Yamamoto was all set to go, and it a little sooner did he realize that some Namimori Middle fan girls from his fan club started whispering around when they found their idol over here, talking about fate and destiny. Gokudera rolled his eyes as he sat beside Yamamoto who was getting ready, swinging his bat repeatedly as practice, earning silent squeals from the restaurant all over, "Well then, I'm off Hayato!" Yamamoto smiled as he picked the kitten up to shower him with kisses all over. Gokudera just remain calm as he allowed Yamamoto to love him again and again, like a flimsy stuffed animal. He never said he hated it, though.

Gokudera turned around to face his lover. "Hey, I really can't?" Yamamoto's eyes saddened as he stated the fact reluctantly once again, "I'm sorry, if I could, I definitely will! But no pets allowed."

"…" Gokudera sulked to himself when Yamamoto gave him a farewell kiss on the nose, setting him back to the floor. Gokudera blushed from the kiss. "Then I'll be leaving, take good care Hayato~!" Yamamoto laughed as he dashed off, leaving Gokudera sitting at the entrance to his thoughts.

"Oh, Takeshi's gone now, but don't worry, you can hang out around the place, the customers seemed to love you!" Tsuyoshi laughed, picking the kitten up. Gokudera gulped as the fan girls of Yamamoto's fan club gave off a burning hell of an aura, signifying Gokudera's doom thanks to extreme jealousy. "I don't think that's it." Gokudera winced to pray that he'll live for tomorrow.

But right now, the silver little cat wasn't really in the mood, eyes narrowing from the lost of HIS presence, Gokudera trudged back into the room with floppy ears, dragging his tail behind him. Tsuyoshi stared at the cat as he took each painful paw steps back up to his son's room, smiling at how much the duo has bonded till their very presence was necessary for the other to live on.

So Gokudera spent the rest of his day isolated himself in the bedroom, sleeping on Yamamoto's pillow, reading some of his magazines, having a feel of his baseballs… but he really didn't get to do the one thing he wanted the most, hanging out with Takeshi himself.

Gokudera decided to take a nap, after all cats nap most of the time, and Gokudera can't do ANYTHING he likes when his just a cat. He can't go out to play in case he gets lost, he couldn't go to his favourite book store to grab a copy of 'Mysteries and Legends of the World' series.

Gokudera thought about how he was bounded with restrictions in life as a cat. He found out that if he keeps staying as a cat form in other people's eyes, he will living a meaningless life.

Tears unwittingly fell out of his cheeks as he hugged his folded legs close to him. How did he wish he could just yank the set of neko features of him! He didn't understand why he was crying, but he knew that it has something to do with Takeshi, he just didn't comprehend something.

Soon, Gokudera cried himself to sleep, right in the middle of the room.

An hour seemed to have passed.

Gokudera felt rather cold, and alone.

Waking up, the silver cat realized the room around him was dark and gloomy, and only the light coming out from the window was shining onto him with the frames of the window casting shadows on the floor.

Then there was a crack of lightning, and thunder came immediately after that with a deafening boom. Gokudera would usual shrug it off and continue with whatever he was doing. But with a body of a kitten, Gokudera felt scared out of his wits, jumping up as if someone shot at his foot. He momentarily felt his soul shrink into his body and with a burst of cold sweat, he dashed into the cabinet, trembling, burying his face into his knees. He kept scolding himself for being afraid of mere sound of thunder, too petrified to move.

Gokudera slowly came out from the cabinet with eyes filled with tears of terror. Starring at the blanket of thick grey thunderclouds, Hayato grew anxious, "A violent storm is definitely brewing…" Gokudera immediately thought of Takeshi. He didn't bring an umbrella, right? He'll get drenched!

Gokudera immediately mastered his little kitty courage to rush out. He saw where the umbrellas were before, just leaning against the shoe cabinet up stairs. The silver kitten nudged it off balance and grabbed the handle with its little mouth.

"I better hurry! Yamamoto's having a fever so he can't fall sick any further, I won't forgive myself if that happens…" Gokudera said to himself as he rushed downstairs with the umbrella in his hand. Tsuyoshi and the customers were too busy to notice a kitten looking not more than 4 years old rushing out of the restaurant into the terrible weather dragging an umbrella behind. Soon, Gokudera was running in the rain, the water puddles bursting under his feet as he dashed to Namimori Middle school, the rain drenching into his fur and to his skin, making him feel extremely cold and trembling.

Just when he was about to reach the school entrance, out walked 3 thugs from the corner of the pathway, they didn't had any umbrella with them, and they're in a FOUL mood from being stranded in the rain and forced to go home drench. Each of them looked ruthless, dangerous and heartless as well. They totally cracked when they saw a kitten forcing an umbrella behind him in the rain. "Just a bit more… Takeshi, wait for me." Gokudera struggling with the umbrella, which was starting to grow heavy from collecting rainwater in its fold.

"Oh? What do we have here?" One of the thugs approached the helpless and struggling kitten, all weak and wet. Soon they surrounded Gokudera.

"Bastards, stop blocking my way! I need to get to someone!" Gokudera yelled at them, breath trembling from the cold. The thugs laughed as one of them dug his ears. "How cute, a talking kitten? I don't give a shit to whoever you want to met, hand over the umbrella." The ear-digging thug said smugly.

Gokudera was helpless now. The umbrella was really heavy, and he was cold, weak and defenseless. Usually, Gokudera would have just blown them up with a few sticks of dynamite, but he doesn't have anywhere on him to carry ammunitions in his cat form. Gokudera was cowering reluctantly, trying his best to hiss menacingly, hoping it would ward them off, only to receive sarcastic cries of help for a reaction.

"JUST GIVE ME THE UMBRELLA, GOD DAMN IT!" One of them, laughed, snatching the umbrella away. Gokudera clung onto it stubbornly, "Like I would you son of a bitch!" Gokudera spat into his face, biting his hairy arm to sink his teeth into it as far and as painful as it could.

The injured gangster gave a yell from the pain and let the umbrella go, dropping Gokudera meanwhile. Seizing the opportunity, Gokudera made a dash for it as fast as his paws can carry him. Sadly, he wasn't fast enough from being exhausted, and the thugs took wide steps to catch up on him, starting to hit and beat him senseless. "Fuck you, you pest!" The thugs declared as their heavy fist descended upon him all over rapidly. Gokudera was too weak to even cry out his pain as he was almost passing out from all the bleeding and the bruises he receives. All he did was too winced as the three abused the kitten in the pouring rain.

But the kitten never let them take the umbrella. It was for Takeshi, and for him ONLY.

"It's really a shame that the game have to end just because of some bad weather…" The team's manager sighed as her boys went into shelter. "Well guys!" She clapped, "Great game! If the rain didn't pour, we would have tied with Higashi Kawa Middle…"

"I thought it went pretty well!" Yamamoto laughed at his manager, taking his change of clothes out from the locker. His other teammates sighed in defeat at that, like they get that rather often. "Come on, Takeshi! 3 HOME-RUNS today! You're our ace, man! You practically sent our team into the upperhand in no time flat once you got into the field! Of course that game was great for you! Not to mention that you are having a FEVER." They emphasized, amazed that Yamamoto performed just as well when he is ill.

"Oh, seriously?" Yamamoto laughed out as he sent his hand around his hair, sending some rainwater out of his it. "I thought it was teamwork, I mean, we did a great job together, right guys?" Yamamoto laughed his usual cheerful one, and it immediately brightened everyone's mood in the room. No one remembered that it was still raining outside.

"…Takeshi, how about you come over here for a sec," The manager had been watching the tall and handsome ace of her team for awhile now, and she can't keep silent anymore.

"Oh, Manager, be right there," Yamamoto was too elated to get home and be able to be with Gokudera again he didn't notice an unlike smirk coming from the lady at the corner in her nike cap.

"Yeah? Wassup, manager?" Yamamoto grinned as she pulled him into a corner, just the two of them alone. She laughed softly as she stared into Yamamoto's cheery eyes. "Please Takeshi, call me Tsuki-chan! ^^" She grinned, wrapping her hands to the back of Yamamoto's neck. Yamamoto didn't flinch or feel uncomfortable, since he was quite a naïve person. Laughing, he laughed nervously, "But isn't that a little informal?"

"It's okay if it's between you and me. So," She brought herself closer, her face just inching up on his, since she was slightly shorter than Yamamoto, "do you mind if I… call you Takeshi-kun?"

Yamamoto tilted his head and inverted his eyes, thinking long and hard. Tsuki sighed at how cute her crush is for being so unaware of what she was trying to say, "Well, if we're friends, okay! ^^" He grinned. Tsuki nearly heard herself squeal from being overjoyed. She started caressing his cheek with a palm. "You know what Takeshi-kun, you should invite all of us over tomorrow for a house-party, don't you think that's a FABULOUS idea…?" Her voice trailed off as she flashed a seductive smile in his way. Yamamoto was too blind to notice that. "Of course, after all we did do quite well in the game. I'll ask my oyaji if you folks can come over for lunch. You okay with sushi?"

She laughed sweetly at that offer. "Of course I do, Takeshi you're so amazing!"

Yamamoto scratched the back of his head and laughed at the compliment. "Nah, its nothing. Oh." He suddenly realized that he had to go home fast. Gokudera must be feeling really lonely now.

"Sorry, manag… Tsuki-chan. I have to head home now! ^^" He grinned back as he headed for his belongings. "Eh? Why the hurry?" Tsuki asked, disappointed that her crush had to leave her so abruptly.

"There's someone really important to me waiting at my house." Yamamoto smiled to himself thinking about a sleeping Gokudera on his bed.

"!" Tsuki didn't believe what she just heard, thinking that Yamamoto played with her just now and is just going to run back home for that someone.

"Okay then. Bye."

Yamamoto gave her a thumbs up, waved goodbye to his teammates who were just chilling out in the locker room and dashed off into the ran excitedly. Thinking that Gokudera may get hungry, he even stopped by the convenience store to buy him something to eat with his own savings. Dashing in the rain, Yamamoto couldn't help but to keep smiling at himself, thinking that each stride he took brought him closer to his beloved.




Then a loud screech of a cat's was heard behind a corner of the pathway. Yamamoto stopped running and stared at the direction of the pain-ridden cry. Who was that? And did he just hear his own name? Why was it filled with love and hurt? Curious and concerned, Yamamoto took a few steps down the path and looked left, only to find 3 brutal-looking mobsters violently abusing a…

Silver cat with beautiful green eyes.

! Yamamoto couldn't believe what he saw, the plastic bag in his hand slipped off and fell to the floor with a splash. Hayato laid trembling on the floor, with the colours red, blue and black all over his body. His face was perfect example of anguish. "Goku…dera…?" It was too painful to watch them attacking someone he loved for. With tears of anguish pouring out, Yamamoto had a change to his demanour. He wasn't cheerful and elated like before, just the COMPLETE opposite. He was shocked, desperate, and REALLY furious.

"HAYATO!" Yamamoto called out with a broken heart as he dashed forward, slightly stumbling from too much depression. He couldn't take it. Yamamoto charged forward as his fist landed onto one of the ruffian's faces, hitting him on the cheek and nose with a loud bang. He cried out in pain as he stumbled back.

"YOU SHITFACE!" The two other thugs cursed Yamamoto, but he was also just as angry with them. "Stop bullying the kitten you IDIOTS!" He shouted into their faces, he felt rather disgusted with himself for using such words that was strictly forbidden to be on his vocabulary, but Gokudera was hurt, and they did that to him. He couldn't feel angrier with them for what they have done.

And angrier with himself for not being there to protect Hayato.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he found an umbrella lying by Hayato's side. It was the exact same one he has in his house. Gokudera came running for him under the pouring rain just to fetch him with an umbrella? Just to ensure I don't get caught in the rain? He did all that even when he's just a kitten? Yamamoto's tears came pouring out again as he looked at Gokudera, lying unconsciously on the floor, all bruised and bleeding.

The two thugs were REALLY pissed with Yamamoto. But before they could strike him, Yamamoto defended himself, swiftly scooping up the drenched and fatigued cat on the floor, hugging him close to himself so Gokudera at least gets some body warmth to sustain a little longer.

After all, Gokudera is a frail little cat, and is exposed to too much danger outside in this world for now. And Yamamoto already made a promise to protect him, and take good care of him.

And he failed.

Meanwhile, Gokudera was still a little conscious then, and he understood himself how much he loved to be surrounded by Yamamoto's tender and comfort embrace, but he couldn't feel anything from being to numb. Soon, he surrendered himself to the world of oblivion. Suppressing his tears overwhelming with sadness and pain, Yamamoto turned and ran, grabbing his plastic bag as he ran down the bend. "OI! STOP RIGHT THERE YOU PUNKASS!" They yelled out as they started chasing Yamamoto. He didn't stop running, wincing as his tears fell with the rain. Yamamoto dashed on as he finally stopped hearing all the cursing from the vulgar thugs, till he finally burst back to his house.

"Oh, Takeshi, welcome back…"

"THERE'S NO TIME!" Yamamoto called out desperately with Gokudera all beaten-up and unconscious in his arms. "WHERE'S THE FIRST AID KIT!" A few customers stop and stared, even his father is quite taken aback, "…Up in the bathroom, in this second closet." Tsuyoshi hitched a thumb over his shoulders. Yamamoto hugged Gokudera tighter, letting him rest his head against Yamamoto's shoulder as he dashed up to the bathroom, pull the kit out of his place and flew back into his room.

Yamamoto was in full-blown panic mood as he anxiously set Gokudera down. Throughout the whole running, Gokudera couldn't stop himself from shivering. Yamamoto then realized that if he don't do something quick, Gokudera's going to die from hypothermia. He bit his lip hardly down to control his emotions, gently drying the cat with a blanket. Then he went down to the kit and brought out some gauze bandages. Trying his best, Yamamoto gently wrapped the bandages around Gokudera's limbs and the middle of his body, where he was injured the most. One look and anyone would know that it wasn't done with much profession, but Yamamoto really wanted to do this himself, since it was all his fault. Yamamoto was relieved that Gokudera didn't break anything.

Soon, Yamamoto fed his lover some water with his hands and carefully tucked him in, letting him have the whole bed to himself. Yamamoto then sat down by the side of the bed with his chin on the mattress, watching over Gokudera as he slept, blood staining his blanket and mattress, at least he wasn't bleeding profusely…

"Takeshi?" it was soft and filled with worry.

Yamamoto turned to the door. His oyaji was standing there, looking really concerned. "Can I come in?" Takeshi turned back to the sleeping cat and nodded. His father sighed and strolled in, squatting beside the clearly depressed Yamamoto.

"Don't feel upset anymore, okay?" Tsuyoshi patted his son's back in comfort.



"I'm a useless person." Yamamoto cried again as looked at Gokudera's wounds, feeling angry at himself. He grabbed a bunch of blanket and clenched his fist tightly in shame. His father saw him starring at the silver cat. He patted his son. It wasn't his son anymore, the Takeshi he knew is someone who would smile like everything's okay, but this time the senior knew that the presence of the injured kitten simply tore his son's heart into a million pieces. "No you are not,"

"I wasn't there to help him, I just let the ruffians brutally abuse him in the rain. I'm stupid, I'm a stupid and useless person who can't even protect something I care for." He dropped his face into the futon, wetting it with his tears. "There, there Takeshi, there's no need to feel bad about it, I'm sure Hayato neko will understand how much you love him, I think he's already happy to see you coming for him."


"Right now, we can only pray that he'll be fine. But I think he will. I bet he doesn't want to die seeing Takeshi crying." Tsuyoshi patted his back, grinning at his son. "So cheer up, I think little Hayato loves it when you smile, and it will definitely feel a lot better! ^^"

"Arrigato, oyaji," Yamamoto flashed a sad smiled at his father. "Hey, no problem my son, any time!" He laughed as he left the room to continue running the store, leaving the depressed Takeshi to look after the kitten in painful silence.

Gokudera woke up a few hours later. Looking up at the clock, he realized that it was already late in the middle of the night. He found himself shirtless and covered in bandages, his head pounding down on him. Groaning from the pain, he placed a hand on his forehead. The first thought that came to his mind was whether I dragged Yamamoto into my mistake as well, and if he was hurt. It was still raining outside, like it did when he was violently beaten, and thin threads of moonlight shining gently through the window.

Gokudera felt scared.

He wanted to run away and hide.

He was defenseless and easily picked on, and there was NOTHING he could do about it.

He don't even want to live anymore, it was all meaningless if he would let other people hurt him like he was never able to sense pain. He finally understood what animals went through when it came to animal abuse.

Gokudera cried to himself as he folded his knees in. Then he realized that someone was holding onto his hand, and it felt really warm and comfortable… Turning around, he found Yamamoto asleep, resting his head against the mattress. Gokudera blushed as Yamamoto looked utterly cute when he's asleep, his lips slightly parted, begging Gokudera to taste the forbidden fruit. Gokudera smirked as he pushed his head, sending him resting his head on his right. Yamamoto smiled with such a familiar attitude, even if he's sleeping. He slowly opened his eyes to find the silver kitten close to his face, pressing a paw against his cheek, against the soft light, Gokudera's fur looked so soft and sweet, his eyes stood out like gems in the dark. He looked beautiful.

"Ha…Hayato!" Yamamoto shot up and grabbed Gokudera like he was afraid to lose him, hugging him tightly. Gokudera winced a little, and shocked, Yamamoto let go. "Hayato! Did I hurt you? Is there anywhere else that you feel pain or discomfort?" Gokudera looked into Yamamoto's eyes. Behind his usual cheerful and beautiful hazel eyes, tears were trembling. Gokudera felt his heart sink.

"Not enough for me to let you go," The little silver cat went over to lick Yamamoto's tears off his face with his small rough tongue, "You know how much I hate it when you cry." Yamamoto was rather surprised by it, laughing a little from how much it tickled, but he just smiled to himself as Gokudera continued to clean his tear-stained face. "Don't do that again," Yamamoto stroked the little worried kitten.

"Huh?" Gokudera cuddled into Yamamoto's arms. "Please don't do that for me. You're just a cat now, you are defenseless! There's nothing you can do to protect yourself! Do you know how worried I was!" Yamamoto slightly shouted at Hayato, looking like he was about to cry again. Gokudera purred against his neck in sad apology as painful memories flooded him too suddenly for his body to handle. It was true, he was really, really scared, and felt like no one was there for him when he was in danger then. "… miu~ miu~"

Yamamoto's eyes widened when he heard soft whimper of a kitten's, and all of a sudden he felt like he phrased his words wrongly. He didn't really mean to say that Gokudera wasn't weak and helpless, he just wanted to tell his beloved that he didn't have to hurt himself just to make sure that Yamamoto is okay. He couldn't bring himself to learn that it was HIS fault that Gokudera got hurt. Now he made him upset.

"Ah… AH Hayato… that isn't what I really meant! I…" Yamamoto stuttered as placed a thumb right underneath the cat's wet eyes, wiping the tears of with a wave of it. The poor little frightened kitten clung onto his shirt with obvious pain: Don't let me go. His entire body trembling. "Just… just don't risk your life for me again. It's really painful for me to see you hurt, especially if it's for me. I'm sorry that this has to happen to you, and that I couldn't keep that promise… you are really, really important to me." Gokudera stopped crying, slumping into his arms.

"You don't understand as well," Gokudera spoke in his arms after he assure that Yamamoto's tears won't flow anymore.


"Do you think that I'm only the one who is important to you? While you're having that mindset, are you aware that there's someone who cares for you just as much?" Gokudera kissed him passionately on the lips with all the love he could ever give on Takeshi.

"Hayato," was Yamamoto could say, his name out loud in need as he felt his wet little nose bump against his and kept there for a beautifully long period of time, like the name itself will cure his pain-ridden heart. "I won't let this happen to you again."

"Idiot, do you think that's enough to get rid of me? I may be a cat but I'm not stupid," Hayato placed a paw on his lover's forehead and sunk his claws in a little. Yamamoto laughed at his playfulness despite it hurt. He was glad Gokudera was still acting like himself despite the bruises upon his body.

"Oh… I missed some... here, let me help," Yamamoto smiled serenely as he took his shirt off to gently wipe the bloodstains off. Gokudera went scarlet red"…" Gokudera looked down to his lap as he sat there by the edge of the bed, with Yamamoto squatting beside him cleaning his face gentler, making sure he doesn't hurt Gokudera any more He leaned so close, they lips nearly touched. Gokudera went scarlet red.


"Hmph?" Yamamoto asked, looking into his jade green eyes, smiling.

"I'm sorry that I made you worry."

"Yeah. Don't be," Yamamoto got Gokudera into his arms again, smiling to himself at the other side. "It must be scary back then, I'm just really happy that you're safe. Here you go," Yamamoto smiled at his stunned expression as he went over to pick up the plastic bag that was long forgotten at the end of the room. He pulled the content out of the bag, and it was a bottle of fresh milk, he poured some into his cupped hands and passed it to the cat. "Hungry?"

"…" Gokudera heard his stomach rumble. His fatigue had made him REALLY hungry. Hesitantly, the kitten came forward for a drink. Gokudera tipped his head as he drank, making sure his fringe was enough to cover his stunned and uncomfortable expression. Yamamoto smiled as he wiped Hayato's mouth with the end of his shirt.

Soon, they were ready for bed. Gokudera was resting his head against Yamamoto's shoulder, while Yamamoto was reading his cats guide, his other hand never stop touching and caressing the ears and back of his lover.

"You must be tired. Don't you want to sleep now, Takeshi?" Gokudera looked up in concern. Yamamoto looked down and smiled, "It's okay, you can sleep first," he tickled the bottom of Gokudera's chin, trying out the new method to please his little kitten. He received a pleasuring purr in reply.

"If only if you are this studious in terms of academic…" Gokudera mumbled, unconsciously lifting his chin to beg for more.

Yamamoto just smiled at that, feeling too lost in his eyes to reply.

"…" The room was filled with companionable silence as they laid side by side each other, enjoying the other's presence.

"When do you think this will end? Do you think I'm going to be like this forever? If so, will I still be able to love you?" Gokudera asked out loud, breaking the beautiful silence. Yamamoto kissed his ears as he tenderly brought Gokudera back into his arms, resting his chin down to smell his silver back fur. "Don't worry, till then, I promise I'll take good care of you."

Gokudera pressed his head closer to Yamamoto's chest, swaying his tail around slowly. "… You still are a yakyuu baka…" and with that, he nuzzled closer and soon fell asleep. Yamamoto smiled back at the sleeping kitten. "… you forgot the 'my'."