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308 - Slow Dancing In a Burning Room

TITLE CARD: April 2011
A BLACK CLOAK floats passed and down into a large field of grass, speeding off into the night like a demon from hell. SHERIFF RILEY CHASES AFTER the person in a GHOSTFACE costume.

Dewey sprints at full speed while this Ghostface character is like the wind, way ahead of Dewey. The struggle to remain upward begins in Dewey's knees but he refuses to give up so easily. He reaches for his gun and unholsters it, pointing ahead.


Ghostface looks back to see the gun in Dewey's hands pointed directly at him - - he begins to run even quicker.

DEWEY: This is your final warning!

Ghostface doesn't heed his threads... Dewey stops running and pauses, holding his breath to get a steadier aim... AND FIRES. The bullet whizzes passed Ghostface's leg - - the wind topples their balance and they come CRASHING DOWN onto the earth's floor.

Dewey keeps his gun drawn as he advances forward. Dewey kicks over the downed Ghostface and points the barrel directly in their face.

GHOSTFACE: Don't shoot!
DEWEY: Shut up! Take off the mask!
GHOSTFACE: It wasn't me, I swear!
DEWEY: Take off the fucking mask!

Ghostface pulls off the mask to reveal - - NICK.

NICK: Please, please!
DEWEY: Did you stab my wife? !
NICK: I didn't do anything - -
DEWEY: Did you stab my wife, yes or no? !
NICK: No, I don't know anything! I just came to the Stab-A-Thon, I just came!
DEWEY: Then why didn't you run away with the rest of them?
NICK: I just wanted to see what happened, I just wanted to see!
DEWEY: Why'd you run? !
NICK: I panicked! I'm sorry!

Dewey holsters the gun and looks back at the barn. Gale's being loaded into the ambulance - - he looks back down at Nick.

DEWEY: (beat) Get up.

Nick quickly abides and Dewey takes out his handcuffs.

NICK: Whoa, whoa, what's this all about?
DEWEY: (cuffing him) You have the right to remain silent. Anything you do or say - -
NICK: You can't arrest me! You don't have evidence!

Dewey continues the Miranda Rights as Nick tries to struggle... but he knows it's pointless.

NICK: I don't have a knife or blood on me or anything! Aside from the scratch of the bullet passing me by, man! What the fuck!
DEWEY: You're going into custody until further notice.
NICK: This is bullshit!

Dewey grabs Nick by the arm and forces him back up the field toward the barn.


DIMENSION FILMS (a white, suburban house, eclipsed by the moonlight)
AMC CHANNEL present (a dark, bloody basement)
JILL ROBERTS (framed picture on a wall, her smiling; it's cracked down the middle)
CHARLIE WALKER (yearbook photo for the Cinema Club, a bloody handprint off to the side)
OLIVIA MORRIS (the yearbook pages flip to Olivia, school picture, her eyes CUT OUT)
ROBBIE MERCER (a computer screen advertisement, webpage - HALL PASS with Robbie Mercer)
TREVOR SHELDON (a ripped in half photo, someone else has been cut out - it's pinned to a wall)
JENNY RANDALL (a smiling picture of Jenny is pinned to the wall next to Trevor's)
MARNIE COOPER (a random photo - a noose drawn around her neck, connected to the ceiling)
NILEY KRINKEY (a small photo of her on a key chain; a headshot like photo)
KIRBY REED (newspaper photo of her crying during the Penciatti Hotel incident, her friends consoling her)
ROY POPPER (the newspaper flips a page to Roy at his radio desk; headphones on & the ON AIR light on)
SHERIFF DWIGHT RILEY & GALE WEATHERS-RILEY (old newspaper pic of the two - first Scream era)
SIDNEY PRESCOTT (the "Out of Darkness" inside photo of her, a huge CIRCLE drawn around her head)

(white lettering PUNCHES through)
The Third and Final Season

Based on Events and Characters by Kevin Williamson
Teleplay and Concepted by Billy Bob D


TITLE CARD: November 2010
Kirby lays out cold on Charlie's bed... and then her nose begins to widen... sniff... sniff... she springs up and her eyes pry themselves open...

KIRBY: Bacon?

Kirby enters the kitchen and looks onward... Charlie is at the stove preparing breakfast. Bacon in one pan, eggs in the other, pancakes and even sausage top it off. She wipes her eyes to make sure she's seeing things clearly... he's even wearing an apron.

CHARLIE: Morning. Take a seat, it's almost done.

Kirby sits at the island and continues to look on. She's confused as ever.

KIRBY: What happened last night? Did we - -?
CHARLIE: Oh hoo oooohhh, no! You came over, drunk.
KIRBY: That's how it usually starts.
CHARLIE: And then you passed out on my bed. I slept on the couch.
KIRBY: Well that one's new.
CHARLIE: You wanted to talk about something. You were coming home from a party. Ring any bells?

Kirby's ready to respond... but then she sees something in Charlie in that moment... she knows if she answers truthfully, he may look at her in a different way... and in this moment... she doesn't want that.

KIRBY: I was just drunk off my ass. I was probably full of shit. (coughs) Yeah, that.
CHARLIE: Oh. Well, either way, glad you came.

He fixes her a plate and sets it on the island in front of her with a fork and knife.

KIRBY: Charlie... you're too nice.

He smiles and they share a quite cute moment...

KIRBY: (clears throat) I don't wanna push my luck or anything but uh... orange juice?
CHARLIE: OH! That's right.

Charlie slides over to his fridge and pulls a carton out. Kirby laughs... and just then - - "Wouldn't It Be Nice" by the Beach Boys bursts on. [youtube. com/watch?v=ALaajR2Wcjk]

The song continues...
- [0:06 - 0:15] Tess and Roy get into an argument that Tess is obviously winning... Roy puts his head down for a moment... and returns fire with everything he's got. She backs down instantly... and just like that, things are fixed again.
- [0:16 - 0:35] Jenny looks on at Trevor... he smiles... he holds onto her hand... and they both exit a building and out into the open... as they continue on, people stop and watch them go by. Olivia looks up from her meal and sees them go by as well... a carrot drops from her mouth in shock.
- [0:36 - 0:49] Charlie and Kirby fight for an apple in the lunch line. The cashier smacks her hands and they stop... Kirby than secretly takes the apple and winks at Charlie victorious.
- [0:50 - 1:05] Marnie and Niley laugh together at lunch while Jenny is away...
- [1:06 - 1:20] Robbie bumps into Nick out in the quad... Nick nicely moves out of the way and continues on. Robbie stops for a moment and looks back at him leaving...
- [1:20 - 1:36] Mr. Leeds makes his way down the hallway, nodding politely as kids pass by... Chelsea's hand interwines with his... and she looks up at him with a devilish smile... in his hands as he goes by, a stack of fliers for something called the SURVIVOR'S CLUB.
- [1:37 - until end] Jill exits the cafeteria and looks on... and there they were... Jenny and Trevor... out in the open... without a single care in the world. Jill literally drops her tray on the floor as everything around her begins to spin. CLOSE IN on her face as she's completely floored by this new discover... ZOOM OUT at the same face... now she sits in her room as she stares out the window... we then twirl around her... days pass by outside the windows...

TITLE CARD: December 2010

And she remains as the song fades out... Kate enters from behind and slowly enters.

KATE: Jill? Dinner's ready.
JILL: I'm not hungry.
KATE: You haven't eaten in weeks.
JILL: I'm - not - hungry.
KATE: You HAVE to eat.
JILL: Then leave me a plate, I'll get it later.
KATE: Are you having a Bella moment?
JILL: What?
KATE: You know in New Moon when Edward leaves Bella and she stares out the window for months and the seasons change outside her windows yet she still remains in the same clothes? Well, it's different here considering you and Trevor have been broken up for a while now and it's only been weeks, not entire seasons - -

Jill slowly turns around in her chair and gives her the blankest of looks.

JILL: Don't ever... compare me... to Bella.
KATE: (smiles) I'll bring you that plate.

She spins back around and looks out the window again.

JILL: Psh. Bella. So fucking helpless. I'll show you how helpless I am.

Roy makes his way onto campus, tired from a night of who knows what. As he passes by mindlessly, the girls from all around stare as he goes by. This is an all too familiar feeling... he stops in the middle of hall and looks around - - all their heads duck back down.

ROY: Interesting...

He continues down another hallway and sees a giant paper posted onto his locker... he comes closer... "it's over" written in big bold letters. He rips it off and reads it closer... it's definitely Tess' hand writing.

ROY: What?

Marnie approaches from behind.

ROY:... hi?
MARNIE: So how are you?

He flashes the note left to him towards her. She goes into immediate, fake nursing mode and caresses his head.

MARNIE: Aw, I'm so sorry.
ROY: You know what, it's okay.

Roy opens his locker, shrugging her off in the most politely way possible and starts taking out what he needs. Marnie stands by...

MARNIE: Anything I can do?
ROY: No, Marnie, you can go back to avoiding me. Ya know, just like when I was taken?
MARNIE: Hey, I just came to say hello, I had no idea that she - -
ROY: Sure, Marnie. Sure.

Roy slams his locker and walks off. Marnie sighs and stays behind as he goes... Niley joins her.

NILEY: That's not gonna work, ya know? He's the type of guy who needs space.

Marnie's eyes go wide like a lightbulb just exploded in her head and she slams Niley into the locker.

MARNIE: You're his best friend, right? !
NILEY: (scared to answer) Um, yeah?
MARNIE: Then you should know what he likes. The type of girls and stuff? !
NILEY: I guess?
MARNIE: Then help me!
NILEY: Help you with what?
MARNIE: Help me be the girl he wants!
NILEY: That's crazy, do you hear yourself?
MARNIE: Is it? IS IT? He's the last dignified guy in this entire school who might actually be worth something and gives me a tiny bit of attention!
NILEY: That sounds desperate.
MARNIE: Help me.
NILEY: Okay but it's not going to work. If he liked you, he would've done something already.

Marnie lets go of Niley and steps back.

MARNIE: Bad timing is all. Perfect timing would be now. THE WINDOW IS OPEN. Just help me say the right thing that'll crack the code into his heart.
NILEY: That's some cheesy teen novel shit right there, Marnie.
MARNIE: I blog, it's within my character! So hey, Secret Santa at my house this weekend.
NILEY: I'll be there.
MARNIE: Okay. And if you're my Santa, please make Roy my gift!

Marnie squeals and skips off. Niley disgustingly turns away and continues on the other way.

Roy enters, the note still in hand while his eyes scan around the room. Robbie is in the back, drilling a hole into a piece of wood.

ROY: Have you seen Tess?
ROBBIE: Nope, I've been here all morning finishing up Mr. Mendoza's chair project.
ROY: (sighs) This is pointless.
ROBBIE: That's what I said! I was like, c'mon, we're not gonna be carpenters, we have robots for that stuff now.
ROY: No.

Roy puts the paper into Robbie's work space and he accidentally drills a hole into it. He lifts the lever and reads it.

ROBBIE: She left you a note?
ROY: On my locker before school, where everyone could see it.
ROBBIE: That's harsh.
ROY: Now every girl here knows I'm single and wants me again.
ROBBIE: Why is this a problem?
ROY: It's not a problem, it's an annoyance. I feel like a Jonas Brother.
ROBBIE: Justin Bieber's the new thing.
ROY: Whatever, I gotta go. I gotta find Tess.
ROBBIE: For what?
ROY: What do you mean, "for what?" She left me this note.
ROBBIE: Sounds pretty straight forward.
ROY: Well I would like a reason.
ROBBIE: Girls don't make sense. What's the point of a reason these days?
ROY: My sane stability?
ROBBIE: Mm, that's overrated.
ROY: Anyway, I'll see ya.
ROBBIE: Buh bye.

Roy grabs the note as Robbie goes back to drilling holes.

Kirby drives along as Jill stares blankly forward. Olivia's in the back, texting. Kirby can't take this odd silence any longer...

KIRBY: You know who's cute? Charlie.
OLIVIA: Where the hell did that come from?
KIRBY: We've been kinda talking recently. Jill, what do you think? Charlie: cute or not?
JILL: I don't know.
KIRBY: You've known him the longest out of everybody. You've had to at least give him a look over.

Kirby looks into her rearview in which she catches Olivia rolling her eyes in a way not to continue pressing her. Kirby rolls her eyes back in defiance.

KIRBY: So how long are you going to be like this? Weren't you the one who thought they were together in the first place months ago?
JILL: You convinced me otherwise.
KIRBY: Don't listen to me.
OLIVIA: Seriously, don't listen to her.
KIRBY: We have to go out. Get your mind off of him. He wasn't worth the trouble before and he's still not.
JILL: It's not just him that bugs me. It's Jenny. We're friends.
OLIVIA: Were friends.
JILL: We still are.
KIRBY: I was gone for the falling out but I'm pretty sure you're not friends anymore. (beat) What classifies as a friend to you anyway?
JILL: Nothing. Nobody's worth having as a friend.
KIRBY: I know that's just melancholy speaking but this friend could pull over and let you walk your ass to school. (beat) You gotta come outta your room, Jill.
OLIVIA: It's not healthy.
KIRBY: What do you do in there all day anyway?
JILL: (beat) Think.
KIRBY: About what?
JILL: (takes an even longer beat) I wanna open a business.
KIRBY: Well that's unexpectedly positive.

Roy sits in the middle table by the exit of the lunch line. He keeps his eyes glued there... if there's any place he'll catch Tess... it's here...

But the hour goes by in a daze. People come, go, sit and leave and exit the lunch line with no sign of Tess. And before Roy notices... he's the last one there, and more than likely late for class.

Charlie and Freddy walk down the halls with fliers in a hand and a stapler in another. They remain on seperate sides, stapling the paper every so feet onto the wall.

FREDDY: Instead of the Christmas horror movie marathon, we should have - -
CHARLIE: Freddy, if you suggest another - -
CHARLIE: Okay Freddy, in time.
FREDDY: (drops the Freddy voice) But seriously, when are we going to have one?

Charlie twirls around in disbelief...

CHARLIE: That's not your actual voice? !
FREDDY: Of course it's not, who the hell talks like that?
CHARLIE: This brings up so many more questions...
FREDDY: Well look, I'm moving in February so if we could just... once have the marathon, it'd make me really happy.
CHARLIE: (beat) Sure, we'll have it for you, Freddy. (waits) What's your real name?
FREDDY: (back into Freddy voice) Frederick!
CHARLIE:... okay than.

Mr. Leeds stands before a group of a few women and men sitting in a circle amongs the books.

MR. LEEDS: Hello everyone and welcome to the first Survivors Club meeting. I'm Mr. Leeds in case that needed an introduction. Through the holidays, teenagers often feel depressed. This is actually known as SAD, a seasonal depression disorder. And through the tough times, whether they're things you've gone through and feel like you have to relive or if it's... high school stuff... I wanted to remind each and everyone of you that you're a survivor.

A hand shoots up in the back of the class. His head turns to see who it is... and then he ignores it. He continues talking as Chelsea than stands up for him to see.

CHELSEA: Hey! Over here! Question! Hellooooo, don't ignore me.
MR. LEEDS: - - as I am a survivor myself as I have gone through my own traumatic experiences over the last year.
CHELSEA: I just wanted to know if I can be here since I'm dead. Does that make me a survivor? Or am I not eligible?
MR. LEEDS: - - it was a horrific incident with one of the students at this school that I can't fully divulge into because it's still under investigation - -
CHELSEA: (turns to the girl next to her) He shot me in the head, blamed it on myself as suicide. Can you believe that?

A young boy enters the room and appears to be lost. Mr. Leeds' attention crosses over to him.

MR. LEEDS: Hi. You looking for something?
CLARK: My name's Clark. I was just looking for the Survivors Club meeting.
MR. LEEDS: (points where Chelsea is sitting) Please take a seat.

Clark nods and walks right over.

CHELSEA: Oh hell no, you better not have this mother fu - -

Clark sits on top of her and she's silenced. A headache inducing chatter now is relieved from Mr. Leeds' mind.

Robbie sits in a char while fast forwarding through a movie on the VCR. Nick enters behind him and notices Robbie is there... he instantly feels the need to walk back out. Robbie turns and notices him... but goes back to his TV. Nick drops off the stapler and quickly heads back for the door. Robbie watches him in the reflection and spins in his chair.

ROBBIE: Did yooooou get all those fliers up?
NICK: (a bit rebellious) Yes.
ROBBIE: And did yoooou drop off the stapler?
NICK: It's in the top drawer.

Nick goes for the door handle and Robbie pries with another question.

ROBBIE: Did you uh... have plans for Christmas?

This is a really random question... Nick knows what Robbie is up to now.

NICK: I'll be busy. Thanks for taking interest.
ROBBIE: Oh, what about New Years?
NICK: Busy than, too. See ya.

Nick exits with bitter disdain... Robbie puts his head down... he's ashamed and it's written all over his face. He looks back up as if he has something else to say... maybe he even might run out... but it's useless now... he turns back and looks at the TV.

Marnie sways open the door with a huge smile on her face and her arms out open wide, egg nog in one hand and a Santa hat on her head. "Jingle Bell Rock" bursts through the speakers of her home.

MARNIE: Heeeeeeeey!

Niley looks almost frightened staring onward with the presents in her hand up to her chin. She takes greater note of Marnie's home - - the Christmas thing is overboard here, much like her own home... but even this outdoes it.

NILEY: I thought I liked Christmas.
MARNIE: Presents by the tree.

Niley looks around at all the people in the room. She suddenly feels like a small and unimportant guest.

MARNIE: Where's Jenny?
NILEY: No idea.
MARNIE: Oh... well don't be shy!

Marnie charges behind her and pushes her into forcefully make her mingle.

MARNIE: Everybody, this is Niley. Niley, this is everybody. Get to know their names, okay?
NILEY: (shyly) Okay.

Marnie bounces off into the kitchen as Niley stands before everyone... as they all stare up at her in silence.

NILEY: So... who's Keegan? I'm your Secret Santa. (uncomfortable, awkward stoner laugh) Heeeey.

Roy sits at the swing set, the moon shining above him giving him enough light to see but not enough to consider it bright. He can see a girl coming in the distance toward him... and she comes into the light... but it's not Tess.

JILL: Hey.
ROY: (sighs) Hi.
JILL: Can I sit?
ROY: Sure.

Jill sits on the swing next to him and hangs her head on the side-rope.

JILL: Life's shitty.
ROY: Tell me about it.
JILL: I'm sorry about Tess.
ROY: (beat) I'm sorry about Trevor.
JILL: Trevor was an obvious mistake. Tess seemed real nice.
ROY: No... not really. She had problems... has problems.
JILL: Everyone has problems.
ROY: (chuckles) Not like her.

Marnie answers the door again and there stands Jenny... with Trevor. Marnie's smile instantly vanishes... but she plays good hostess and puts it back on.

MARNIE: Welcome! Hi Jenny. Trevor.
TREVOR: Hi little Marnie.

He pats her head as they enter. Jenny takes her presents and places them at the tree.

MARNIE: We actually already opened presents.
JENNY: Oh...
MARNIE: But you can give out yours...
JENNY: Okay.

Trevor looks up and notices Niley giving him the dirtiest of looks. He smiles and nods politely... but the uneasy feeling can't be shaken.

Jill and Roy laugh it up at the swings, now fully cozied up to each other.

JILL: Why are you so easy to talk to?
ROY: Because I don't intrude. I listen. If people want to tell you something, you'll find they'll tell you and you don't have to ask. Nine times out of ten, at least.
JILL: What about that one out of ten that doesn't?
ROY: Hopefully their problem isn't too big.
JILL: (smiles) Hopefully. (beat) So Tess never left any warning signs, she just left?
ROY: Oh no, I knew this would happen. We were slow dancing in a burning room from the start.
JILL: (tilts her head) What does that mean?
ROY: It's a song. John Mayer. Basically... it's about a couple who are fighting off their inevitable end. They're dancing in a room that's about to go up in flames with them in it. Just like their relationship.
JILL: That's a beautiful way of seeing the ending of a relationship.
ROY: Doesn't have to be a relationship. Could be anything. If something is about to end... and it's dragging out... that slow dance with the first spark of the flame is the sign it's all over. Just depends on either if you leave the room or if you stay in it... let the fire consume you. There's something poetic about those words. A slow dance is graceful... takes it's time... intimate... but despite the intimacy, there's a foreboding image of flames around them that tells us this won't end well... fire. Hot... burning... turns things to ashes where then it's done for good. Slow dancing in a burning room.
JILL: I kinda feel like that's my life.
ROY: That's the funny thing about beautiful word play, it applies to everyone and everything. Kinda like horoscopes.

They both chuckle and have an elongated stare towards each other... Jill tries to break the tension...

JILL: Would you like to come over?
ROY: Sure.

Jenny and Trevor step out into the cold. Jenny shivers and looks up into Trevor's eyes.

TREVOR: I'm gonna head out.
JENNY: What? Why?
TREVOR: I'm not wanted here.
JENNY: Baby, c'mon.
TREVOR: Seriously, I can feel the hate coming from every direction. It's uncomfortable, I'd rather just go home and I'll see you tomorrow night.
JENNY: (sighs) You sure?
TREVOR: Yeah, you go have fun.

Jenny smiles at Trevor then plants a kiss on his lips.

JENNY: I love you.
TREVOR: I love you, too.

Kirby and Olivia sit near the window as they look at the menus. Olivia is still glued to her phone.

KIRBY: That baked potato soup sounds delicious, what do you think?
KIRBY: Who the fuck are you texting?
OLIVIA: Joseph. He's upstate with my other parent for the holidays. I'm trying to keep him company.
KIRBY: "With your other parent." Wow, that's disownment if I ever heard it.

Kirby notices the waitress coming towards them... LYNN. She places the menu directly over her face.

LYNN: Hey guys, what can I get for (notices Kirby) yoooou?
KIRBY: (from behind the menu) Can I please start off with the baked potato?

Olivia watches with her mouth open ... she snatches the menu away from her. Lynn's eyes go wide.

LYNN: Oh! Hi... Kirby.
OLIVIA: (grins) You know each other?
KIRBY: (nerves rising) Oh, psh, yeah, I know everyone!
OLIVIA: Really? Where'd you meet, (looks at her nametag) Lynn?
LYNN: At a party.
OLIVIA: Oh and was Kirby inebriated at this occasion?
LYNN: I don't know, actually. (looks directly at Kirby) She didn't stay long enough for me to find out.

Kirby smiles... "shit."

OLIVIA: This is interesting. Actually, it seems like you two need to catch up with each other.
KIRBY: Please don't do this to me.
OLIVIA: I have to go and... I'm sure you're almost off work, right?
LYNN: In just 15 minutes.
OLIVIA: How conveniant, Kirby!
KIRBY: (straight faced, I'm gonna kill you if you leave, look) YAY.
OLIVIA: Well, as they say in Mexico: adios!

Olivia grabs her purse and quick paces towards the door. Lynn smiles down at Kirby... then sits down across from her. Kirby awkwardly smiles... trying to think of the best explanation possible... she then chuckles.

KIRBY: This is silly, I'll just go.
OLIVIA: Actually, it's Woodsboro city regulation that a patron who at least orders a drink must pay for it also. Seeing as how you did in fact order a drink when the hostess sat you... and I'm your server... it might be awhile before you get it.
KIRBY: (gulps) Is that so?

Jill and Roy enter quietly. Jill looks around sneakily to see if her mother is anywhere in sight... she's in the other room with the nightly news on... she turns her head back around and Roy is directly in her face... nose to nose... Roy smiles, trying to make light of the situation... Jill smiles and bites her lip then takes a step back.

JILL: (whispers) Go up to my room. I'll get you something to drink. What do you want?
ROY: (shrugs & whispers) Coke?

Roy smiles and tip toes up the stairs as Jill heads to the kitchen. She looks in on her mom watching TV but pays no attention to it as she tries to be as quiet as possible... and then it says something that totally catches her ear.

NEWSCASTER: Months after a horrific attack on an ambulance crew, DJ Hiraldo, an EMT in Colorado is now finally showing signs of waking up from his coma.

The soundtrack THUDS. Jill slowly turns her head and comes towards the TV behind Kate sipping on a Scotch...

NEWSCASTER: DJ was burned on 95 percent of his body, after what investigators have been looking at for 6 months, declared an official homicide crime scene. Speculation first believed that it was a horrible accident until 2 months later, they positvely identified one of the victims of the wreck as Patrick Yorba.

Jill mouth slowly drops and tears flow into her eyes... THE IMAGE OF THE MAN TOPPLING OUT OF THE VAN IN FLAMES COMES INTO HER MIND... AND THEN SHE REMEMBERS LETTING HIM BURN... now she's back to reality, watching this horrific moment play out before her.

NEWSCASTER: Yorba's home residence was burned and an ambulance was dispatched to his house. Mysteriously, the audio recording of the 911 call was deleted from the databases immediately after it was made. This appeared to also have happened numerous times before so investigators are unsure if they should link these two incidents as evidence into the case.

Jill begins to get weak and she holds onto the counter...

NEWSCASTER: DJ Hiraldo's family are hopeful that they will find the killer of his colleages, as well as Patrick Yorba's who is believed to have been on the stretcher. The other bodies were burned so badly that any evidence in the skeletal structure or organs would be impossible to find. Hiraldo's family is counting on him to finally wake up and re-tell the incidents of that day. Doctors believe it may be another 2 weeks before he finally does come to and he can be taken off the machines that his family paid nearly half a million dollars to keep him alive in hopes he'd awaken - - and now, their dreams are coming true.

THE TV TURNS OFF. Kate slowly sits up from the couch as Jill makes her way up the stairs in a hushed hurry.

Jill enters and looks at Roy sitting on her bed... her mind is racing... she's in a panic...

JILL: I... I... I need you to go.
ROY: Your mom coming?
JILL: No, I just-just-just need you to leave, please?
ROY: Jill, you're shaking. What's wrong?
JILL: I can't talk about it, please just go. Out the window, if you can.

Jill points, her hand a wobbly mess. Roy stands up and comes close in on Jill.

ROY: You can tell me.

Jill goes weak and falls into Roy's arms.

ROY: Jill?
KATE (O.S.): Jill, is someone in your room?

Jill springs back up and rushes Roy to the window.

JILL: Go, go, go.
ROY: (as he's jumping down) I'm gonna call you.
JILL: Just go!

Roy runs off and Jill slams the window shut then returns to her bed, making her self neat again and wiping the tears from her eyes. Kate enters... drunk.

KATE: I heard someone.
JILL: (smiles) No, mother. Must be the drinking.
KATE: Don't you talk to your mother that way... but you're probably right. Go to bed.

Kate exits and closes the door. JILL JUMPS UP AND NEARLY RIPS HER OWN HAIR OUT. She paces across the room in a blind state of inquiry.

JILL: Oh my God... oh my God, oh my God...

Her head is thumping... her face is turning red and she stops at her dresser, slamming her hands down and looks in the mirror, trying to calm herself.

JILL: This isn't happening. This isn't happening. This isn't happening.

Out the corner of her eye in the upper part of her mirror she then sees Olivia walk by in her room across the way. She turns around and looks back, noticing her blinds are open. She walks over to close it so she can't be seen. And then Trevor walks passed in Olivia's room...

Jill freezes. Even with all that she's going through in this moment... the hysteria, the rage, the unknown future... she goes completely still... and her eyes wander into Olivia's room beyond hers... Trevor smiles onward... a bra flings into his face and she smiles catching it... then a topless Olivia comes forward, pressing her body against Trevor's... he backs up, taking her with him and onto the bed. Jill can't believe what she's seeing... and then her hands begin to shake again... the tears form... her face turns a firey red... and the veins inside her neck pulse... SHE SHUTS THE BLINDS.

She backs away from the window before she literally fucking EXPLODES... she would scream if she wasn't so infuriated... so in shock... so beyond confused. She SLAPS herself...

JILL: Wake up.

SHE SLAPS HERSELF AGAIN, letting the tears pour.


SHE SLAPS HERSELF A NEAR DOZEN TIMES BEFORE SHE STOPS. She falls over, now weak from the own pain she's inflicted...


Inside her head is like an alarm sounding off but with loud trumphets over and over again. She can literally feel her mind twisting from the pain... as if someone is taking her brain and squeezing down...

The small corners of the floor then catch ablaze... she watches as every corner's fire begins to get bigger... THE WALLS AROUND HER THEN ERUPT IN TALL FLAMES. She's in the dead center, watching the fire reach up and towards the ceiling. The sirens in her head won't stop. The pictures burn off and float to the floor... her mirror cracks and breaks into a thouand pieces... her dresser topples over and EXPLODES... she remains still... THE SIRENS GET LOUDER... she covers her ears...

And then her closets falls apart and onto the floor... she looks up... and there it is... the Ghostface costume... her mind suddenly becomes clear... and the flames extinguish... and the room goes back to normal. Her eyes remain transfixed... a sudden calm comes over her... ONE LAST TRUMPET SOUNDS OFF AS THE SIREN...


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