Tumbling with Niley - Archive: December 2010
Yaaaaaaaaay, i luv Christmaaaaaas! i got the best presents ever thsi year and i wanted to shair what i got with you tumblr world! here is my top 5 -
5) Just Dance for the Wii! I luv this gaaaaaime! i'm gonna plaiy it everyday and rack up some high scores. who wants to plaiy w/ mei?

4.) Season 1 of Lost on blu-ray! Roy's bin tring to get me into this show 4 4ever so ill finully get to watch it!1

3) A squeeky doll! i love this thing, u casn hug it and or poke it or throuw it in the air and everytinme, it squeeks! :)

2.0 money! to buy whatever i want! thanks mom, your the best!

1) 4 tickets to take whoever i want to go to Disneyland in April! I cant wait! =D

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