Q: How does it feel to be writing the final season?
I'm glad it's here. It's been a long time coming. I'll just be glad when I step back and look at it all as one long story. Hopefully others feel the same and people will remember it.

Q: What will you be doing once you're done with the show?
I'll still be around on FF. I won't be writing any stories but I'll be reviewing other people's work like always. And for the show specifically, I'm going to use it in the future. Hopefully you'll be seeing some incarnation of it either in movies or on TV. Obviously it won't be in a Scream film, unless I get insanely lucky, but the story (and stories) will find their way to becoming reality.

Q: Wasn't it Jenny in the chair and Marnie who was hung in the deleted scene of Scream 4?
Yes but that was also in accordance to the alternate opening which had Marnie be the "main girl," which is one of the reasons it was cut out from the film since Jill and Charlie would know Steve Orth was killed first and put in the chair (which, in canon, is Marnie) and Casey Becker died second and was hung from the tree (which would be Jenny). So to fit canon, and since the scene isn't in the film, I recreated elements of the deleted scene for Niley to find them in accordance to how they died in the film. You will actually SEE these actions followed out in the season finale.

Q: Who is Niley talking about when she quotes "Sally's Song?"
Robbie. I think it's funny that people guessed everyone but him when it's clear in the show she's still not over him. But another important thing is Niley herself doesn't know she connects it with Robbie, she just knows she connects with the song for some reason. Gotta look into the context of things and the subtext of what's there on that one. Those two's story is still far from over.

Q: Will there still be "opening puzzle pieces" on the episodes that take place during Scream 4? I mean... how's that supposed to work? lol
You'll see. That's a surprise ;)

Q: Is the finale going to be intense like the last 2 finales or will it be mostly just a "behind the scenes" look into how Charlie and Jill did it?
There's a good mixture of intensity and emotional catharsism. There's some really exhilirating stuff mixed in with heavy dramatic story elements. My initial urge is to excite you with action but this show has always been about it's core story and it's characters, so those need to be resolved in a way that'll be satisfying in a way people won't expect. I think people will be surprised the route the finale goes down but it'll be a good type of surprise. You might wanna have some tissues with you for those last couple of episodes, let's just put it like that.

Q: You're not going back to summary format, are you?
No, the audience spoke loud and clear on that one. Fully written episodes from here on and out. It's the final season afterall.

Q: Was Jill going to kill Jenny in Pathetique Part 2?
Absolutely not. She was just trying to scare her and get information out of her in the only way psycho-Jill knew how. At that point, Jill still very much wasn't thinking of killing anybody, she only had some regret and remorse for killing the people she had already killed. Some people may have wanted that scene to go further, but it needed to be VERY limited in effort to keep the story true to what happens in Scream 4 and the level of fear Jenny has in the opening scene of that movie - - which is ZERO until the moment Marnie crashes through the window. Anything more would suggest a) Jenny should be much more terrified in the opening b) Jill is attempting to kill her; and neither should be the case. It was a way of explaining why Jenny thought it was Trevor in the opening of Scream 4, because to her, she believed he had already done something similar before. It's my very elaborate way of explaining miniscule things. Plus, I don't know why anyone would expect Jill to be this awesome on-phone Ghostface persona without some practice first, right?

Q: Dumb question but why hasn't Charlie seen Home Alone? Will this come into play later?
It's kinda sad how this joke went over so many people's heads lol. Charlie, who is played by Rory Culkin, is Macauly Culkin's brother, who plays Kevin McCallister in Home Alone. It was just an inside joke... that apparently nobody got lmao.

Q: Who did you want to appear to be the most pathetic in Pathetique?
I just wanted to show that at this point in the show, all the characters are pretty damn pathetic with what they're doing, gone through and where they're going. Only some of them are truly despicable but, they're all pathetic either in the way they feel of themselves or the way other people look at them. Jenny's pathetic for believing Trevor's nonsense; Trevor's pathetic for doing something he can't even explain; Jill's pathetic for the extremes she goes through to get information from Jenny; Robbie's pathetic to still be keeping his secret; Roy's pathetic for trying to save a lost cause; Tess is pathetic for being unable to fix what she knows is wrong with her; Esline's pathetic because she can't interact with Roy; Marnie's pathetic because she has to take advice from Niley of all people on how to handle Jenny; Niley's pathetic because she's still trying her best to stay connected with the group; Kirby's pathetic because she continues to sleep with Topher; and Olivia is pathetic for doing whatever she's up to that she hadn't revealed yet at that time (sleep with Trevor)

Q: Why did Kate still invite Sidney to stay at their house? Jill told Kate that she hated Sidney and was upset that the 3 killers failed to killed her.
There's a couple reasons why we can assume this happens:
1) This is in Novemeber, so it's possible Kate had forgotton Jill had said that by April.
2) Kate might've been backed into a corner and had no choice but to take Sidney in.
3) Kate didn't think Jill would be capable of murder so it didn't cross her mind as that big of a deal.

Q: Why aren't Roy and Niley at Kirby's the night of the massacre?
Who said they weren't? ;) But really, *Ghostface voice* you'll find out soon enough! And no, they don't go to Disneyland.

Q: Is Jill worried what happened to Chelsea will happen to her too?
In the way that if something were to happen to her and nobody would care? Yes. In that she might harm herself? Maybe (theoretically, since we know the truth of what happened). In that she'll go crazy after something drastic happens to her? No, since she doesn't fully realize how far down the rabbit hole she currently is and because she doesn't know how far gone Chelsea was when she snapped. There's a moment in Pathetique: Part 2 that really hones in on Jill's mind set and how she connects her feelings to Chelsea:
JILL: Because people are what make the world go round, Kirby. If they think negatively of you... or don't think about you at all... you might as well stop living. Because what other purpose do you have?
KIRBY: Jill - -
JILL: I've been thinking about what you said. About Chelsea and all that. About being desensitized or whatever.
Jill cuts off Kirby to talk about Chelsea, so it's lead to believe that Jill connects the thought of Chelsea not mattering enough to people to care about her after she died. She then tries to make sense of how it didn't matter enough to them by saying "she was our best friend" to which she obviously can't find an answer. Also, soon after, Jill tells Kirby she's killed someone which is an obvious cry for help or at least a ploy to stay in Kirby's thoughts so at least one person is thinking about her.

Q: What's the theme song for this season?
I've looked at a lot of songs for that and I can never pick just one. I think this season has plenty of songs that speak directly to it. I wanted to find a song for the main titles but I couldn't even do that. When I listen to Skrillex, I feel like it totally captures what Jill's mind is like with the choppy way it shifts tones and goes chaotic out of nowhere. Someone suggested to me "Kill Everyone" by Skrillex but it doesn't fit - - Jill doesn't want to kill everyone, she just wants to kill certain people. If everyone was dead, who would be her fans? And then Florence & the Machine are such a mood setting band and one of their songs off their new album really captures the dark, sinister tone this season has. Then there's depressing stuff and then there's happy stuff and then there's the ironic stuff. And then there's Paramore, who truly seems like the spokesperson for Woodsboro High. "Monster" by Paramore was an easy pick last season since it captured everything I was trying to convey. This season is a big pot of emotions stirred together that it's almost impossible to find in just one song. It's one of the reasons why all the episodes are song titles and feature sequences set to music. So here's a list of songs that are majorly influenced by this season:

Johann Johannsson - The Sun's Gone Dim and the Sky's Turned Black
Benny Benassi - You are a Cinema (Skrillex Mix)
Florence + the Machine - Seven Devils
Ida Maria - Bad Karma
Paramore - All I Wanted
Paramore - Brick by Boring Brick

Q: Why did you have Olivia sleep around with Trevor too?
When I first saw Scream 4, that was my initial gut feeling. There's a certain look, vibe and overall demeanor she gives off in that first scene she's with Kirby & Jill in the car when she tells them that "Trevor called her last night." When Kirby says Trevor called, she says it as if it's a totally unnatural thing, yet Olivia is comfortable with it. I don't know, seemed odd to me. Another fishy thing is we never actually see that phone call but for whatever reason, Williamson made a point to include that she did in fact get a phone call from Trevor AND Ghostface the night before yet Kirby didn't. Plus she gets it bad... and I mean BAD in comparison to all the other characters. It might've just been to send Sidney a message but I choose to read it as something else.

Q: Does Jill know that she and Roman are related?
This won't be touched upon in the show so I figured I'd answer this here and give my interpretation on that. Jill knows but the other kids at her school don't make that correlation with her for a few reasons: 1) Since there's 7 Stab films, the killer of one of them gets lost in the muck, especially since most of those teens were very little when Stab 3 came out but people clearly know of the events in the first Stab since it occurred in Woodsboro 2) Roman was only Sid's half brother *coughs* so the long gap between cousin and half brother, people don't think to connect the two or freak out about it as much as being related to Sidney. 3) Not everyone knows of the Stab films' validity or when they stopped being true to events and even if those events were twisted (only the nerds know stuff like that, like Jenny) so they hold the info given in Stab 3 with a grain of salt as it is.

Q: Where's Jill's Kill List that you said was coming?
Still coming. Jill hasn't necessarily decided she's going to kill her friends yet, as we saw in the last episode. She very much was telling the truth (at the time) when she told Charlie that the guy in Colorado would be it and she'd be done.

Q: Was Cory involved with what went down at the hotel thing? Also how did Patrick play a role in that Cory/Danny thing?
After Patrick left, Danny had the idea to use him as a possible extra suspect in the killings by making Jenny believe he was still around. He enlists Cory to help him, since at the time he was distraught about his break up with Jill still. Cory, however, didn't know Danny would go as far as to kill people at the hotel. So simplized... Danny convinced Cory to help him write letters to Jenny, Cory wrote them using Patrick's handwriting samples, and Danny TRIED to frame Patrick into being involved if he were to be arrested but he was killed. There's an episode back in season 1 when Cory sees a "black figure" at the end of the hallway, possibly spying on him, when it couldn't have been Danny since at that point he was at Breckin High nor could it be Patrick because he had already moved (and was paralyzed). This was simply his paranoia messing with him, as if someone was watching him and knew of his guilty and deceitful act.

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