Can Roy Alter the Events of Scream 4?
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Edited by Billy Bob D

How's this for an R Tech exclusive? I just got word from D himself that the finale, and these are his words, will be an "action packed thrill ride with high emotional intensity." Action can mean many things so I thought I'd dig deeper into what that meant. He specified, "by action, I mean guns. Explosions. Car chases. Fight scenes. You name it."

Wow, does this sound anything like Scream 4 at all? All season long, heck, all SERIES long, we've been teased that the events of Scream 4 won't go down the same way we've been lead to believe. This rises the biggest question, especially with recent events of Jill practically killing Charlie and her discovering her dead body in a grave, is Woodsboro High an alternate reality? That is one question D will NOT answer for me but all clues lead to that it more than likely is.

Now the question in the headline in discussion, can Roy alter the events of Scream 4? He's been prepped as this big hero ever since the finale of season 1 and we've recently been teased with a romantic angle between him and Jill. For those of us who have already read Scream 5, him being a hero is a major factor into the story but what if Scream 5 never happens? What if the point of the Woodsboro High show is to avoid the incidents and horrors that occur in Scream 4 and on? Simply, what if that's kinda just the point of this entire show? Does it lose impact or does it instantly become more meaningful?

These questions being raised are putting the readers of the finale in high anticipation. Whether or not that results in satisfaction or disappointment is another question entirely. We're still two episodes away from the FINAL episode ever and the series of events occurring have put many of us literally at the edge of our seats. What is it that D has been trying to say with his message this entire time? Something now indicates me to believe that it's more than just a mere prelude to Scream 4. Way too much has been set up. Way too much has been put at stake. Way too many angles have arisen where it seems a very epic story will occur more than just a "side events that happened that we didn't get to see." Or is this simply just making Scream 4 a much bigger story than we were lead to believe? After all, "action packed" and Scream 4 don't go hand in hand.

So here's my guess: Scream 4 will happen mostly the same UNTIL the very end just with Roy and Niley included. And then, in the final moments at Kirby's house, by having these two characters present, things will go a different route completely and the shit will hit the fan. Perhaps Charlie and Jill are exposed earlier by let's say, Roy, and there's a major struggle between them and the other characters leading to the action that D was talking about. Or maybe Roy and Niley come to save the day, stopping Jill and her plans which then leads to some sort of epic climax other than the hospital. Or what if Kirby's house happens exactly the same and then the action takes place at the hospital at the end?

I could be very wrong. Perhaps I'm way off but I'm almost certain Scream 4 won't be Scream 4 and this is an alternate reality. Things keep going off course but then return safely back to it as in an "ah ha, and you thought things would be different from here on and out," much like that "Jill kills Charlie" trick ending. Except this time, the ultimate different moment will happen in the finale and it won't be able to return back to the course of events, instead this time, become new events. Whether or not anybody new will survive is the question.

But if this IS canon with Scream 4, where's the action going to come from? Oh God, could it just get here sooner so we can all figure out? !

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